See? Told you that you can get your food storage for free!

Morning Moos Chocolate Milk is delicious! Make sure you qualify to win!

Morning Moos Chocolate Milk

Every two week, Preparedness Pro will be giving away one of my favorite food storage items such as freeze-dried strawberries, Morning Moo’s chocolate milk, Spiff-E-Whip, etc.

To enter to win, you simply need to comment on our articles—any one of our articles during the drawing time.

The next drawing period is Sept 20 through Oct. 3.  So if you think about saying something, do.  It will get your name in the drawing.

Also, if you want to learn how I really get so much great food storage for FREE and really cheap, be sure to take advantage of our Coupon Training Boot Camp that’s being held this coming Monday:

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Woops! I forgot to ask if you can put things in mason jars (like Chocolate) with an O2 absorber if you don't have a food saver?

You know, there are a lot of things that I do now that I wish I had started 10 years ago (like couponing for example) but you just go with what you learn as you learn it.
I'm SO glad to hear that you like the site.
My goal is to have webinars going by the first of October.

yes, you can, however, it won't be as effective as a FoodSaver. Be sure you use a 1500 CC absorber instead of a little 200 one.
I just landed a FoodSaver on E-bay for $34 bucks. And I could have done even better if I had bid on it smarter. Keep an eye out for them.

My daughter just turned me on to your site. It is terrific. I have always had food bought ahead for emergencys, now I am learning more about storage and shelf life. Thank You!!!

I'd love to win!

You can find the Spiff-E-Whip on I LOVE that stuff. What state are you in? I know that Wal-Mart carries it in their food storage area in Utah and Nevada. It's on sale right now for only $4.50! That's less than wholesale in some areas! (I stocked up a bit yesterday. :-) )

Thanks for your site. I LOVE it! I read it almost every day, but don't comment most of the time. I have a question about cheese powder. What brand do you use and where do you get it? I checked out the Blue Chip site and they didn't have any. I have found several other sites that do, but the one I tried was nasty. I really want some for Mac and Cheese. Suggestions?

Can not wait for the Webinar's!! I know I am only a state away.... but I think they will be such an addition to what you do. Your fabulous and I appreciate what you have taught me. I wish I would have started this YEARS ago. Then maybe the scramble now would not feel so stressful! :)

Don't worry. Webinars coming soon! Yippee!

Glad you've decided to join us, Peg. Let me know if you'd like a particular topic covered as well.

With my luck, Lynn, you'll always win one of the prizes and cost me a mint in shipping to Canada. :-)

Kris, I don't get it. What are you hinting at? :-)

Yes indeed. I'll be holding webinars VERY soon!!

And I see these classes being held & can only wish I lived closer! Bit of a trek from South Dakota! ;-) Is there a way you could hold classes on-line? (wish)

I sure would like to try Spiff-E-Whip. Hint hint hint hint......

Hey! I am in!! I would love to win one of those items. I am a follower of your blog and have been for awhile now. I am totally inspired and do whatever I can to be prepared. Your ideas help immensely. It's more difficult to find some of these items in Canada that you Americans are blessed with.....but we do what we can. Even if it means dehydrating and canning things myself. : D
Thanks for aLL you do. Love your blog.

Love your site. I bought the "choco moo" a couple of years ago while in UTAH(Macy). I live in Louisiana. It is great! My hubby enjoys it himself. I do like that this company says that the product is still great 11/2 years post opening. I wish I could be there to partake in your classes!

Where can I buy Morning Moo's Chocolate Drink Mix if I don't win; it sounds delicous?

please put the info on the web as utah is a long ways away.

That is a cool give~away. Blue Chip group in SLC is having their big sale sometime in October...I love going there!


Yes, but Blue Chip promises their retailers that they will NEVER undersell them. Just food for thought. :-)

You can leave as many comments as you feel is appropriate on each and every post anywhere on our site. We have them arranged by date, not article. Good luck!!

Can we leave 1 comment per post so we can be entered more than 1 time? Or is open to 1 comment for the giveaway? I just want to make sure I'm not missing out on possible entries. By the way...I read your posts every day!

Woo Hoo... I want to win!

I giveaways.. Yipee! Where can I find Spiff E Whip? I have looked @ Amazon and am at a loss. I try to do a lot of shopping online as I am disabled, and but I really want to find this. I have been using Smiths and all the coupons with the card.. Fabulous!

Wonderful!! I live in Carson City and have to stop there @ Walmart Today. I will pick that up along with some wide mouth mason jars for my Foodsaver! :)

Thank you for the website, I am sure I will be using that as well!

Whoo Hoo! :) If I could be of any assistance please let me know!

I love your site and you have given me lots of ideas and preparing help. Thanks. I bought a Pump and Seal, it has saved a bundle on O2 observers the beauty with this is I can use old glass jars and vacuum seal all my dry goods. I also use large Mason jars and seal dehydrated fruits and vegs. It's great, When I open a large # 10 can I can divide it up and seal what I'm not using at the moment.

For those out there in Northern Nevada on the Spiff E Whip Search.. South Town, Kietzke, and South Carson Walmarts.. No dice they do no carry it :(

Out of wide mouth mason jars too!!

The search goes on :)

I've always wanted to win something.... Keep up the great work!

Commenting... and super hopeful I win :)

I loooove your website and all the good things you write about. thank you

So I just tried the Spiff E Whip for the very first time, got a small container from Blue Chip, and OMG it is fantastic!!

Yes, going to buy more and make sure it is stocked in my food storage!

Wow! Very Impressed!

Try my Fruit Moo's recipe with it. D-I-V-I-N-E!

Nice site.
Having freeze-dried food and bags of wheat in Wallyworld is a western thing. Here in the south, not even Sam's or Costco carries these kinds of foods.

I wish I could have gone to the bootcamp. The giveaway sounds great, though. I have felt a strong prompting to REALLY get our food storage in order. We have tons of water, and I need to store more of that as well. And first aid supplies, toilet paper, etc.


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