Update on Swine Flu Vaccinations

Photo c/o mommylife.net

Photo c/o mommylife.net

Some claim that the forced vaccinations may just be a lot of media hype. That may be accurate, however forced vaccinations made the news in MD only 2 years ago. Read the article here for more info.

Also, I keep getting asked what to do IF you are forced to vaccinate. A doctor has actually written some very sound words of advice on this subject.

Russell Blaylock, MD - What To

Do If Force Vaccinated

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I think you are going to have to choose how far you will take this. If you truely don't want the vaccine then simply don't let them give it to you. Are they going to physically restrain you and give the shot? If so what would your reaction be if they were about to give you a shot of heroin or some other deadly drug? I mean that is the point here, we don't want the shot because it could possibly pose a health risk, right?

I can't imagine a mandatory vaccine happening. Perhaps for specific jobs and such but you can always quit. Our Doctors here are already telling people they don't think they can even get the shots. If you work in a career where you think this might happen, start spreading the word now, get people ready to fight it. If half the staff says they won't show up for work, they might think twice.

I have heard the rumor that they plan to give swine flu shots to the kids at school. There's a form you can pick up at your local school that lets you opt out of all the 'so-called' mandatory shots to attend school. I feel that the school has no business in what shots my children had or my grandchild has. That gets the schools out of my personal medical business. (HIPAA) Even though the form says that my child will have no shots given, it's not accurate. She still gets the shots from her Dr that I deem safe. It's just none of the schools or the states business what they are. :)

Bottom line is you need to have dicussed with your entire family what your stance is on this matter and then send a letter to the school regarding it. You are NOT required to simply fill out their form. Your wishes in writing must be respected.

Vaccines are POISON. The only one[s] who benefit from vaccines are PHARMACEUTICALS. Lots of Vitamin D will protect you from the flu and many other diseases. DON'T be fooled by paid off media hype. STOP the sickening assault on humanity.

Problem is, some schools will ban your child if the "required" shots aren't taken. My parents fought to save me from having them when I was a child, but eventually relented.

Just one more reason why homeschool is becoming more and more important in my mind.


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