Time Sensitive News Flash!

Holy Cow, Folks! Blue Chip Foods is having a KILLER deal in Salt Lake City this week through Saturday!

Hey, Folks. My connections at Blue Chip Foods in SLC, UT just e-mailed me a list of some AWESOME deals that they are having through this Saturday—and I don’t use the term AWESOME loosely in this case!   Supplies are on a first come, first serve basis. However, you can order them online at http://augasonfarms.com/if you aren't local (whew!) or go into their store (3431 S. 500 W. in SLC). When you see these prices, you may want to run over and take advantage of them. I’ve NEVER seen prices this low, not even at Costco or the local grocery store chain who is regularly  so aggressive in their pricing of these products.  Those of you who can take advantage of these prices will definitely be giddy that I let you know about this!!! (the address for Blue Chip Foods is at the bottom of the blog)

They have the large 5 gallon buckets of goods such as potato shreds, corn meal, potato slices for only $10 bucks!!!!

They have #10 cans of blueberry pancake mix (one of my favorites) onions, taco TVP, chocolate pudding, and diced carrots for only $5 bucks!!!

And they also have some GREAT buy one/get one free, including my favorite freeze-dried celery and diced bell peppers—which I can’t seem to ever get enough of.  I use it all the time in nearly every casserole or soup recipe!  These #10 cans are break down to only $5.82!  I’m telling you, I will be driving up there as soon as I get out of my classes!

On top of all of this, you’ll get a free product on every order. They have over 50 items under $10. Several special deals only $5, $7, or $9. Keep in mind these guys are indeed one of my favorite producers of shelf-stable products.  I use them at least once a week, but more like every day in one way or another.

Keep in mind that this manufacturer specifically stands behind their product. They guarantee the quality of taste, texture and nutrition for eighteen months after you’ve opened it. Prior to that, if you store it in a cool, dry place, you have an easy 20-30 year shelf life.

I know that many of you will ask, so let me share with you now what products I LOVE that they offer and what I will definitely be taking advantage of:

Biscuit, blueberry pancakes, potato slices, onions, corn muffin, diced carrots, flaxseed, the taco, ham, and pepperoni TVP products, vanilla and chocolate puddings, broccoli, cheesy broccoli soup, chocolate fudge brownie mix, freeze-dried peas,  mushroom slices, sour cream powder, corn meal, potato shreds, pinto beans, kidney beans, celery, red & green bell peppers, Moo’s strawberry and orange milk product, and the buttermilk powder.  Whew! I’m tired just thinking about all of it.  But I’m also so stoked to be able to get such great products for such great pricing.

These prices are WELL below WHOLESALE folks!  I think the folks at Blue Chip may have gone a bit crazy! You will definitely want to spread the word on this one and if you are local, get your booty over there! I’ve even called my out-of-town siblings and friends to find out what they want me to pick up for them!  So I just might see you there!

Another thing that I wanted to pass on to you is that the Costco’s in Albuquerque and  San Diego are now offering the Blue Chip breakfast and dinner packs. 

  • Costco 500 Eubank Blvd. SE Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Costco 9955 Coors Bypass NW Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Costco 4605 Morena  Blvd. San Diego, California

You can also call any  Costco with the  Item numbers and find out where they sold. Breakfast Pack item # 465877 Dinner Pack #  465920

As I’ve addressed in a previous article, I actually had a hand in consulting with Blue Chip and helping them create the recipes and selection of these packages.  I think that the Blue Chip/Morning Moos are some of the best products out there!  Keep in mind that I don’t make a dime by telling you any of this. I’m doing so because I want you guys to be as confident and comfortable in your pantry supplies as I am—or more. They are too good to enjoy now so don’t put off using them until an “emergency.” I use them all the time!  I wholeheartedly believe in the quality of these products and recommend them to you without any reservations.   I hope you all really get to take advantage of this!

Blue Chip Foods is located at 3431 S. 500 W. in SLC and are open Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.--normally, but are open on Saturday too this week for this special event. Get there quick because they are already running out of stuff! I know that when it comes to this special, they will NOT set anything aside for anyone. If you’re not physically there, you’re unable to take advantage of this sale.  Good luck!  This sale might make Wal-Mart on Black Friday look like a senior citizen home. :-)

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Oh my goodness!! I live in San Diego county and I am going to check out Costco tomorrow for the Blue Chip items! I am so excited! Thank you for giving us the heads up!! I have not been to Costco much lately as I have started to use coupons!! Thanks to you, I tried it and I get stuff cheaper than Costco all the time now! It just takes quite a time commitment.

