The Law of Contrasts


Are you looking at homes that are way out of your price range?

It’s common in the world of real estate sales for a realtor to show their prospective buyers homes that are WAY out of their price range in order to soften them up enough to buy a home that is a bit above their intended price range. By viewing all of the larger homes, the buyers are usually more willing to accept a home that may be a bit more than what they were willing to pay, but still be manageable in contrast to the enormous homes they have already viewed.  This strategy works well in a myriad of sales fields and is a strategy called “the law of contrasts.” Today, I’m going to use that same strategy on you. *grin*

“You want me to do WHAT? Let me see if I got this straight. I’m supposed to oversee the grain storage for millions of people over the next seven years, and do so in such a way that they don’t starve during a famine of seven years? You realize, of course, that I’ve never been a VP of a small company, let alone second in command to a Pharaoh, right?” –Conversation between Joseph, son of Jacob, and the Lord prior to him overseeing the survival of Egypt prior to the seven year famine.

How many of us would be just a wee bit intimidated and overwhelmed with such a task?  Oh, let’s do one better, shall we?

“Let me see if I’ve got this straight. 4.2 million people, including women and children. I’m supposed to just waltz right into the Pharaoh and convince him to just let them go? You realize that he won’t get any of his construction plans done without them?  His wealth will disappear overnight?

“Wait a minute? I’m also supposed to convince him to send the Israelites off with gold and silver?  They are just going to give it to these “slaves?” What, as a friendly parting gift?


Modern exodus--what might we face in the future?

“Huh? You say there’s more to the job?  I see. I’m also supposed to physically lead the exodus of this massive amount of people into the wilderness, ensure that they have sufficient food, water, flocks, clothing, etc. for decades of survival AND be their spiritual leader as well?

“How long are we supposed to be able to survive?... Decades?!!” –Conversation between Moses and the Lord as he understands his assignment to oversee the entire exodus of over 4 million Israelites.

I don’t care who you are. Being responsible for the sustenance of 100 people, let alone millions of people would be overwhelming. Think of the travel involved. I know plenty of couples who won’t do a lengthy road trip simply because they don’t want to “ruin” their relationship. If you’ve ever been in a car with 7 kids under the age of 14, you may better appreciate the unattractive nature of Moses’ assignment. Imagine 4.2 million dusty, grumpy, Israelites saying “Are we there yet?” every single day for over 40 years. *grin*

Well, you know me. I’ve got to try and really hit the point home. Let’s do one more scenario.

“Ok. Be a full-time prophet and cry repentance to save as many people before the flood wipes them all out. Check. Excuse me. How are they supposed to survive the flood when they do repent?  Uh…with all due respect, I’m not a ship builder.

Contrasts“You want the ark HOW big?  Um… Ok. If you say you’ll help me, then I’ll do it.  I would like to share with you though that I feel a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of saving so many souls and having enough time to build the ark as well. Oh. You weren’t finished? My apologies.

“Ok. Two of every seed and grain. Got it… Two of every what?! What if my pet dander allergies acts up?

“Keep the lions and the hyenas separate. Got it.

“I have to store enough food, water and light fuel for all of the animals AND my family AND all of the people who repent too?  For how long?  Um, but don’t you think the duration of the cruise is an important bit of information for me to know? Well, do I at least get to take Dramamine with me for all of the people and the animals? After all, I really only want to have to clean up one kind of mess, if you get my meaning."

Yup, I’m sure that after these three examples that there’s not one of us who really has room to complain about the effort, time, or resources it takes to put together at least a year’s supply of preparedness materials. God is no less absent from our own preparedness efforts than he was with Joseph, Moses, or Noah. Can any of us truly doubt that He has no interest in our own well being, safety and survival today than He did in days past?  At least our “ark making activities” today are aided by YouTube, Google, e-mail, blogs, and enormous libraries everywhere. We don’t exactly have to hike 100 miles to obtain “seed of every kind.” We certainly have a lot more conveniences in taking care of our stewardships today than any man or woman before us. So, let’s stop making excuses of ANY kind, and just get it done. Time, food prices, world conditions, weather, reality, etc. are definitely NOT on our side folks. But we can still be victorious over the Pharaohs and floods in our life if we’ll just kick it in gear and get it done. Of this I am certain.


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Let me be the first to say that this is an excellent post. It really puts in perspective that what is required of us is simply to be obedient to the best of our ability. Joseph was placed in a situation to be able to physically gather provisions for seven years. But it wasn't until he had undergone severe tribulations. Moses had real doubts about his abilities and felt that he was seriously handicapped. Yet he followed in obedience. Noah, well I can't even begin to imagine the challenges that he faced and the mocking that he withstood. Yet because of his obedience, he and his family were the ONLY ones on earth who were saved.

