Why Does Misinformation Exist?

I realize that for many persons it’s simply impossible to believe that we are subjected to a litany of misinformed articles in the mainstream media each day, courtesy of our government, but not wanting such to be the case doesn’t get rid of it.  If a mental will was enough, I’d be 3 inches taller, 100 pounds lighter and still able to indulge in my favorite foods without consequences.  But the fact of the matter is that we ARE constantly fed misinformation through the mainstream media, as well as some more strategic occurrences, on a regular basis.  The appropriate question is WHY?

This nation’s government runs on money accompanied by a façade of power.  As a result, control of the masses is critical.  As such, for over a hundred years we have been fed information that suits the general plan of the government in order to keep Big Money stable. Every leader knows that if just a few panic, then it dominoes into an unstoppable effect.

For example, yesterday I featured an article with tons of easily verified information as to why we are definitely in for a wheat and grain shortage. Today, however, the self-anointed newspaper king, The New York Times, ran an article attempting to assure everyone that there will be no wheat shortage.

Ironically, they took this position simply by featuring a handful (because that’s all there is) of farmers in the world who are having a boon season for wheat. Let’s see…are we supposed to believe that farmers in Alberta, Canada are going to serve the whole world? The article goes on to state that the Midwest and France are going to help with the wheat supply too.  Perhaps they missed the information that even France is experiencing some diminished wheat crops due to high temperatures and dry conditions? Yes, it’s not destroyed but it is confirmed by many economic and agricultural specialists that the yield is at least 10% lower this year.  Last I checked my math, 10% less usually means less for the rest of the wheat market too.

What’s even more interesting in this aspect is that in 2008, when our own nation experienced an undeniable wheat shortage and rising wheat prices, some areas of the world experienced record high productions of wheat.  From this experience it’s clear that record high productions in only a handful of areas in the world are not sufficient to maintain the world’s wheat needs when the rest of the world is experiencing drought-like harvest. To make matters worse, major wheat importers are also experiencing below average crops such as Spain, Italy, China, and Japan.

To be perfectly clear so that we can all see it for what it is…MISINFORMATION is all about control.  “They” don’t want to set off a string of panic purchases of wheat because such a run on wheat at the consumer level would indeed compound the present problem.  Believe you, me, they are presuming that silly old wheat isn’t exactly on everybody’s grocery list—and they’d like to keep it that way so that we can all go on believing that “all is well.” The only way that all is well with all of this undeniable evidence of a wheat shortage is if you’ve made sure that there’s no such shortage in your own home!

All I can say is to be diligent in acquiring truthful information. At least it’s still available. “They” have not eradicated it all just yet. And when you’re compelled to believe that “all is well because ‘They’ said so” just remember “They” also told us that smoking one cigarette a day was healthy, the Depression would only last 8 months, and that the ‘Stimulus package’ would get our nation back on its feet in no time.  Yeah right. And I’m 5’5’, 120 pounds with thick, flowing, blonde hair.

As an aside, I just want to reiterate what kind of wheat you want to purchase: make sure that it has no more moisture than 10% and no less protein than 13%. Also, you don’t want to purchase wheat in clear bags unless you know it’s this year harvest and you’ll be putting it in your own non-clear packaging when you get it home.  Remember, cool, dark, and dry is the best scenario for your wheat storage. Also, be sure you know how the wheat is preserved—with oxygen absorbers—if so, how much, or diatomaceous earth.  Right now, one of my local sources for wheat has it on sale for only $14.99 for 50 pounds. But it’s in a clear bag and stored with oxygen absorbers. The only saving grace is that it’s this year’s harvest, washed 4 different times, and will be just fine for baking and such. But remember, you need to have some wheat on hand that will sprout. So be sure that you don’t invest solely in oxygen absorber-preserved wheat/grains.

Also, as mentioned by a previous poster yesterday, you can find great quality wheat from the LDS church catalog. You don't have to be LDS to order from them. The prices are just as good as you'd get elsewhere--if not, better--and the wheat is in #10 cans. Yes, they use oxygen absorbers, but only enough to comply with USDA requirements.  So I wouldn't worry about it. I have used their wheat and other similar items for 20 years. Their prices are great because they do a great deal of their work via volunteer work from their members.  They also buy more than 10 Costco's when it comes to long-term, shelf-stable products. Also, even better, their prices include shipping! Presently the hard red winter wheat is only $26.95 for six #10 cans. White rice is $32 for 6 cans, pinto beans $37.50 for 6 cans, and quick oats are $20.50 for 6 cans. They also have a "starter kit" which includes 2 cans of wheat, 2 cans of rice, 1 pinto beans and 1 rolled oats, plus some helpful written materials as well. That's only $29.75.  To order you can simply go to www.ldscatalog.com or call 1-800-537-5971. (they only ship in the U.S. though. Sorry, my international readers.)

Take care my friends, and remember there’s PEACE in preparedness, not panic.

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Kellene,for those of us who deal mostly in big buckets, how much (wheat/rice/beans/oats) product pound wise would be in those #10 cans? Also, do you know how Lehi Roller packs their wheat? Thanks

I seriously need to move to the US just so I can take advantage of all these deals for my food storage. *smile*.

I think this is similar to why the Obama administration keeps asserting we are not going to have a double-dip recession. They lie to the public so as not to induce panic.

