The Demise of the Dollar

Demise of the Dollar. Photo c/o REX

Demise of the Dollar. Photo c/o REX

I have often written about my belief that our most imminent threat of disaster is a financial collapse.  Our society is so co-dependent in so many different ways that just ONE industry's collapse will surely cause a ripple effect faster than Obama can say "stimulus."  In my research this week I came across this article written for The Independent.  I feel that it does such a good job outlining our current state of the Dollar,

that I'd better serve you all today if I just pointed you in the direction of the link.  Click here for the full article.

Have a productive and prepared weekend, all!

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In the article it talks about the amount of denial indicating the level of worry in the U.S. and Great Britain, but either I am looking/listening/reading in the wrong places, or there is not a lot of press on this issue. I had heard about it, and figured it would be a huge newsmaker, but hadn't seen this article, so appreciate the link. Amazing how many ways we may find that we need our emergency preparedness supplies...

You are right Marie, there is not a lot of press on this issue, in fact, hardly any. The best place to look is in the alternative media. You should look up Alex Jones at or on Youtube at a couple of channels like victoryindependence and kendenninger. These guys have a good idea of what is happening and they are not afraid to say it. You should also check out Max Kaiser and Peter Schiff and if you head hasn't already exploded after reading the above people, check out Gerald Celente. These are just a few, but you wont find any of them talking to the Mainstream Media. Good luck and stay prepared!

I agree, the amount of debt in the US, both by the government and many families is going to be our demise. It's enormous and hard to fathom how much debt and no sign of reining in spending!
It's time to be prepared!

I cannot believe anyone would read this article and not pray and prepare quickly! We have been warned for a while, and most of us have not heeded, myself included. Thank you so much for helping people prepare and be aware!

I think the word is getting out. Americans are now saving at 4.2% Highest rate in decades and Credit card debt has dropped for the 11th straight month.
I saw a couple of stories earlier this year the the US government is a bit upset with all us Americans saving and paying off debt, instead of going out and spending like there is no tomorrow. I believe one official said "It might be good for you personally. But, it's bad for the country"
I think I sputtered quite hard into my coffee cup on that quote.

The national news media has become so biased I find I am going overseas more and more to find stories. I don't credit anyone with the truth unless I can verify at least 3 sources, and have the raw data as well. I don't think most are actively lying more they just don't report what doesn't fit their viewpoint. When CNN has a show on fact checking a SNL comedy skit, things have gone beyond bizarre.

Jamie, I just about got sick when I heard the very same sentiment in an interview.

Problem is, Jamie, that savings right now is not the answer with a looming currency collapse. They should be spending it on supplies in my opinion. But yes, the debt thing has gotten WAY out of hand. I'm kicking myself for being so materialistic and buying into the "big office" mentality a couple years ago and dropping all of our money into it. Now, I'm operating from home with 1 employee and it suits me just fine. That money would have gone a long ways in getting others prepared as well as myself.

Thanks, I will have to check those sites out!

Checking overseas media is a great idea, I just wouldn't know which sites/organizations were credible. I agree about the bias part--seems like even the sites that I read that tend towards my viewpoints go over the top sometimes, when there is clearly another way that a story could be interpreted.

Hindsight is always 20/20 the red flags were there... just not the kick in the pants. When people my age were buying $300,000 homes with $70,000 student loans on and on it goes... I knew then it would all come to a head and be ugly. But I had no idea it would come to compromise our country and way of life as we all know it.

Hang on for the ride, and I thank God for sending me on the path to understand and prepare. Not stay on the path of blindness aka: ignorance is bliss..

I feel for those who will be blindsided, but there are so many red flags out there now could you not see?

Yeah I agree "smart spending" is what is needed. Being debt free is a blessing but not always possible. Inflation will become greater and greater, you must spend your money today for it will be worth less tomorrow.
Like you say you must prioritize. I think I had your first 3 and could not believe that some folks did not see it.

I do like that folks are saving and paying down debt. Not perfect, it takes time to educate folks on how much money they can save and invest in food. Which leaves more money for toys. I think it's the mindset that is critical. Could I have waited until I was confined to a wheelchair and got Government funding? Yes I could and be at the mercy of the government.
1. You need water and food to survive no matter what. I have yet to hear of Stock Certificates, Gold or silver being particularly nutritious.
Plus Food stored properly is good for 2-25 years, always a good trade item. I am lucky, I am almost debt free,Only go into debt for needs not wants. I love layaway, which is coming back bigtime.
I'd say dedicate at least the same money that you put in your 401 to food, water and a self sustainable life. If you can't do that split it.
Heirloom seeds are cheap for what they give you. Years and years of food. Bunnies are kind of under the radar as a meat sourse. Most communnities see them as pets. Think alternate economies.
I needed a different car, for my handicap, not complaining just stating facts. I traded a 2003 PT Cruiser for a 2003 Kia Sedona, $ 1600.00 difference that I financed. People are shocked when I tell them about my $75.00 per month payment. Great vehicle, V6 lots of room and is a covered farm truck. Plus if I have to go into a wheel chair full-time the mini-van can handle it. Also been camping in it and it did great.

I am always reminded of Douglas Adams all these folks talking about the dollar and the the dollar really didn't care what anyone thought of it. Also very cool digital watches.
Money is a means to end, not the end itself. We have fiat currency " back by nothing but faith that it can be paid in gold, but there is nothing backing it but faith."
Ironic in a country that has such divisions between church and state.


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