Do you know what 'ham flavored' is? Very good prices but no details on anything. Thanks

Just got back from Costco in San Diego (Carmel Mountain) and did not see anything Blue Chip, let alone breakfast and dinner packs. Boo hoo! Any idea how I can find out more about them, if they are in certain stores or when?
Thanks, Karen

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I would call Costco or Blue Chip. I just spoke to my contact there and she said it was 1 Costco in San Diego, but it was after hours so she didn't have the address. But if you called Blue Chip, they would be able to share it with you.

I'm very interested in buying quite a few things, but wonder how I would get them from you. My daughter-in-law, Julia Farmer, is how I'm connected to your emails. She lives in Houston. Is that where you live? Please tell me how to order, if you have forms or am I just to call you. If you do live in Houston, I could get my son there to pick up from you and then I can get them from him. Please advise asap.

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*sigh* Preparedness Pro doesn't sell anything except education. The notification was simply to let folks know how they can purchase these items at such a great price. You can go to their website for more info which I believe is www.augasonfarms.com Perhaps you can have your son go to the store in Salt Lake City and purchase some items for you.

Thanks. I would like to use the Augasonfarms website to order (or Blue Chip) but they give no explaination of their products or the ingredients. I e-mailed them several times asking for the ingredients, but never heard back. Also, their shipping rates are very high. *sigh* So if I could pick up any of their products in my area, that would be wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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yes, their marketing people are a couple slices short of a loaf, I'll give you that. However, on the Blue Chip site that they used to have, I could find the product info. I don't know where it is on the new site.
However, what I do know is that the prices of the breakfast and dinner paks at Costco are GREAT, but not as great as this sale, unfortunately. But at least they are close and without the shipping costs at Costco.

Kellene, I have some dried bell peppers; I'm not sure if they're freeze dried or dehydrated, but they are tiny and I'm very disappointed in them. Tell me how big the Blue Chip freeze dried bell peppers are. I like big pieces in my cooking. The dehydrated celery at Blue Chip is awesome; I think I'll get some more. Again, please advise on the size of the bell peppers. Thanks for your awesome website.

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Erline, they are dehydrated and that's why they are so small. If they were freeze-dried, they'd be easier to do at a larger size. I personally love the red/green bell pepper mix in my cooking, but you're right, sometimes you just want big chunks. These would NOT be that product for you though if that's what you're set on.

Thank you Kellene!! I just placed an order. You just saved me a lot of money, as I was going to place a food order with another online store next week. The shipping is very high, but when the products are 75% to 80% less than what I would have paid otherwise, I still came out way ahead. I couldn't find ingredients or nutritional information either. Hopefully, it will be on the products’ labels, as I like to keep a spreadsheet of the products and calories I have in storage. One word of caution – it doesn’t appear that they use a security certificate in their online checkout process. That means credit card information is not encrypted when transmitted. That’s kind of scary in this day and age but, being the bright guy I am, I proceeded anyway… Thanks again!

Thanks so much for this info. Even with shipping these prices are great!

Thanks for this information! I have never tried anything dehydrated or freeze dried, and I'm new to all of this. So I just put in an order for less than $80 including shipping I will get 8 #10 cans with apples, carrots, green beans, ham flavored tvp, onions, peas, veggie stew mix and something called ABC soup? I am guessing it will be like chicken noodle soup maybe. Anyway, for that price I can afford to just keep it in stock just in case although I will probably get curious and open a few anyway :)

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Jennifer, I hope you got the freeze-dried peas. They are yummy and they were the same price as the dehydrated. The carrots and onions are dehydrated, but they are still great because they are so small. I also like the soup mixes you got and I've worked a lot with the apples. I haven't tried the ham TVP yet, but I've been content with the other TVPs. Now..the green beans... uh...let's just say you'll want to have them in a soup or a casserole. They aren't so great served as the "star" ingredient of a dish. But you didn't overpay for them, even with the shipping. I'm so happy that you've taken this action! *high five*

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate getting this information. I placed an order on April 1st for $82 with a savings of $77. If I had had more money I am sure I would have ordered more but since this the 1st time I am using these products I also am hoping I like what I bought. Do you know how long it takes for their shipments to go out? Thanks again for the heads up on these great deals.

Thank you for publishing the Costco where the Blue Chip food was, went and got some last night!! Wish I could try them now, but they are for long term. I was surprised at the bacon bits TVP can, I do not usually use bacon like that, so I will have to learn! Resonable price too!!! Yeh!!!


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