I have found that when I include the Lord in my preparedness plans He does provide. Most recently I have been on a quest to acquire canning jars. I have bought them several at a time at garage sales and thrift stores whenever I found them, brought them home for a trip through the dishwasher and then upside down into the boxes in which #10 cans are typically stored. No budget breakers but the accumulation was mounting. As I had been more focused on preparedness and especially canning supplies, and had prayerfully been asking for assistance, I recently found ten dozen jars for $3 per dozen. It was with great joy that I gave thanks for the blessing! Now to get some dried beans converted to "fast food".

Kellene is correct that it has never been easier than now to become prepared. Using the "law of contrasts" may help us put things in perspective. There may be what we would do if we had unlimited resources; what we would do if we just had some money to spare; and there may be what we are able to do now with what we have. Even if there is NO money available now and one is eating meals at a soup kitchen there is still the opportunity to take advantage of "storing" knowledge. An hour or afternoon of viewing YouTube videos (even if the only internet connection is at the library) on any number of topics from first aid to vacuum-packing in jars to foraging local edible plants will give one knowledge that may be valuable now and in the future.

The fact that we are tuned in to PreparednessPro puts us at a definite advantage. Thanks Kellene for taking your time to share with and encourage us in our preparations. You are encouraging each of us to build our own arks while you are building yours for your family! It is a very secure feeling to be able to face the unknowns of the future while at the same time enjoying the wonderful possibility of shopping from our own pantries at home. Obedience is the key.

Really made me chuckle, I was reminded of Bill Cosby's Noah sketch.

It's hard to keep trying to convince family that prepping is vital. But at least I don't have the problems of Moses, Noah and Joseph. This has reminded me I need to ask God for help convincing them and stop trying to do it myself.

I don't know if this is related but it seems to be a lot of shows on TV lately that have End of Times/Apocalyptic themes. Survival shows, Yellowstone erupts, Comet or major meteor strikes.
I think the the History Channel is having an Apocalypse Week.
I know these shows have always been around but it is getting a lot more attention lately.

After putting this all into perspective, just getting 1 year minimum food storage doesn't seem quite as daunting. There are times that I feel rather overwhelmed, but at least all I have to worry about is my small family, not thousands of people. I know I can do this and achieve a pantry I am proud to call storage as well. Thanks for the wake up call.

Jamie, my husband and I were saying the same thing last night. It seems there has been alot of "Apocalypic" shows on lately. We watched one last night that we had dvr'd called Apocalyspe Man. I'm not quite sure if some of his suggestions (ie throwing a tire iron with rope onto a bridge and swinging out over the water and then climbing up the other side) is really something I am capable of doing...but you never know :)

My mom was telling me about some of the things on the show she saw like, Being quiet, then breaking down a door. She said the door had a window, Why didn't he just break the glass and pop the lock? Or he sent a message I think via CB that he would be at "such and such place" at "such and such date" ALONE. That seems unwise to me.
I know these shows have to be entertaining. Some of the stuff they do is not only impracticable but down right dangerous.
What about a raft, what does he do with his gear? Why would you risk a major injury when you are all alone?
The SAS survival guides shows several raft ideas and plans. No ropes and tire irons. LOL

those shows are all on because 2012 is coming and everyone is all worked up about it. It's just good programming. Unfortunately the people watching it don't change their lives. Just like all of us that watch biggest loser while eating ice cream from the bucket.

I was talking to a freind today and shared a story. It really bothers me to see people begging for help, I always want to do something for them. The other day there was a guy off the highway with a backpack and dog asking for food. I turned around and stopped. I happened to have 150 pounds of wheat in the car. I told him I don't have much to offer but I happen to have all this wheat and he can have as much as he can carry. He said, "what do you do with that?", I said that you could boil it like rice. He thanked me and shook my hand but didn't want any.

That got me thinking about people coming for my "food", in todays world I don't have "food" I have raw ingredients that no one will know how to use.

Preparedness Pro's picture

OK Todd. Now you've freaked me out! How did you know I was eating Chocolate Haagen Dazs ice cream from the bucket while watching Biggest Loser?! Give me a break. It was only the 3 ounce container. :-)

I didn't think about the whole Mayan 2012 thing. It seems to me that Mayan prophetic skills have shown to be sadly lacking.
But then I didn't freak out during Y2K either. The date used in the "West" is arbitrary and has been reset several times in the past.

Kellene how did you miss Tire irons, Rope and rappelling in your essentials.

That is excellent use of the law of contrasts. Preparing for 5 people seems a little less daunting when looking at what the prophets of old had to prepare for.

And you wrote this in January 2010!


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