3 Reasons to Pay Attention to the Swine Flu



Is the Swine flu just something on the news, or should you actually be concerned about it from a preparation standpoint? The answer is yes, you should indeed be concerned about the Swine Flu—here are three important reasons why.



swine-flu-cellularFirst of all, understand the virus itself and you will understand why informed concern is appropriate in this case.

It is a mutation which has components of the Avian flu, the regular flu, and Swine flu. Avian flu is dangerous only in that it is transported from birds to people. It cannot be transferred from people to people. However, this strain of the Swine Flu can. So, if it continues to mutate, you can have a virus strain that not only transfers from person to person, but also from birds to people. As you know, birds have very little borders. They are able to spread their disease via the dust and any other airborne particles easily. Because this virus has already demonstrated a successful mutation of 3 different strains, it shows that it will clearly continue to do so. A mutated virus makes creating antigens in your body very difficult. And if YOU can’t even create the antigens, then a scientist cannot do so either. Additionally, this particular strain of flu is very different. Instead of simply attaching to cells in our body, it is actually able to penetrate the cell wall, thus making exposure to antigens much more challenging. This particular strain of influenza, because it is compromised of H1N1 (Swine) and H5N1 (Avian) makes it an extremely penetrable and deadly virus which is rapidly adaptable and virulent. These two strains combined produce a killing potential at a cellular level.




Another reason to be concerned is that the confirmed cases of Swine flu that we have been told by the media to date have been done so through the very limited availability of test kits from the CDC (Center for Disease Control). Understand that only the CDC can “confirm” a case of this type of virus. And the CDC only this week began sending out test kits to parts of the U.S. and to other parts of the world as well. We already have cases which have spread to New Zealand, Scotland, Brazil, Australia, and Canada. What all of this means is that we haven’t even begun to see the real numbers of people affected this flu epidemic. Keep in mind that viruses in general are not living organisms, rather they are protein structures whose only goal is to replicate themselves.



The third reason why we should indeed be concerned is because even if this isn’t “the big one” it is certainly an incident which should wake us from our slumber of apathy. There is much to be learned from this outbreak that can literally save our lives. Looking at this outbreak and analyzing how we can better be prepared in the event that a pandemic affects our country and even the world, is the best way to prepare. However, having said that, I would prefer that you not underestimate the efficacy of this particular outbreak. To do so would be sugarcoating a situation with strychnine. Let’s not forget the facts thus far here. Schools are being shut down. DHS is taking action to be prepared for a possible pandemic. (Compare this to the fact that FEMA can’t even take action until after a serious crisis has occurred—this should tell you something.) The World Health Organization is NOT closing the borders because they state that such an act would be futile since the virus is already established widespread. (Remember what I said about not even having the real numbers yet?) One case of the Swine flu on a plane headed to JFK, La Guardia, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, the San Francisco international airport and you can easily have a pandemic. (Come on. Think about it. You know how incredibly dirty the air on the airplanes are. Do you actually think that the air filtration systems on board will filter out this virus from traveling from one host to another?) Keep in mind that individuals who are carrying the virus may simply be a host. They may carry it to others without necessarily manifesting symptoms of it themselves. So you may assume that you are interacting with a perfectly healthy person, but still contract the virus strain.




I’m not being a fear monger here. As someone who tends to get emotionally involved in the well-being of others, I’m trying to get you to be fully aware of how fast this or other strains like it can spread. It will be incredibly difficult for me to see so many that I know and love exposed to such an illness such as the swine flu. So, given that I do believe you have need to be cautious in this situation and most definitely to learn from it, allow me to share with you how your behavior must change in the event of a full-spread outbreak. Review the following steps so that you can truly be prepared for such an event:




1) Always use a breathing mask outside of your home.



2) Wash your hands constantly and do not remove or put on your breathing mask without having just washed your hands



3) Keep your hands away from your eyes and mouth under all circumstances. (Use a fork even to eat your French fries with.)



