Are We Prepared for Deception?

I wrote an article several years ago about how I believe that in a financial collapse, desperate people would be persuaded by financial gain to essentially report on their neighbors for whatever the hot button cause of the day was at that time. I distinctly remember writing this article because there were so many comments from people believing that such a thing would never happen...clearly forgetting that even Jews reported on their fellow Jews during the holocaust.  Some even believed that I had gone off the deep end to even describe such a state of desperation. And yet, if you haven't noticed lately, there are more and more examples of people being persuaded to do exactly that without any regards to the lawfulness of the request or the sensibility of a person's actions.  For example, lately Facebook has been encouraging people to report on other people that they feel are "too prepared".  Who gets to decide what is "too prepared"?  And where is there any Constitutionally upheld law that says that I'm not allowed to have sufficient supplies to tied me over for several months independently of what's going on in the world outside my doors?  Furthermore, if Warren Buffet can have more money than he knows what to do with, why am I a societal menace because I've merely prepared with a different form of currency than Mr. Buffet?  There's crypto, gold, silver, cash, etc.  But what if my preferred currency is food, toilet paper, and water? (Not in that order of importance, of course. We all know that CHOCOLATE and CHEESE are the most valuable commodities in my house. LOL)
I share with you an article form Need To Know News today.  The events highlighted in this article may not be happening in our nation, but you can bet that there are those that feel like this is a perfectly acceptable approach to ensuring everyone gets "vaccinated" against Covid-19.  And there are plenty of other scenarios that are playing out in our nation and elsewhere in the world that are just as much a warning bell as what's happening in Austria. 
So, what do we do about it? I think we're well past the stage of just being silent and keeping to ourselves.  I think it's vital that we don't diminish our light even in the midst of ridiculously founded persecution.  We're not meant to be timid sheep.  There are other people out there that are starting to take notice of how ill prepared they are and they are looking for answers to help them in a sensible approach to preparedness. Share with them your light and be brighter for it.  A lone candle lights in the darkness regardless of how much darkness there is.  Diminsihing our light is just as wrong as hiding it under a bushel.
I'm back, and so is my light. 
Happy New Year, my friends. 


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Thanks for the thoughts

Thanks for the thoughts Kellene, I agree totally. This whole Coronovirus and vaccination deal is another way the government is using people against people. Tracking those that are vaccinated and marking any contact they may have made with others is so WRONG! Just another Mark of the Beast! Keep up the good work my friend! Glad your light is shining in the darkness!


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