Are We Going to War With N. Korea?


Map of North KoreaGrant it, Mr. Shorty Pants in N. Korea does come across as a petulant child who says “I hate you” only to stomp off and get distracted by a bright shiny object somewhere else, but unfortunately, in spite of the lulls between the moments of saber rattling, I have some genuine concerns that the several nations of the world will find themselves involved in a war with N. Korea and here’s why.


Though it’s long been known that the U.S. dollar is no longer backed by gold, most persons don’t realize that the U.S. has instead been propping up the dollar with other assets, primarily oil, as a result of the treaty, commonly referred to as the Petrol Treaty, which garnered the signatures of numerous nations more than 40 years ago, who agreed that all oil transactions would be conducted in the form of U.S. dollars.oil barrels Even if Mexico was selling their own oil to the Philippines, payment for the transaction would take place in the form of USD, not Pesos. So long as everyone who signed the treaty was willing to play ball this way, the U.S. could sit back and relax and corrupt the inherent value of the USD all they wanted—after all, when would anyone stop needing oil.  (Perhaps now you can understand why many U.S. government entities have appeared to do much to STOP the energy expansions into NON-oil related resources—but that’s another story.) It was based on this treaty in part that nations such as China and Japan have invested so heavily in the USD and foreign debt instruments in USD—so long as there’s oil transactions being had there will always be a value to the USD.  But what happens when one or two, or half a dozen of those nations take a stand that they will no longer be instrumental in propping up the otherwise useless USD—especially if such actions come at the risk of lowering their own nation’s currency value? Well, then you have a recipe for disaster and you create a U.S. government that might even pursue the manipulation of world events that might otherwise prop up the dollar—but only if their situation was desperate, right?


Might it be considered a desperate moment if key nations such as Russia, Mexico, Brazil (who is one of the top 5 holders of US foreign debt instruments), India, and China have renounced the use of the USD in their oil transactions??  It’s no secret that Venezuela and the Emirate nations have stopped playing in that particular sandbox, but to have nations which are ostensibly allies to the U.S.?  I suspect that the U.S. has been attempting for the past 18 months to brush off the consequences of these nations taking this stand on petrol transactions in hopes that their other trade transactions customarily conducted in USDs would be sufficient to prop up the value of the USD, but oops—not so fast. In December 2011, China and Russia announced that they would no longer use USD for trade transactions between them. It was at this time that I wrote an article encouraging our readers to watch this matter very closely as such an announcement from China and Russia was very disruptive to the U.S. economy; but I felt that the undeniable USD collapse wouldn’t transpire until one of our more ardent allies jumped on the same bandwagon.  Hate to tell you this, but that time has come.



Last Thursday, April 11th,  a news story broke with the announcement that Australia and China would no longer trade between each other in the form of USD. Here’s the really interesting part aside from this monumental news…the story broke on the 11th but the commencement date for this new policy to begin was announced to be April 10th!  (This story wasn’t even addressed by U.S. media sources.)  I couldn’t help but wonder how long the U.S. kept such an announcement from the media outlets, nor was it lost on me that Mr. Shorty Pants in N. Korea designated April 10th as the deadline by which all foreigners needed to leave their country in preparation for war. Nor was it lost on me that the news headline of Monday, April 15th, only the second banking and trading day after that Australia/China headline broke, the price of gold had plummeted to the lowest level in 2 years with other hard assets such as silver (down 10%), copper, molybdenum, and oil down as well. (Once you start manipulating one market it will have an effect on other viable markets such as platinum, gemstones, rare art, food, etc.—and let’s not forget the overt manipulations going on amongst THE most valuable industry—ammo.)


For those of you whom I might have confused at this point, understand that the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury have long been manipulating the value of gold and silver particularly. There’s NOTHING that’s happened in our economy which merits the value of the USD to INCREASE, and yet we somehow manage to defy gravity with a plummeting of gold values on the first banking/trading day after the intents of Australia and China have been made public??!  Just as a “Gold 101” moment here, the value of gold inherently goes UP as the value of the USD goes DOWN because it requires more U.S. dollars to pay for an ounce of gold. Again, there’s absolutely NO reason for gold values to have been dropped if it were not for blatant manipulations by the Puppetmasters.  Sure, there were the feeble attempts to explain this in the usual sound bites—the most ridiculous of which was that since Cyprus is having to sell their gold in order to qualify for the EU bailout, that supposed influx of gold impacted the market so significantly as to “water down the value of gold.” Um…for those that aren’t aware, Cyprus is NOT a significantly large nation or economic stage when it comes to their stashes of gold. They are NOT a major holder of gold or silver, etc.  Their influx of gold into the global economy is no more significant than if I were to lose a half an ounce of fat in 1 month.


