The Preparedness Pro Takes on The New York Times

How would YOU respond if a major newspaper accused YOU of not being interested in protecting your family as you claim, rather you're only interested in "a license to open fire on humanity"?!

Oh, and that's only the beginning of the vicious attacks this dingbat makes against those who appeared on National Geographic's "Doomsday Preppers".
Well, this particular article got me a bit fired up and so I had this to say over at my personal blog site. Mind you it IS on my personal blog and as such it DOES have the influence of my personal beliefs. If you're interested, then go here. Kellene Takes on The New York Times!     If not, then continue to read the article below about the AMAZING Preppers Outreach Contest! --over 35 amazing prizes are yours for the claiming with just one simple act of reaching out to others to help them jump on board with a self-reliant lifestyle. Woohoo!


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My family are very peaceful, life-loving, God-loving people, and DDP, and especially your appearance, have inspired us to have a new hobby and lifestyle. We don't own guns, though we may someday. We have fun talking about zombies etc., but what were really doing is buying some insurance against natural disaster and financial uncertainty. Some of the people on the show seem crazy, but most of them seem very, very smart and thoughtful.
I appreciate you and the other peppers opening yourselves up to ridicule, because you have educated and inspired many more than would ever laugh.

First, you made the mistake of taking the NYTimes 'bait'. Second, you wasted precious time defending your position in a verbal manner. This is meant as constructive criticism, so please don't think this is meant to insult you. I have wasted time trying to "educate" Liberals/Progressives and have also wasted my own precious time. No more for me. Any time a person is propelled into the mainstream headlights, expect fall-out. Get tough, stay focused on your priorities, not the NYT!

We've got to vet all incoming. and all the while, stay locked-n-loaded.
Carry on....

Lynn, I wouldn't be writing this blog for three years if I was only to write so that I could influence others. I write because it's important and if there are readers there to benefit when I do is simply icing on the cake.

To Lynn, and to others who keep repeating this insulting meme about "liberals" and "progressives": There are MANY people who believe in liberal, progressive human and women's rights, while ALSO believing in the right to carry. Some of us even prep, too. And just because my religion might (not necessarily btw) look different than yours, doesn't mean that your point of view is the only correct one, "right" for the prepping community. The idea is to get people to understand how to protect themselves and prepping is for everyone. Or do you plan to only help your neighbors who happen to vote the same way you do?
By turning this into a club where everyone must believe in being Saved by Jesus and everyone must vote Conservative, you push people away. Try to be more inclusive, and understand that preparedness is a mindset compatible with both Conservative and Liberal civic beliefs.

Sarah, I do confess that I created this site to most certainly be an INCLUSIVE one, which frankly, is exactly why I created it. I saw and "either or" environment out there on the other sites. Either LDS/Mormon or a doom and gloom survivalist. So I created it with the purpose of providing a non-denominational though Christian-based site. I realize that that, and just that could be an exclusive position which is not my intent, but certainly my own personality and beliefs will convey that periodically. I certainly hope that when that does occur that no one feels like they are unwelcome here and I have been doing this for several years now to help as many people all over the world as possible. If that's just a handful, I'll be happy, but I'd be happier knowing that what we're doing here has been able to cross cultural, political, and religious barriers without bringing the unrealistic, somewhat intimidating gloomy survivalist mentality. :-)

Thank you Kellene, in fact I believe you yourself do a very good job of being inclusive, and my frustration is not specifically with your website content. I have been reading you for years for just that reason, even though spiritually we probably differ on a few points.

But so many commenters seem to believe that a Liberal is someone who manifests Conservatives' darkest beliefs about humanity, must be willfully stupid, and always of course, elitist. But the NY Times is no more spokesman for all Liberals than Rush Limbaugh is for all Conservatives. There is so much more to all of us, Liberal and Conservative, than this black/white false controversy that is stirred up - created even - by the media.

Believe me, I hate smug elitists too, but I see them on both left and right "sides." Willful stupidity drives me crazy no matter where it comes from, and don't even get me started on vegetarians. (Sorry, couldn't resist!) But I would never say that they are all the same, and certainly would never try to demonize them just because they think differently. In fact, I believe many Conservatives could learn a lot by listening to real, live, actual Liberals, rather than tuning in their favorite TV/radio show echo chamber inciting them, confirming their bias.

Really, why be led? Think for yourself.

