Ruh-Roh! Technical Error!

We've received hundreds of comments and e-mails this evening as a result of a technical error that occurred while our webmaster was working to make improvements to our site, Preparedness Pro. Unfortunately, this error meant that all of you who are subscribed readers to our site received a confusing e-mail about post entitled "Protected Content" and had a bunch of mumbo jumbo such as "Members Only" etc. We apologize for the confusion that our work today has caused. We ARE in the process of creating a Members' Only section on the site which will have a lot of great information in addition to what you're presently accustomed to, but for some reason when we went to install the application that we'll be using to implement these changes, it grabbed ALL of the site instead of just designated areas.

Please be patient with us during this time of transition and rest assured that you'll still have access to the great content that you've come to enjoy over the years on Preparedness Pro.  On the positive side of things, it's nice to know that so many people would be so upset if they didn't have access to their Preparedness Pro information. *grin*

Thanks in advance for your patience and support! We hope that you'll really enjoy the changes we've got in store for you!




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When will this happen?

Thank Goodness!Can't stand the thought of missing something here.

We hope to have the special membership section set up completely by the end of September. But regardless, you'll still have the free information section that you've had access to all along.

Glad to know I wasn't the only one affected. Really enjoy your sharing of information.

I didn't get the email. If we didn't receive it should we re- subscribe to your website?

No need to resubscribe. You're okey dokey just the way you are now.

Thanks for the clarification!

i didn't get the email either ~ do we need to re-subscribe? and what is the members only section going to include? will that be a paid subscription?

No need to resubscribe. You'll still have access to the free information that you've been accessing all along, but we will be including a special paid membership section for a modest annual fee.


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