oxygen absorbers

Use the FoodSaver to preserve Panko crumbs long-term so you never go without
07 Jun 2014 by filed in Food Preparedness
A reader asks a question about preserving candy without a FoodSaver:   Question: "Hi Kellene, Your site helps me so much, thank you. I know you preserve chocolate and candy. Can I do that with oxygen absorbers in mason jars? if so, should they be unpackaged, like M&Ms? I don't have a foodsaver. I also would like to preserve hard candies. How long will they last under the right temps/conditions? just approx...thank you so much!"   Answer: Yes, in the absence of a FoodSaver you can still get...
Dry Canning Jar
01 May 2014 by filed in Food Preparedness
Ah, yes..."oven canning"...Hate is such a strong word that I don't care to use much, but when it comes to the "oven canning" method that some choose to use to preserve their dry foods long-term, it definitely conjures up a strong opinion in me.  But I'll tone it down today and use the word "loathe" instead, because I truly do loathe the whole notion of oven canning.   Oven canning is the process of canning dry goods such as flour, beans, oats, and even nuts in a 200 degree oven. The standard...
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