The Proper Shooting Position

shootingI used to write much more often on my Women of Caliber blog, but it's taken a back seat lately to all things Preparedness Pro. However, I did manage to punch one out yesterday after watching one too many shooting scenes on television--now you know my motivator--it's not chocolate so much as it is ERROR. *grin* Anyway, I'll work on getting pictures for the article once I'm allowed off of bed rest; but until then you'll have to let your mind do the work. Enjoy!

The Proper Shooting Position

shootingAnd by all means, keep those entries coming for the Preppers Outreach Contest. We've had some GREAT entries so far and will be soon making them public for everyone to see, but in the meantime, do some writing because EVERYONE will come out a winner on this one! There are over 35 A-MAZE-ING prizes in store from Lindon Farms, Wondermill, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Tattler Lids, The Berkey Guy, Survival Straps, Dennis Evers (The Pocket Partner), Lisa Bedford (The Survival Mom),, Global Sun Oven, Be Young Essential Oils, EnerHealth Botanicals, Honeyville, Five Star Preparedness, Water Brick, StoveTec,, Backwoods Home Magazine, Zaycon Foods, and Grandma's Country Foods! Whew! If you can't name all of the prizes in one breath, then it's a GREAT contest, right? *grin* Not only that, but there's a couple of EXTRA surprises that we have in store for every entry too--would you expect anything else from Preparedness Pro? Send your written entries to [email protected] and load your Video entries onto the site!

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storing food is not only for natural disasters. I had started storing up many years ago while Iwas very healthy. Now I am totally disabled and can not shop except on line or from catalogs. I give thanks every day that I have my very own general store in one of my rooms called " Captain Tommy's general store" in honor of my husbands grandfather. We havve survived on this for more than 12 years now! Keep stocking even when you think it is silly, it surely is not! You never know what surprises life has in store for you.
Love to all!


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