I would venture to say that for MOST human beings, their truth lies in the gray areas, and we are the better for it. I prefer someone who can think in complexity, not all-or-nothing terms. We are simply too complicated as human beings to be blithely labeled and then demonized, unless your only goal is to create conflict. Divisive scapegoating is all over the media these days, and I am very, VERY tired of it. Enough already.

One of the best things about the prep community is people's general willingness and ability to experiment, research, and learn for themselves. Why do so many then simply wave a hand and dismiss anyone who might read the NYT as being a liberal with their head up their ass? I read a lot of things. Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, foreign (you learn a lot from sources outside the US), you name it. And I am proud of my open, socially-Liberal mind. (As far as I can tell, EVERY camp has screwed up the fiscal side of things, and Obama is just as bad as the last guy.)

I have personally learned a LOT from the "opposite" side of the spectrum. I used to believe all Conservatives wanted to consign women back to the dark ages, were all racist Born Agains, and that people who liked and owned guns were people to be afraid of. I now know that the forces attempting to constrict women's rights (while powerful and vocal) are very narrow indeed, that racism is alive and well in both camps, that someone else's religion should remain THEIR business not mine, and that guns are a damned lot of fun. I even hunt deer, own two handguns, a rifle, and a shotgun, and carry concealed now.

And I prep. A lot. I raise chickens, butcher them myself, I save seeds, I garden, I can *everything*, I ferment, I make my own cheese, and I am PROUD of my Liberal belief that rights belong_to_everybody. I am a happy, moral, honest, spiritual person too. I have a profound connection with God and mother nature, but so far my beliefs and feelings fit NO church that I have ever found. I even raised a happy, moral, honest child. I just don't happen to vote for Republicans/Right Wing, nor do I call myself Conservative. If these last two facts make it too hard for you to respect me, then it really says more about you than it does about me.

Thanks for letting me have my say!

PS - all my prepping I learned from my very Liberal, hippie parents, who moved "back to the land" during the inflationary Seventies. :)

Ditto Sarah! I guess I have been a prepper all my life I just didn't know it!
Growing up in the hills of WV, canning, making soap, sewing, and using herbs for medicine and raising your own food was just a way of life. I think the old term was (hillbilly). Our political views had nothing to do with surviving the winter and being able to keep warm, and not starve to death. Preparing for the hard cold months was just something everyone did no matter who or what they believed in. Fortunately, IMO, my family were Christian and we had lots to read in the winter and lots of food and lots of coal and wood to keep us warm and most importantly lots of love, and hospitality to share with others.

Shocked... Well shocked that you would be shocked... What do you expect from a left-wing rag with a readership of three... I'm amazed the rag still has it's doors open. Carry on my friend and know with tears in their eyes, they will be the first fools knocking on your door when all hits the fan. Keep your doors locked!!! Peace...

Shocked? No, I'd say I'm fed up more than anything. :-)

Watch the "left-wing" crap, Randy! The NYT writer showed ignorance and bias, but how about we criticize him and not all liberals. Liberal democrats, like me, can be prepping gun owners/users, too, and be fans of Kellene Bishop and God (not necessarily in that order). If you want to talk about biased media, let's chat about Fox "news"....yuck. Actually, let's not.

I'm so glad it's not in that order, Leinani. :-)

Take 'em on!! We were able to get a rebuttal article printed in the New York Times after they printed a very negative article about our community last month.

The New York Times doesn't even know they got screwed by their own state gov't. USAF Disaster Preparedness Officers are the best trained and most experienced emergency managers in the world. Yet, there aren't any in the executive offices of Homeland Security. Since retiring, I have become a RN. Given a "Zombie Apocalypse" I am confident that I will still be here, and the New York times won't even be turning out toilet paper.

I believe the title of the progam is 'Extreme' survival and thus, does not portray an accurate picture of all preppers (most of us couldn't afford the measures these folks take). The majority have adopted the practical strategy of the Boy Scouts in Being Prepared...something it would seem our government is usually lacking in.

As Gerald Celente says: The Toilet Paper of Record:-))

Where is the information on the AMAZING Preppers Outreach Contest?

It's the headline right below this one. But today it will be on it's own tab labeled "CONTEST".

Kellene, just be satisfied that you have reached out to people all across the country and have helped create a movement of awareness and self sufficiency. My hubby and I started prepping 2 years ago and I always sort of felt we were odd for it but knew many people are raised with that mind set. After viewing preppers, I suddenly realized we were not alone but part of a large group of people that truely feel the time is now. Get ready!. Remember 1st - it's the New York Times, 2nd consider the political views of the NY gov. 3rd - she'll never make it to Ut to plea for assistance because some gun toten non-prepper will take her out long before she reaches the border. 4th don't get drawn into a battle with a lib. They go for the personal juggular, it's just their way. No sense wasting time and energy and emotion on someone that can't be helped. Focus on those who draw support from you and gain from your knowledge. Personal choice. God gave it to everyone.