The reason why gold has been manipulated upwards over the past 2 years was in an effort for the Central Bank to reclaim some of the US currency that’s out there before China dumps trillions of USD into the economy in an effort to try and mitigate the Monopoly Money Effect that such a huge influx would have on our economy.  The plummeted values in gold, in my opinion, are in an effort to now bring in massive amounts of gold as people panic and sell. The Central Bank buys it up at spot with its unlimited use of printed notes, and they accomplish a Gold Confiscation with much more flare and less stench than FDR did. That’s all well and good, but it’s too little, too late and it’s my belief that THEY know it.*


gold and currency

The USD is in far too much trouble right now for this little maneuver (and future manipulations of gold) to prop up the dollar in light of these significant global economic players refusing to use it as their currency of choice any longer. So, what’s a corrupt federal government to do in order to prop up their currency? Go…to…war…  And might there be anyone out there…anyone at all…that might be the perfect sparring partner?  Well, there are the usual suspects, of course, as well as heightened tensions in Syria and it looks like we’ve been doing a lot of aggressive poking at Ahmadenijad, who, for all his faults, seems to be wise enough not to fall for it. But is there a nation which contains a leader foolish and egotistical enough to fall for the provocation?


Let’s take the story today of the Blackhawk helicopter that went down near the N. Korean border—with the level of threats and tensions that are coming out of the nation, does a nation trying to AVOID war play chicken that close to the border of a trigger happy petulant child??  I don’t think so. What I can be rather confident of is that we most certainly won’t hear the real story why this helicopter full of highly skilled military was so close to the border. They’re making the story be about the copter going down but my question is what was it doing so close in the first place?? Is this an act of AVOIDING WAR?


While things seem to be quite tranquil when it comes to N. Korea over the past several days I have to ask myself, is this how things really are or is it how they are being reported?missle Since we’ve been at DEFCON 3 (Increase in force readiness above that required for normal readiness; Air Force ready to mobilize in 15 minutes; alert color “yellow”)   since the middle of last week, N. Korean missiles have been upright since last week, and I received a very reliable tip last Monday in which the National Guard was scrambled into action in Portland, OR with the U.S. Air Force reportedly on stand-by--which is customary at DEFCON 3. (Portland, OR is the area that’s assigned to protect Guam where many U.S. munitions are thought to be stored. Additionally, it is reported that N. Korea’s missiles are suspected to be capable of hitting the West Coast of the U.S.)  With all of this...I'm having a hard time just ignoring this or just calling it "saber rattling."  What would YOU think if you were to receive the following e-mails and messages like the ones I’m posting below from valued sources??  Do you think that YOU would believe that “all is well”??--redacted/edited in order to protect identities--

#1: " [my boyfriend] is in the military. As a result of N. Korea his unit is preparing for a HUGE *readiness exercise* starting April XXXX. They will not be done until XXXX (a date in the early summer). Readiness exercises are not unusual, HOWEVER this particular exercise is a massive one. Not just my [boyfriend's] unit, but several others and a huge amount of materials, equipment, transport vehicles, etc.  Last time they had an exercise this huge was about a month before "Shock and Awe".  My [boyfriend] is close to retirement and has some medical issues but they INSISTED he be part of this exercise.  When he went to discuss it with his CO, he was told he HAD to go because of his deployment to South Korea [several years ago with a 4 year deployment] where he had to deal a lot with the N. Korean military at Gangsong and the railroad crossing there, etc. [He's also] trained in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapon decontamination and detection!"  
#2: "My [significant other’s] younger brother is Air Force Intelligence, fluent and a translator in 3 Chinese dialects and Korean. (Yeah, the guy is brilliant) He has a [infant] son and a wife diagnosed just 4 months ago with [serious form of cancer-stage 4]. She is currently undergoing treatment and her husband was given a leave to deal with everything.  He was called 4 days ago and told he is to leave for [U.S. area] and then [non-U.S. area] within a week EVEN THOUGH he is on what is basically a catastrophic leave...almost NO ONE gets called back into active duty when on that kind of leave! --Unless something WAY SERIOUS is happening.