4) Do not eat any food which you have not personally prepared



5) Regularly ingest immune system building vitamins and herbs so that you can create a true, non-chemical immunity. Don’t wait until symptoms appear. While viruses tend to mutate and get stronger under chemical attacks, they respond completely differently to non-chemical, strong environments. This is the very kind of culture you can create in your body if you start partaking now of quality herbs, vitamins, and minerals. I STRONGLY suggest that you ingest sublingual (taken under the tongue) or colloidal versions of your nutrition supplements as such methods are actually able to permeate the cells. Taking pills does not have this effect on your body and thus is useless to attacking a strain such as this that burrows into your cell.


I highly recommend you use a colloidal version of minerals. Bacteria simply cannot grow in a mineral environment. (By the way, colloidal silver is another good remedy to have on hand for fighting a myriad of illnesses as well—see my other suggestions in yesterday’s article.)



6) Be sure you wash ALL of your vegetables (even the ones with skins) and meats very well prior to storing or cooking them. Also be sure to wipe off your cans of food prior to opening them. When you do follow these steps also be sure that you keep your hands washed afterwards as well. Here’s a natural wash for your meats and vegetables that you can make yourself.


· 1/4 cup Vinegar

· 2 Tablespoons salt

Fill a clean sink with cold water, (a plastic dish pan also works wonders) add vinegar and salt and let sit 15 minutes, rinse. (The vinegar cleans the fruits and vegetables, while the salt draws out any maggots and such, dirt and other undesirable components. This wash does not adversely affect the flavor at all and vinegar helps take care of the sprays and wax they tend to use.



7)  Use a germicide (not a sanitizer) on high-traffic areas in your home such as door and cabinet knobs, telephones, and table edges. I highly recommend the one that Shaklee makes. It’s 100% biodegradable, concentrated, affordable, and incredibly EFFECTIVE. (No, I don’t sell it, but recommend you go here to obtain some www.shaklee.net/earlene)



8.) Use Latex gloves when handling items from outside of your home or when assisting other individuals (whether they manifest symptoms or not) outside of your home.



9) Eliminate contact with other people outside of your home as much as is truly possible.



10)Don’t leave your home unless you absolutely have to. In such an instance, be sure that you are adorned with a breathing mask and have latex gloves. (If this particular strain were able to mutate into a flu strain that cannot only be transferred from person to person, but also from birds to person, then it’s critical that you leave your home only at night, not during the day as birds typically only fly during the day light hours.)



I hope this piece gives you further insight into your own preparedness efforts. And I truly wish you well in your goals of becoming more prepared.


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Got N95 masks, gloves, and antimicrobial wipes in home, vehicle, and hubby's lunchbox (not the masks). Cleaned fomites, and hubby's washing hands before leaving work, and when coming home.

Didn't think about the produce, even after having discussions about it during the salmonella outbreak. Which leads me to wondering how many hands touched the canned/boxed foods from stores. Good thing I have 3-5 months on hand if it becomes an epidemic/pandemic.

Also, other than online bills and checks for groceries, we mostly use cash locally. Looks like I'll be looking into getting an ATM/Debit again just to avoid handling cash.

Smart move on avoiding the cash! very smart.

I received a rather insulting post previously, questioning the veracity of some of the info I've posted in this article. It was insinuated that I'm not the "scientist" that I claim to be. Ha. The jokes on you. I'm not a scientist. I'm an expert in emergency preparedness. However, I did get my information from a scientist friend of mine and I will post their e-mail to me regarding the Swine Flu for your benefit here. Enjoy!

The recent deaths regarding “Swine Flu” have enormous consequences to humankind.

I am a “Board certified” practicing internist. I have been in practice for more than 12 years, and I practice both inpatient and outpatient medicine as well as occasional emergency medicine.

My training was completed in the US Army. The information I wish to discuss is the significance of the recent “Swine Flu” deaths.

Just for the record the Influenza virus is one rapidly, adaptable, virulent virus who’s killing potential is enormous

Roger defined the current types of flu designation in his thread about the HINI (Swine) and H5N1 (avian) flu. This nomenclature is important in understanding the Influenza Virus and why it is so dangerous.

H = Hemagglutinin N= Neuraminidase

These two protein components induce the virulence (killing potential at cellular level) of the influenza virus, making influenza an extremely potent viruses when compared to other viruses.

When these two components start to adapt (from viral replication and mutations) they become dangerous and are the root cause of both epidemics and pandemics.