Bad news in an election year can be a game changer.

I want to be sure I'm clear on what you said. Are you saying that you cannot sprout wheat that has been in a can with oxygen absorbers?

I was at a LDS store today with a fiend who is a member, their hard red wheat price was $6.40 for 25 lbs bags. They do have a canner there and will sell it canned as well but I buy in bulk and put it into mylar 5 gal bags in home depot buckets in the basement. It seems to work very well as I have been building up my storage for over two years now and also I buy bulk flour in 50 lb bags from local amish stores. Today I bought 400 lbs which I will store in the same mylar bags with oxygen absorbers to kill any bugs. Their prices ranged from $13 to $17 for pastry flour, bread flour and stone ground wheat flour. Best of luck everyone, we are going to need it.

Preparedness Pro's picture

Wanda, if you store it with the oxygen absorber, you may not be able to sprout it. I'd recommend using the diatomaceous earth. Do a search on Diatomaceous earth on this site and you'll see why.
Also, all wheat has weevils in it. It just depends on whether or not you're storing it in such a way that they can reproduce and live.

Just went to the lds store

Just went to the lds store and bought the wheat bags. They will rent you a canner for free and the cans and o2 absorbers are about$1 each.

My husband's anut gave us a dozen #10 cans of wheat with O2 absorbers that was, at least 20 years old and it all sprouted just fine. She thought we'd juse if for the chickens but is seemed fine so we ground it for bread.If they can grow wheat found in ancient tombs I'd say wheat just wants to grow! We are lucky to have a Mennonite store nearby that we can get all grains/beans/rice in bulk at about the same prices you quote and no shipping charges...love their Prarie Gold white flour...#27.00 for 50 lbs. DEE

Preparedness Pro's picture

Diana, most wheat will sprout if it's not been killed, regardless of how old it is. Keep in mind only a portion of the wheat that was removed from the tombs actually sprouted. Also, that wheat had absolutely no oxygen absorbers in it--or the equivalent such as bay leaves.

Kellene-I went to ldscatalog.com and can't find any food products only church materials. Am I being obtuse here? Thanks, Teresa

Preparedness Pro's picture

Just put the word "wheat" in the search bar on their website and you'll find it just fine.


Do bay leaves have the same reaction on wheat as oxygen absorbers? If so how do you store wheat in the buckets and still have them sprout without bugs? I live in Wyoming (born and raised in Tennessee) so moisture is not a problem. I store my wheat still in the 25# bags with one bay leaf in a plastic bucket. Right now we use it to grind but we are in the process of buying the Victorio sprouter and plan on sprouting some of it. I also store my rice and beans this way. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I am also in the process of reading all your back blogs and am learning a lot from them. I'm a canner (pressure canner - glass jars). If I can fit it in a jar, I can it. I'm taking just about everything out of my freezers and canning it (even hot-dogs and cheese). I get a lot of my instructions on canning unusual things from Jackie Clay at Backwoods Home.

Preparedness Pro's picture

Yes, Bay leaves are a good alternative to oxygen absorbers. However, the recommended use is about 5 bay leaves per #10 can..thus I believe you are using too few for 25 pounds of wheat in a bucket.
Diatomaceous earth really is the best answer for you. Plug it into the search option on this site and you'll get several articles to come up that can easily educate you on this awesome tool. The DE is effective in seeds, nuts, legumes, grains, etc. And it's good for you! Can't ask for more than that, eh?

Where can we find the truthful information that is available? Can we trust Reuters and Agence France-Presse since you linked news reports from them?

Preparedness Pro's picture

I don't believe that anyone should blindly trust any source except for one--not necessarily because "everyone is wrong" but because information is only as good as the fallable people who compile it. There's only one source of truth and it is indeed infallible. I'm addressing this very issue in an article this week.

Perfect example on grains and harvest numbers. We have been talking about this for several months of trying to get data. Well we tried it did not work so well. We tried to warn folks and we got told we were full of stuff and nonsense. I'm not saying anyone or anyone person or group is a fount of all knowledge. Kellene has never claimed that. She's just an average Mom, just trying to get by and raise some kids and a garden. Other than she is well armed. But that's a different blog.
Why should Kellene share her story of being self-sufficient and put up with all the nonsense and grief? We aren't radicals, simply trying to buy smart and get the most bang for our buck. DHS told us we need a 3-14 day plan. But as soon as we do it, we are evil not to depend on the gov.
Funny all the folks that said Kellene was full of stuff and nonsense about grains have got quiet. When she is right.

I think the big problem is the "Spin" we get from the media and the feds. Probably inevitable given that our currency is based on the faith and trust in the US government. I have used many words to describe the government in the last few years and faith and trust were not words I used. I don't think the the government has any choice about how they present data and trying to cheer-lead the economy. The Fed is monetizing our debt, we are following very bad economic policies that have failed in the past. But we no longer teach history or basic economics most folks are oblivious to the ramifications.
Check out both Brazil of the 70's Argentina of the late 90's and the "Weimar Republic" of the 1920's early 30's. Hemingway did a great short news story on hyper-inflation during a tour of Europe in the 20's. An old German on they version of Social security couldn't afford to buy some apples. It would have cost Papa Hem only 6 cents (US) yet it cost a pensioner over 5000 Marks, more than he received in a month.

The LDS store will ship to Canada as well!


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