The California Water Crisis

Every once in a while it’s good to bring the “what if” scenarios a little closer to home. Sometimes an emergency doesn’t need to be brought on by Mother Nature, or a major financial collapse. Sometimes it can be brought to the forefront by a lack of common sense. So today I thought I’d share this clip with you regarding a very real, man-made water crisis in California. This is indeed a man-made disaster. But it is real nonetheless, with real consequences, dire in nature. It gives us just one more reason to remind us that we need to be prepared with appropriate stores of food, water, and financial strength.

We also need to be more adept at recognizing the domino effect of situations. This particular water crisis in California actually affects the food supply of ALL Americans. And I’m certain that this type of stupidity is just the tip of the iceberg of what more can come.

One final thought on this, I feel that the only anti-venom to such a scenario as this is for us to be prepared and to be more involved in what goes on around us. Where in our Constitution does it state that we are to protect the lives of wildlife at the risk of protecting our own? Where do we give Congress or anyone else the authority to put the life of a two inch fish over the strength of our commerce, our crops, and our livelihoods?

Sean Hannity exposes the man-made drought in California

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I don't want to take any side here. I'll just point out that if we were all attempting to buy local as much as possible that we wouldn't all be getting our food from Cali. I am utterly shocked that ALL the produce comes from either cali or canada. I'm in PA, you are telling me that Canada can grow tomatoes year round and we can't??

How much sense does it make to base your entire food production on a freakin' desert that needs vast amounts of water to make it grow?

The blame keeps going around, thanks to the housing bubble, which is still going, you can't even buy farm land if you wanted to. Well I suppose if you are a multi millionaire you could. Example local farm 120 acres is selling for $1,200,000 some developer will buy it and add to the problem.

I've driven through that part of California south of Stockton all the way through to LA on Interstate 5 and for at least 200 miles as far as I could see, orchard after orchard and farm after farm was either dead, dying, or severely dry with the possibility of dying out. People don't realize how bad this can really get.

I've also been told by an insider friend of mine who lives in the area that the truth behind the whole thing is that the Cities of Stockton and Sacramento are behind the whole Delta Smelt conspiracy because they have been dumping too much sewage into the Sacramento River because they have been unable to keep up with the growth in the area, and if the water level gets too low in the river then their sewage would be too concentrated and they would receive heavy fines from the EPA

American Preppers Network

I am amazed every time someone says something like the fragile ecosystem would fail because this (fill in the blank) died. What did we do before we had all these enviromentalist were around to save the fragile ecosystem?

I have only one question for any enviromentalist who agrees with the water being shut off. If we are so worried about the Delta Smelt getting caught in pumps or running out of water, then why is L.A. still getting water pumped to them from the Delta Basin? Why is the water being pumped into the ocean from the delta basin as well. It seems to me that if we're gonna say the pump to the San Jaoquin valley is causing the deaths of these precious marine life, then dont we need to shut off all the pumps. Or is it that the enviromentally concious movie stars are only that way when it doesnt affect their way of life. SHUT OFF THE WATER TO LA!!!!!!!!

If we are so concerned with our climate and global warming, is it wise to dump all that warm fresh water into the ocean? I think not.


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