He is fighting it...but it looks like they will make him go, anyway."


#3: "We have 3 friends currently deployed to South Korea. All 3 were supposed to be rotated back [to the U.S.] by the end of May-beginning of June. All 3 have been told THEY WILL NOT BE COMING BACK at those times.

All 3 asked for new dates for rotation, all 3 have been told "it's up in the air" for now."


#4: "I have been talking to military wives/girlfriends and the story is much the same in all branches--leaves are being recalled, deployments changed, massive readiness exercises, etc."


I may be flawed in my summation and beliefs expressed here, but when I look at the entire stage, it sure is making sense to me that we’re going to war soon. I’d love to be wrong in this instance, but what I DO KNOW to be 100% accurate is that things are going to continue to happen in our life that will test our resolve to choose to stand firm in the role of proactive participants or as helpless victims.


Take these words and comments with a grain of salt until you’ve confirmed for your own sake their validity, but regardless, it’s my hope that you’ll never underestimate what CAN and WILL happen in this world today and that you’ll find peace as a result of your faith and your preparedness efforts.


piggy bank with IOU*In fact there are probably a lot of sales of “paper gold” going on right now. Dealing with Paper gold/gold paper is a part of the manipulation.  Paper Gold is an SKR (Safe Keeping Receipt) but in a lot of cases now it’s not even an official SKR (which is required in order for an owner of the asset to leverage that asset as collateral for a loan or for use in a trading platform), rather it’s merely a promise to pay or an IOU that the market’s seeing lately. But that’s actually how the Central Bank manipulates the market because they push out all of this paper gold into the market which pushes the price down (by dilution) and they then buy all the physical gold which is then followed by them bringing in all of the paper gold which then drives the price up.  The reality is there’s not a lot of physical gold changing hands anywhere in any real substantial amounts.


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Awesome analysis Kellene. You have summed up what is really happening perfectly. The old saying that you cannot eat gold and silver is true, but when the dollar becomes worthless, gold and silver may be the only way to buy food for our families.
Preparing now for the collapse of the USD is essential and unfortunately there are way too many people out there who will not be ready. Your efforts to educate them and all of us are commendable. Keep up the great work.

Personally, I am against purchasing gold and silver for the reasons laid out in this article. No one wants to play a game of card when they KNOW the game is rigged. Buy gold and silver cheaply amidst a crisis with the essentials as currency that one can still obtain with USD and bartering now--then you'll never have a shortage of gold and silver.

I will always have peace as a result of my faith, but despite working for the last few years as the budget will allow, my preparedness efforts leave me with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I am no way ready for the SHTF long-time scenario and simply do not have the resources to do more. Family is clueless and or even less financially able to do anything than I am. What to do now?

food cupboards. all you have to do is prove you live where you live and how many in the house. everyone is have a tough time, food cupboards with an over abundance of canned goods, rice, beans....etc. I support 6 people in my home, the only way was for me to do it this way.

I'm not certain of what you're actually saying here. What do you mean by "food cupboards"??

*grin* I like your user name. It was only recently, if you can believe it, that I figured out what "smh" meant. But I can just see you doing that everytime you get online like most of the people who are awake today. I"m still working on understanding "DH" *grin*

This is a great article, an it goes to the heart of the problem. Many do not see or are unwilling to see that they are being manipulated by our government. It comes down to a saying my parents always told me "You can lead a horse to water, but can not make it drink". That is what's happening to America(& American public), people see what they want to see, hear what they need to hear. When the truth of the matter hits them up along side their heads they will ask "why did you not say anything". You did, they just refused your knowledge. I am shipping this to my family once again, hope it gets read.

The military build up is (let's hope) just being ready if the Crazy guy does push some buttons. The military is still WAY over deployed and they may just be trying to keep levels up, although a wife with stage 4 should not be called back , one person will not win or lose a war.
As for the Dollar it is in NO ONES benifit to crash the U.S. dollar and economy, if we go the whole world economy will also go down... So more than otheres but most will be adversly effected. Nomadic goat herders and people living subsitence lives not as much, but there is too much trade worldwide between countries to not be effected. If we go down China will lose her biggest customer for all the goods her Hundreds of million people manufacture and they will have no job and starve with all of us.