I have always said that I could fair a disaster pretty well "if" bad folks would just leave me alone, but you know what, they won't! I made plans to provide for my family in times of need and all they will want is to take them away from me by force. What choice do we have other than to protect ourselves?

That is ridiculous. EVERY person in the U.S even the WORLD have the right to protect their family. Its survival of the fittest and hes just complaining because he knows hes not prepared, probably too lazy to do so, and jealous of those who are ready for a catastrophe. Ridiculous!


Thanks to you (and all of the other preppers brave enough to be on TV), my husband and I have started prepping. We've even discovered that other friends and family members are prepping. I'm so sorry, but not surprised, that you are being attacked by the media. Thank you for standing strong. You have, literally, changed our lives!!

There's no fool like a NY Times fool......

Hi Kellen:

I think you did a great job on your response. I am so tired of the way ubber left journalists say all kinds of horrible, untrue things about other people and the media at large says nothing about it. I applaud you for standing up for all those people who participated on Doomsday Preppers. That guy was way out of line and I hope he gets fired!

Yeah, but we all know I won't even get an apology let alone get him fired. :-) That's how the lame stream media operates nowadays. But at least I didn't just sit back and try to rationalize his poor behavior like American Preppers Network did in their response. *sigh*

Kellene, an apology wouldn't even be worth "the paper" it was written on :)

Well, you got me there, Autumn.

You are so cute. Honey don't you let anyone put you down for a second, you just stay the course the Good Lord has laid out for you.
You are a sweet generous lady with a gift to inspire and inform others. I just love you to pieces.
Grandma Shiral

Kellene, if you look at his fear and denial it's quite sad. He attacks the messenger but not the message and like a child, this person lashes out to find boogeymen where none exist. If we show that his belief in the GOV. can't save him what does he have left? I know most preppers plead and beg folks to at least start prepping, getting out of debt and have some basics for security, sanitation and first aid and it usually no one want's to hear it! So we give up, we see folks that buy the latest Iphone, Ipad, riot over $220.00 Nike sneakers and $2.00 waffle irons and toasters.
I don't consider myself a prophet by any stretch of the imagination but I do study history and I'm learning the markets and I've been around 80% right and I'm hated or blown off. Jim Cramer on MSNBC is right about 5% and he has a TV show.
It was a good rant Kellene but I doubt it will get published and when the SHTF the PTBs will find all kinds of excuses about no one could see it coming and how they tried really hard to stop it and all the riots, looting and folks that die is not their fault.

Shucks Kellene, I won't waste my time to read anything from the NYT... there's still things you've written to be read. Like other "posters" I'm sorry but definately not surprised. I didn't see the program, just the clip you posted here but Kellene, you guys rattled their cages and shook their very foundation! GOOD!! One person, Phyllis has posted how the program changed their lives... so many others won't at least for a while.
To Phyllis and hubby, Welcome Aboard! You will learn sooo many good, doable, common sense things and ideas from Kellene and friends, minus the hype and fear :) Plus, in so doing, you get stronger because each day you know more!
Since the NYT people are this vicious and ruthless now what would they be like if the "worst case" happens. OR.... they ARE prepared and do not want us TO be!!! Either way, they lose... huh?

Hi Kellene! Here's what will choke that punk from the NYT...Doomsday Preppers was watched in my home the night your segment aired and you had me drooling about how to cook and eat lavishly (while preserving and saving) I immediately went online and subscribed to you. For that guy at the NYT: My door will NOT be open to you when you come with your tail tucked between your legs crying for your momma after the SHTF.

Hi Kellene! I feel sorry for what the NYT did to you and your program. They are not experts in the subject and they need more people like you to have us ready for the events are to comes. Be strong and do not let them see you down. You are my hero, keep the good work.

Nobody reads the New York Times, they have become nothing more than anti american opinion paper. Everyone in NY knows if you want the news or the TRUTH don't read the Times. We never hear about legal gun owners who save lives, we hear guns are to dangerous in the hands of any American. Don't sweat this, read Bloombergs opinion on guns or anyone who doesn't turn to the government to help them. Great article.


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