The Real Face of the Swine Flu

Photo c/o AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd

Photo c/o AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd

Yes, The WHO has moved the swine flu alert level to level 6, the highest level available.  While some may speculate that this is merely a political move to free up funds for willy-nilly spending, understand that this is also a very historical move.  There are viable concerns about the swine flu.  This article intends to show you the real face of the H1N1 virus.  Here are a handful of facts that you truly do need to know.

  1. It’s resilient: Typically a flu virus disappears in warmer weather.  This particular strain is still rampant even in some of the hottest areas of our country and the world (ie: California, Texas, Philippines, among others).  The southern hemisphere is actually moving into their cold season, so the number of swine flu cases could increase substantially there.  Be mindful of this and its impact on your travel arrangements.
  2. It’s affecting YOUNG and old: Typically a flu virus is off balance in its claims to victims, with elderly and infants being most susceptible.  However, in the case of the swine flu, over half of those who have contracted the virus were “young and healthy.”  Thus no one particular demographic is immune at present.
  3. It’s “unstoppable”: WHO chief Dr. Margaret Chan stated this fact bluntly.  In other words, the H1N1 virus has already spread sufficiently that it cannot be contained to a particular border.  This is due in large part to our open borders and easy travel afforded to us today.  The virus has already affected over 74 countries and there have been a reported 28,774 WORLDWIDE cases of swine flu.  Over 13,000 of those cases have been in the U.S. alone.

  4. Photo c/o Polaris
    Photo c/o Polaris

    No immunization is planned against the swine flu until late September:

    This gives the virus a great deal of time to mutate and affect countless individuals.  In doing so, it is possible that the immunization treatments planned for the fall may become obsolete.  What this means is you need to take precautionary measures NOW so as not to allow the virus to run rampant in your system.  Build up your immune system by eating nutritious foods, take quality vitamin and mineral supplements, and be cautious in exposing yourself to other individuals who have the flu.  If at all possible, don’t venture into a doctors office or a hospital unless it’s necessary.  Lighten up on the junk food and sugar.  Those items tax your immune system dramatically.  Lighten up on the size of your breakfasts.  Your body uses the most energy prior to noon, thus the energy that it does not have to expend digesting your breakfast is better served to build your body’s strengths.

  5. This is NOT cause for panic: It’s cause for vigilant, passionate caution.  Be careful.  Be mindful.  Wash you hands ALL the time, especially after handling money!  Don’t touch the bathroom door after you’ve washed your hands when leaving the bathroom.  Perhaps it’s better to treat yourself to movies at home instead of in packed theatres.  Take this summer break to build up your children’s immune system while they aren’t exposed to crowded classrooms and other children.  Use the sanitary wipes on the handles of the grocery carts in the stores.  Wash your produce.  Eat out less.  In other words, minimize your exposure to the swine flu unnecessarily.
  6. Sorry, but new cases are NOT declining in the U.S.: Contrary to some news reports I’ve heard, U.S. cases are still increasing.  In fact just recently a college, scout camp and a couple other large facilities were closed down here in Utah because of new cases confirmed.  We’ve even had another fatality in the last week.  I know that Utah is not the exception to this increase given that we do not house a major international airport such as Chicago O’Hare airport or JFK airport in our state.  (Note that Illinois, even though it does not border a foreign country or a large body of water has the THIRD highest number of confirmed cases of the swine flu in the U.S.—even more than California and New York.  Shockingly, Wisconsin has the MOST confirmed cases of swine flu, with Texas the second highest.)  In fact, the WHO admonishes countries which believe they’ve had their wave of swine flu already, to actually prepare for a second wave.
  7. A declaration of a pandemic does not mean the virus has become more deadly: It simply means it’s become more prominent.  However, because of such, there is still a significant risk of mutation.  Once the H1N1 virus mutates with the avian flu virus, then it will EASILY be transferred from person to person and it will indeed become more deadly.  This caution has been confirmed by John Oxford, a professor of virology at St. Bart's and Royal London Hospital.

quarantineAll in all, what this means is that we still need to be on guard and in a preparatory mindset against the swine flu.  Keep your eyes open for gloves and dust masks to purchase.  If we WERE to be quarantined for 90 days, which is possible if swine flu cases continue to rise, then you may actually want at least one mask per person per probable day of a quarantine.  Also, look into stocking up on essential oils that have historically proven to battle the spread of such a virus as well as aid in the cure.

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Great tips Kellene. Wash your hands regularly, eat healthy, and GET PLENTY OF SLEEP. That's your best defense against getting any flu.

which essential oils? I'm thinking of tea tree and lavender, but do you have other favorites? thanks!

I always like an excuse to sleep in, not sure my boss will go for it ;-)

I'm curious... where did you come up with the 90 day quarantine? Don't get me wrong, I'm working on my three months storage (to start and expand from there) but I wonder why 90 days? Why not 30? or 120? Is there a precedent of quarantine timelines from the past?

Hi - What kind of essential oils would you recommend, and how are they used?

yes, if a virus is not fed by additional hosts, then it can usualy exhaust itself within 10 to 12 weeks.

P.S. I'll also be doing an article JUST on essential oils. Thanks for reading!!!

Any particular kind of dust mask? What will this do, if it's not super-star grade?

The dust mask will prevent you from inhaling and distrubuting germs. A simple dust mask is better than nothing. I prefer to get the health related ones though.

Kellene, thanks for he tip on theives oil. I will be sure to pick some up.

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