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Hey Folks. Sorry to have to share this with you because I know that some of you are waiting with "baited breath" for the rest of this financial series...but since I am a real live person doing this writing, I sometimes get hit with real life...which sometimes has its physical obstacles. Buy zanaflex online Anyway, just a short note to let you know that the next part in this series will not be posted until Monday.  Got to give this body a little bit of rest.

'Til then--prepare in peace.

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I know you have some health problems. Rest up, and I hope you feel better soon.By the way, you're my best "preppie" site to go to.

I've been wondering when you were going to run out of steam. Too many irons in the fire young lady. You have to stop and smell the roses just like the rest of us. We want you around to keep us straight and informed, but not at the expense of your health or your family. Don't let your passion for helping others become an unending burden. We understand and we'll still be here.

I hope you feel better soon. Don't worry. And get some rest.

Positive energy your way Kellene. We all appreciate what you do!

Get some rest and Feel better!!

Maybe some "happy thoughts" are in order? Just got 100# of wheat and #50 of cracked barley for $20.00. Local Grain mill. So now I'm working on 18 months worth of food. I'm so excited.
TP has been going for a good price lately. So I'm up to 48 rolls and will be getting some more to get me to 100. Also a great buy on Laundry detergent will have a year's worth plus.
Hitting the Group buy at 5 star after the 1st of April. Thanks again for the heads up Kellene. I don't want to give out any store name for the TP or laundry detergent unless Kellene says okay. Look around on the web for some of the discount stores.
I would recommend you bookmark or getting on the mailing lists for stores you shop at the most. I get some great deals that way.

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Jamie, by all means share with folks where they can gt TP and such on sale. We're here to help!

Enjoy your rest.

Big Lots will have a sale starting Monday the 29th Charmin TP 24 rolls for
$6.00 that meet's the .25 cent rule. Now I've not used coupons at Big lots. Usually the price is good enough, but we need all the help we can get. Xtra Laundry detergent 2, 50 load bottles for $5.00. Yes it good detergent,cleans well in cold water. I really like it, I'd say it as good or better than most name brand detergents.
Those are what I noticed 1st. Have some great stores to shop at for the Western States. I just didn't want to stomp any folks toes. Or go to far, I'm trying to learn to be polite. A lot of work for an bluff NCO fromm the Army. I suck at subtle and that got me into trouble. If I find more multi-state stores sales I will happily post them if Kellene is cool with that.

I'm becoming a commodities trader, Buy low and use when the price is high. It's so cool I had Kellene to help me, I just wish I knew what would have happen with sugar prices. Yes we have about twice of much as we need but it's a barter good now. What I love about the things we build, they don't rot(if you rotate). Always building, nothing is good enough. More to learn, tweak plans. Those "little victories" are to be celebrated. I was in a bad mood for awhile because I did not realize how far I had come. Maybe the shoe has dropped. I'm very positive but not optimistic.I've done all I can to disaster-proof my situation. Hopefully it's enough, it's always been up to God but I feel now I did my part.

Groupbuy? I missed it, where is the info for the April 1 "groupbuy"? Please. :)

Bill Go to 5 star and request to be put on the mailing list.

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