As an Internist the recent deaths associated with “Swine Flu” gives me great concern.

I am going to attempt and explain how the influenza virus works and why it is so dangerous. Please bear with me I may occasionally shift thoughts so I hope this will make sense.

Viruses in generally are not a living organism they are protein structures who’s only goal in existence is to replicate themselves.

Influenza virus, as well as other viruses cause 90% of Upper Respiratory Infections including sore throat. (Antibiotics are therefore ineffective)

There are three types of influenza virus A, B and C.
Type A: Causes disease and also is the cause of both Epidemics and Pandemics
Type B: Causes disease but not epidemics
Type C: Rarely cause disease in Humans

Flu vaccines contain antigens for A and B but not C.


Influenza Basics:
The natural host of Influenza virus are Aquatic Birds
Influenza virus replicates in the Gastro-Intestinal tracts of Birds
Bird droppings contain large amounts of virus
Most droppings contaminate fresh and salt water lakes, streams etc..

How Influenza Virus Works:
Viral Protein attaches themselves to a cell that it identifies as suitable
Viral attachment to cell wall is performed by Hemagglutinin

Once attached the Influenza Virus goes to work borrowing a hole through the cell wall

Once a hole is through the cell wall the Influenza virus climbs inside and leaves the cell surface. (This is not what happens with most other viruses they usually remain on the cell surface)
Because the influenza virus goes into the cell it can hide from the Host Immune Defenses

Once inside the Influenza virus changes the cells nucleus through “Genetic Manipulation” and the cell starts to replicate Influenza virus

After the Influenza virus invades a host cell --- it takes 10-12 hours for the virus to replicate and cause cell membrane rupture and releases the newly formed viruses into the “Host environment”

Each infected cell will release 100,000 to 1,000,000 new viruses into “Host environment” this is identified as a “VIRAL SWARM”

Neuraminidases in the Influenza virus are important because they cause the cell surface of infected cells to remain “smooth” so that the newly released influenza viruses do not stick to already infected cells or the newly ruptured cell membranes.

Influenza is an RNA virus (Ribonucleic Acid)

Viral RNA is what contains the viruses genetic information and this is what gets incorporated into the host cells nucleus and causes the “Genetic Manipulation” of the infected cell so that it produces only viral replication until the host cell runs out of proteins and dies.

Viral RNA vs Viral DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid)
RNA is a simpler more stable protein
RNA Viruses replicate extremely fast when compared to DNA viruses

RNA has a simple “proof reading” mechanism and therefore lots of genetic mistakes are noted in newly formed viruses (Lots of Viral Mutations)
99% of the 100,000 to 1,000,000 viral replicates from influenza are defective and unable to invade a cell.

BUT, and this is the “RUB” 1% or 1,000 to 10,000 viruses can infect other cells and they often have some mild mutation. NOW multiple that by millions and you have “Trillions of Viruses in a Host with lots of variation”

How the Host Immune System works:
Complex Network of components including, various types of white blood cells, antibodies, enzymatic processes and toxins as well as other proteins designed to protect the body.

The basics of the immune system is the ability to identify “self” from “non-self” and then store this information for later use. “Antibodies”

When immune system contacts something it marks it as an “Antigen”
Antigens identified as abnormal or dangerous cause the Immune system to immediately go into action.

If the antigen is identified as foreign “ non-self”— NATURAL KILLER CELLS are immediately called into action to destroy this antigen, this is referred to as “Innate or Non-Specific Natural immunity” and is the first line of defense

Specific Immunity is when the immune system learns about a specific antigen and this identification can be stored (Memory T Cells) for later use .

Vaccines cause a specific immunity that allows the body to mount defenses so rapidly that a new infection will not cause symptoms

What makes Influenza Virus so dangerous:

The “antigens” identified by the human host when it comes to Influenza virus are: H = Hemagglutinin N= Neuraminidase
What are the fastest mutating components of the influenza virus?
You guessed it, H = Hemagglutinin N= Neuraminidase
These two specific antigens mutate so fast that it makes it impossible for the human immune system to keep pace
To help you understand this significance let me explain measles
Measles Virus is also an RNA virus
Measles mutates as fast as influenza virus
Measles antigens “do not change” and therefore immunization takes only one exposure. This is why the measles vaccine only has to be given over one series.
Influenza changes so rapidly that every year the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization) has to try an identify the newest variation in Influenza Virus so that it can make an effective vaccine.