The statement of "it is in no ones (sic) benifit (sic) to crash the U.S. dollar and economy" is either incredibly detached from our nation's history, the history of other nations which have pillaged and overinflated their own currency, or it's ignorant of the fact that our economy and USD is ALREADY trashed; we're just being spun a whole lot of song and dance to cover up the present demise. Furthermore there are most certainly a substantial amount of persons who will stand to gain a GREAT deal of wealth and power by doing a "reset" on our nation's economy--all over the world. The naivete of such a comment is very concerning because I know that where there's one, there are thousands--if not tens of thousands, and it will be those thousands who will suffer SO much in the near future.

As an older reader I feel the need to repond to this artical. "We the people" are America's greatest resource. To keep panic at a minimum our government is controlling the media. It is our duty as informed Americans to 'stand at the ready' when out government goes to DEFCON 3. It is our duty to God and our country to be prepared to take care of ourselves, family and loved ones. Thanks for all the great information that you freely share with us.
God Bless.

Thank you for all of the information and resources. We are relatively new to prepping and are trying our best. I definitely need to step it up a notch the best we can afford.

Sounds very scary. I have been a bit slack with my preps. I think I better get back in gear and do a little more restocking. Thanks for the info.

It's all coming into focus now...thanks, again, Kellene! (miss chatting with you, but still reading!) I think I need more water again his weekend, for LOTS of reasons! Keep up the excellent work, my friend! :-)

Hi Kellene,
Very thought provoking article, and I understand your admonition not to buy paper, gold, and silver. Two problems concern me with this, though. One is that we will still be required to make good on any debts owed--namely paying the mortgage. How can we do that if our paper assests go to nothing? What good is it to store up goods in our home if we are kicked out?

Second, if we invest our paper in preparedness goods now, what do we do if we have to leave the house in a hurry due to unrest or if those items are damaged in various scenarios? We would be left with absolutely nothing. I think this is what is holding my hubby back in embracing this philosophy altogether.

Thoughts?! Your insights are always appreciated! P.S. I canned chicken for the first time, and it turned out awesome! (Ladies, don't forget to oil the lid before your first canning session. :)

Even when the paper assets are worth nothing, they are still viable in paying down contractual debt. So long as one's mortgage payments are fixed (as opposed to variable), then they can still be used for that. The problem isn't paying for that kind of stuff, it's in being able to use it on items that can fluctuate in pricing by the minute--such as groceries and gasoline. Such purchases are not contractual payments of debt.

In terms of leaving the house in a hurry, that's what "bug out bags" and "practice drills" are all about--get the most vital of items out of the house with you in a hurry. My number one reason to prepare is so that I'm being obedient to what I believe the Lord has told us all to do. As such, I believe that when I do what He tells me to do, then He's bound to bless me accordingly; so I let Him worry about some of the "what if" scenarios that I don't have answers for. *wink*

In terms of your hubby being held back, the scenario you bring up is one in a huge litany of possibilities. So many people refuse to do ANYTHING simply because they can think of one or two scenarios in which stocking up wouldn't be fruitful. A fire is my biggest fear because I would lose everything, fast. But you know what, I can't NOT prepare just because of that one scenario. I always joke that with my luck I'll die in an earthquake--not because I'm sucked into a big hole, but because I'll be standing at the wrong place at the wrong time and am crushed by the ton of wheat that I've got stored. *grin* Regardless, it's critical to be prepared for everything else. Look up an article I wrote called "why bother" by putting that title in the search bar.

As a military family, we have been feeling that the military is starting to downgrade to a stupid level, bringing back soldiers early, cutting off access to fuel and vehicles and ammo for training, focusing on digital warfare and training, etc. I suppose, now that I think about it, that it may not be as it appears. Perhaps they are actually readying for a different war by pulling out of the "old one" and preserving limited resources. I do not think POTUS will condone war (for reputation sake, etc.), but I think his popularity and power is not so great among those others in the government, even those on "his" side. He is only popular with the media, congresspersons (or maybe not so much now), and the ignorant masses, but I think those who would mastermind the war are not loyal to him.

I'm very new. And happy to be involved in this site. Being new, what do I do and where do I start. I have been prepping and getting water like a mad women, but truely don't know where to go from here. Do I continue to save money gemstones and coins in my safe, or is that a mistake. I save as much cash as I can. And do I continue to buy preps. More then what the print out computer sheet said to store? I truely don't know what to do from here. I'm really confused about where to go. I just feel lost.

Put "prepping for beginners" in the search bar. That will give you a good starting point. Good luck and be sure to come back often. There are over 800 articles here for you to choose from.


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