Yet Another Reason for Food Independence

I elected today to share this article that was posted in the New York Times today.  It illustrates the presence of several other E-coli strains which are prevalent in our foods today and how the meat industry is resistant in taking any additional responsibility for them.  *sigh*

As I read the article, I just kept thinking

how grateful I was that I'm not reliant upon the mainstream meat industry for my food. Interesting to note, as the result of viewing an awful animal cruelty video (actually I simply couldn't bear to watch the whole thing...I only got 30 seconds of it before my stomach turned and the water works began) I set a hardcore house rule that we would ONLY get our meat from local sources that we knew, firsthand, how the meat was raised, fed, and processed.  That's the only kind of meat I want sitting in my jars or in my freezer.  I'll definitely sleep better at night this way.

Here's the link to the New York Times article:

In E. Coli Fight, Some Strains Are Largely Ignored

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Thanks for sharing this article Kellene. I eat alot of Earthbound spinach & other greens. I'm glad they are testing.

It is sad and frustrating that the government that is supposed to keep our water clean and our food safe elects to ignore such atrocities.

When you say " I set a hardcore house rule that we would ONLY get our meat from local sources that we knew" Do you mean straight from a farmer living near your house? Or do you mean from a supermarket that gets it's meat from a local plant near by. Not transported from out of state?

I sadly know of no farmers and so I do my best to trust the meat coming from a local plant. This is all so scary to read. I don't know if I even want to watch the video by your reaction to it. But I know that I shouldn't just shut my eyes to it.

Preparedness Pro's picture

Either or both, Lynn. We have the option in Utah to get it direct here, or direct from Idaho with a little bit of a drive, or from local, smaller markets. My husband's uncle is a cattle farmer in Idaho.

I wouldn't recommend watching the video. That's why I didn't put it up as a link on this article. I'm still not certain I should have posted it on my Facebook page it was so disturbing. (fortunately I just read that charges were being brought up on at least one of the persons in the video for animal cruelty. I wish the punishment would fit the crime like being beat with crow bar senselessly, having his head stomped on relentlessly, and being stabbed in the face with a pitchfork repeatedly.)

I have to say, I love a good cut of beef for dinner periodically (either prime rib or filet mignon is my preference) but the Wheat Meat that I cook takes a lot of the financial and nutritional pressure off of me too.

I'm with you Kellene. I have seen all too many of the corperate farmers believe in maximising production and have no respect for the land or critters. I think there is no reason to be needlessly cruel. But I grew up on a ranch were cattle and pigs were treated as an afterthought.
I do have little respect for folks that seem to think as long as someone else does the killing it's not real to them. It's Okay to buy meat in a grocery store but not to raise and butcher your own.
Well I do have to say Darwin got something right. If you wait on your grocery store in a crisis lasting longer than 3 days or the feds to save you. You may get removed from the gene pool. Of course I'm a vet and teapartier and the government thinks I'm dangerous.

"I wish the punishment would fit the crime like being beat with crow bar senselessly, having his head stomped on relentlessly, and being stabbed in the face with a pitchfork repeatedly."

I just want to say, if I have ever posted anything that has in any way, no matter how small, offended or otherwise upset or caused even a slight degree of consternation to yourself or any person you even slightly care about; then I most humbly, completely, and sincerely apologize... (that whole pitchfork-face thing) Has anyone seen your husband lately...? :)

Seriously, thanks for passing this along. Another strong case for self-reliance. It get's worse from here. So much for my holiday weekend grilling plans...

Preparedness Pro's picture

Thanks for making me laugh out loud...for the record, I was only reiterating what I witnessed in the video. :-)

I raise my critter for food and I have a hard time killing them. Yes I was in the army and was a ruff tuff warrior but I never believed in cruelty. Those kinds of stories make me want to open up at short range with hi calibre weapons. Except I know they will die to fast. Not much of a lesson they would only learn it once at my hands. But at least I would know 1 learned the lesson.

Ok here is my first post in awhile.....sorry for any mispelling.....all the letters are wearing off my keyboard (never could type and cannot afford a new one now!) I wish that you would do a webinar on wheat meat (please too many of us do know or are not sure (with pictures) TY Connie

Preparedness Pro's picture

The Wonderful World of Wheat covers the wheat meat with pictures, Connie. Too bad I can't do samples over the internet though.

We buy our chickens from the nearby Amish community and they are range fed and absolutely delicious just like grandma used to fix. We buy our beef from an organic farmer about 10 miles away from us. This meat is range fed also and the flavor is unbelievably good. There are no chemicals in any of this meat; no steroids, no hormones, no antibiotics, just wholesome, delicious meat. Raw milk is also available from our nearby farmer. He also taught us how to make a raised bed victory garden with organic soil that we mixed from cotton burr compost, peat moss, and rice hulls. We use organic fertilizer too. Our plants are thriving on this soil. Just water daily and no weeding! All in all, we have only wholesome food and no trips to the grocery store with its attendant risk of contamination. Yippee!

I for one wouldn't be able to stomach the video so I'll just pass. I love to also get my meat as locally as possible. I hope to have my own chickens soon. I want to be safe and keep my family safe.


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