“Antigen Shift”
Antigen Shift is why the recent swine flu deaths are concerning to me as a physician
To Understand "Antigen shift", you need to understand "Antigen Drift" first.

What is “Antigen Drift”?

“Antigen Drift” is what health officials monitor world wide to pre-empt the newest viruses and make effective vaccines
When the viral surface components of H = Hemagglutinin N= Neuraminidase are identified by the body immunity begins, however influenza Hemagglutinin and Neuraminidase can shift into different forms and still be functional thus evading the bodies immune system. When the mutations on the Hemagglutinin and Neuraminidase change their shape but still function. The immune system can’t read them and the old antibodies that bound perfectly to them in the past do not fit well to the new one and this is identified as “Antigen Drift”

What is “Antigen Shift”?
“Antigen Shifts” are the cause of Pandemics
When there is a radical change in either or both the H = Hemagglutinin N= Neuraminidase an entirely new gene coding can be instituted and changes or replaces the shape of the antigens such that the bodies immune system can not identify the virus at all and bears no resemblance to the old antigen. This is “antigen shift” because the virus appears so differently to the immune system that its like is was never identified and is completely new and immunity has to start back at step one.

Hemagglutinin from the Influenza Virus fits snugly with human cell surface molecule called sialic acid receptor.
The sialic acid receptor is abundant in the Human respiratory Tract, its also abundant in the swine respiratory tract

Unfortunately for us pigs are genetically and anatomically very similar to humans.
(I did my undergraduate and medical school research operating on pigs and after we made the sterile field it was very similar to human anatomy, the fat looks exactly the same)

On September 30, 1918 JS Koen a Veterinarian with the US Government identified a swine illness at a national swine breeders show in Cedar Rapids Michigan that had similar symptoms affecting and killing humans. He tracked the disease for weeks and noted the death of thousands of swine and concluded that they had the same disease as human influenza.

He noted that an outbreak of the flu in the swine would be associated with an outbreak in the family of the farmers. He also noted that if the family had influenza there would be an outbreak in the swine. He published his findings in the “Journal of Veterinary Medicine” in 1919 and wrote that an “…outbreak in the family would be followed immediately by an outbreak among the hogs, and vice versa, as to present a most striking coincidence if not suggesting a close relation to between the two conditions”.

The Swine Disease continued and in 1922 the Bureau of Animal Industry was able to transmit the disease to uninfected swine by transferring mucus from the respiratory tract of an infected pig.

IT’S IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THAT THE CAUSE OF THE 1917-1918 INFLUNZAE PANDEMIC THAT KILLED AN ESTIMATED 100,000,000 PEOPLE (with recent mathematical adjustments) WAS NOT IDENTIFED UNTIL 1931 IN THE “Journal of Experimental Medicine” By Richard Shope

The conclusion is that Influenza of 1917-1918 produced a deadly pandemic BUT the Inevitable mutation of an RNA influenza virus that can mutate from birds-pigs- to humans is not a matter of if, but unfortunately a matter of when. I believe we are one critical step closer. The next pandemic will spread so fast what took weeks or months to infect the world in 1917-1918 will only take hours to affect the entire world.

The next pandemic will be catastrophic.

yeah actually the H1N1 virus/swine flu isn't real! And if it is it isn't worse than the common flu. Pharmaceutical companies are going to make millions by having "mandatory vaccinations" and it's also a good excuse for martial law to be enacted against we the people. you can go ahead get you shot, full of harmful ingredients such as Thimerosal...which is MERCURY, (why they need mercury in vaccinations is a rather disturbing fact), DBCP a harmful pesticide and also causes male infertility and Squalene which cause harmful immune responses such as autoimmune arthritis and lupus, but in all honesty it should not be mandatory. You are better off protecting yourself by keeping your immunity system healthy and washing your hands multiple times during your waking hours.

It was truly a flu invented by the swine to spread fear and control the body politic. with the help of their media.
wake up

"just because you close your eyes doesn't mean the world disappears"


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