We Have A Winner!

 We have a winner, folks! One of Preparedness Pro's remarkable commenters from the last two weeks will walk away with this FoodSaver Mason Jar Attachment! How's that for sharing your two cents' worth?

FoodSaver Mason Jar Attachment photo c/o Amazon

FoodSaver Mason Jar Attachment photo c/o Amazon

And the winner is...

Jaime Makin!

Congratulations, Jaime! Please email sarah [at] preparednesspro [dot] com with your mailing addresso so we can get your FoodSaver Mason Jar Attachment out to you!

In case you're wondering what to do with your new prize, here's an excerpt from a past article that will explain it perfectly:

You can stuff a Mason jar with any dry ingredient such as rice, nuts, chocolate chips, granola, etc. Place the lid, no ring, on the jar. Connect the air port from the FoodSaver to your Mason Jar attachment with the hose that comes with the FoodSaver. Place the jar attachment on top of your jar. Turn on your FoodSaver, and bzzzzzz…a moment later you have successfully sucked out the oxygen from your jar. After doing so you should store it away from heat and regular light. As such you will win the battle against expiration dates.

Preparedness Pro will keep the commenting contest going through Thanksgiving, so whenever you feel so inclined, share your thoughts and insights on any of the Preparedness Pro articles and we'll keep giving away fabulous prizes every two weeks!

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I ordered my regular mouth size from the Food Saver website. Just remember the small round jars won't work with this process.

What ideas do you have about how to store mason jars so they don't break in an earthquake?

What a brilliant idea with the jars. I bought up a couple cases of the 1/2 gallon jars on sale. I knew I'd use them I just wasn't sure how. Thanks for the idea Noreen.

Congrats Jaime! You are going to LOVE this!

I do this all the time. I love my food saver! My husband built me a can rotator cabinet for my kitchen that holds about 500 cans of food of varying sizes. I have 1/2 gallon mason jars lining the top of that cabinet, 16 of them! I have everything from brown sugar to popcorn in them. My food storage is at my fingertips and It looks pretty to boot!

Can't wait Kellene! We've been storing up all kinds of dry goods this way...people think we're nuts, but we keep at it. BTW--I'm having a terrible time keeping any bottled butter at my house--everyone keeps eating it, but they don't want to help "shake" the jars. I think I may have to pull a "Little Red Hen" on them all! :)

You can find them online. I bought mine locally at a "kitchen goods" kind of store. The regular mouth sizes are a bit tough to find. So you may want to call the store ahead of time instead of hunting around.

Actually, I'm going to discuss this very issue the first part of next week. Stay tuned. You'll LOVE it!

WOW I want one of those too! Where is the best place to purchase one?

How would you re-seal your dry goods if you were without power? You sure couldn't use that food saver machine, now could you? We've discovered another way to seal these jars--purchase a brake bleeder pump from your local auto parts store--they run around $20 in our area. These come with different sized tips so you can find the right tip to fit your "Food Saver Mason Jar Attachment" Just use the hand pump to suck all the air out of that jar up to around 20 pounds of pressure--it does the job without electricity AND, Bonus--you build up those muscles in your arms!

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