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Hey everyone! I  hope you all had a DRY weekend. My heart is just aching for the folks in Missouri and KS who have suffered some serious set backs. I hope we can remember to include them in our prayers AND we can learn from this scenario in order to better the protection and safety of our own families as well.

Last Saturday’s Preparedness Pro Radio Show was all about the impact of Freedom in our everyday lives. I shared countless examples of stories which have circulated in the news which reveal blatant trampling on our unconditional human rights, given to us by our creator, and our Constitutional rights as well.

I had Scott on the show with me and in some instances he was able to share what he would do or recommend we do if faced with similar situations.  The only freedoms we have are those that we will actually fight to affirm every day; and our preparedness efforts are meaningless without freedom.

Here’s the link to the show if you’d like to download it and listen to it at your leisure.

Next week’s show is going to be about “Do It Yourself Dental Care” and in two weeks it will be on the subject of “hoarding—what is it, and when--if ever—are  you in violation of any “anti-hoarding laws?” As a reminder, the shows are every Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to noon Mountain Time.

There’s just over a week left for you to improve your chances at winning the giveaway this month—3 pounds of molasses! So be sure to comment here on the blog and on our Facebook page and every time you do, you’re entered to win one more time!

I’ve discovered a bazillion uses for scone mix this week as I was able to purchase a lot of the #10 cans from Augason Farms for only $4.  As you know, nothing I bring home gets stuffed away in a dark corner, rather it’s used. Well, with just a few modifications of water to mix ratio you can make rolls, bread, pancakes, waffles, with scone mix. But my favorite discovery has to do with making scones. You see, my folks used to run a “Sconery” at a food court in a mall. They made these huge scones and they would stuff them with savory or sweet filling. So I just made them bigger and stuffed some of them with chicken salad and some of them with a cherry pie filling and cream cheese mix.  They make for a surprising treat for the neighbors that way. (Neighbors are so used to blah casseroles—and when you’re sick to the point that food is going to be brought in to you, don’t you think something other than “blah” would be better? *grin* You can also pour some canned chili, cheese and sour cream over them and have a great “Navajo Taco”. Yum!

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I have been trying to comment more on the site this month as I really would like the molasses powder. The upcoming shows sound wonderful and this past Saturday's show was good. Thanks for the cream cheese and cherry ideas that sounds wonderful.

Haven't listened to the show yet, my husband wasn't home and (I know this sounds corny)we like to listen together, then discuss it. That said, I'm looking forward to hearing what you and Scott have to say about this trend of losing our rights and our freedoms. It's frightening, and to be honest-I feel powerless.

Ah Navajo tacos.. I lived in Gallup, New Mexico for a while and would go into Earls Cafe and ask for one, not on the menu, but they fixed them for you if you asked. Also enjoyed the vendors going table to table on the weekends, so if any of your readers go thru Gallup stop there and go to the flea market on Saturday, lots of fun.

What I appreciate (and envy) most is your ability to just get in there and experiment. I am going to make it my goal to be a little bolder and try new things. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

.......My comment is on your Prep pro radio show...I was born many years ago (I am older than dirt) but I still have a very kean mind!!!!....Unfortunatly I see a horrible trend going on and "we the people" are just smiling and wishing for the best....Is any unfamiliar with the Wymar Republic? If not we are following this a tee....government takovers of banks ,industry,healthcare and slowley but surly our freedoms......AND WE ARE LETTING IT HAPPEN!!!!! I am not an Kellene have taught me to be prepared, be spiritual, and be calm ...and I am more and more every day....I like you am worried about my friends and neighbors....they seem to live with blind faith....because it is recently sent my an email that I would love to quote....but I will not...that is up to the meantime I am one of the Davids!

OOPS the Wymar Republic was Germany!

Dental care sounds really scary to me, it is bad enough to go to the dentist now!

I love molasses and use it quit a bit. Is the sale still on for the scone mix, it's a ways for me to drive but sometimes it's well worth it. Thanks again for the great job you're doing.

You can call their home office and ask about the sale on the scone mix.

I love your blog I think I am following you are Face book and twitter. Now If I could only convince my hubby why we need a garden... I would love a square foot raised bed especially! thanks for your work!

p.s. my amateur radio group told me about you in February; I have been hooked ever since!

Can't wait to read about Dental and hoarding. (;

My brother told me that he never realized before he took this college class just how many people want the government to do everything for them

Wow! I love your thinking outside of the box. Never thought about using my scone mix for anything other than scones. (Guess I'm a boring cook!). I love the idea of stuffing them with fillings. Will definitely try this weekend.

We're just east of Joplin. It's much worse than the pictures tell. You are right, we can learn volumes from this disaster. Please pray. Send monetary donations to Red Cross or Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri. They are already on the ground working with the churches in the area. They are asking people not to send anything other than water right now as they don't have a warehousing and distribution method set up yet.

We have a friend who lost all her provisions. Her house was flattened. She was head and shoulders ahead of me in her preparedness. BUT, she partnered with another friend 10 blocks away who was just as prepared and whose house was untouched. Brings home the point to store things in more than one location.

I have just recently found your blog and subscibed to email, I have printed off the ten principles of preparedness and started a notebook I have been working on getting my home and family and friends into preparing for whatever may come for about 2 years now and my daughter and her family are beginning to come around my son and daughter-in-law have jumped in with both feet and are working on bug out bags, food, water and what have you . Unfortunately some of my friends think I have gone around the bend. I have tried to explain to them that I am not preparing for armegeddon but for any event flood, tornado, earthquake we live in a world in flux and should prepare as well as we can for anything . Of course you cannot prepare completely and you should do nothing out of fear but I was brought up to believe you have to be ready for anything and be ready to help or be helped at a moments notice, I had just gotten out of that habit. So thank you you are helping me get ready in so many different ways and I pray that I can and will help others along my journey and theirs as well!

Kellene, How exactly do you "stuff" a scone? Do you do it before or after cooking? I guess before makes more sense. I want to try this, it sounds yummy!

LOL...after, you slice it open like a giant sized roll.

Keep up the good work and never say die!!!

HA ha. Glad someone else asked first how you "stuff" the scones. I was wondering the same thing.

P.S. Love all the different products you share with us. I am so unfamiliar with a lot of them. I can't wait to take a trip soon to the states and pick up some of these things. We don't have them up here.

CJ-an interesting fact I found following the rabbit hole we call the web-a 10x10 ft. garden can produce approx. $700.00 worth of organic produce, given the right conditions. (mother earth news). That should be a good enough reason for your husband!

*Big grin*

I'm going to try and find your show tomorrow. Your pizza looks very good!

Can't wait for the dental program!!! Still workig on trying to find a food coop more local to us here... Thanks for all you do!! D

I love scones! The pizza looks incredible!


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