Take Advantage of "General Conference" Sales

Hey Folks, Just a heads up. This week the "General Conference" sales go into high gear. I'm always checking out my local Macey's, Bosch Kitchen Centers, and of course, Augason Farms for sales.  If any of you are still wanting to get a Nutrimill, a hand grinder, or a Kuhn Rikon or BRK pressure cooker I suggest that you contact a Utah Bosch Kitchen Center and take advantage of the sales going on here. I know that the Bosch stores near me are offering at least 10% off the Kuhn Rikon/BRK stuff.

As for Augason Farms,

they are releasing their freeze-dried entrees this week in #10 cans. And because of a glitch in timing with the USDA they are only approved for direct sale (not for resale). This means that Augason Farms is blowing these out of their warehouse for only $19.99 when they are normally in the range of $28-$33 each! So, I would definitely be at the door of Augason Farms bright and early on Wednesday morning to be sure that you get these. I know for a fact that there is one guy who wanted to place a pre-order and get $10,000 worth of them. Fortunately individuals folks can swoop in and grab some of these before Mr. Money Bags is able to get them. (Not that there's anything wrong with someone with money, mind you; I just would like to see as many folks be able to benefit from this sale as possible.)

They will be having a lot of other items on sale as well, including some packages of their Raspberry Muffin Mix for only $2 each. Their freeze-dried strawberries and corn is also on sale. I thought the dough enhancer at only $3.99 and honey powder at only $9.99 to be a great deal as well. Also, if you go to the back of the outlet, you will see the #10 cans of scone mix. I hate to tell you this, cause it will just make me crave them (and I'm trying to be very, very good) but this scone mix goes fast in any growing family's home. It's downright yummy and even better at only $4 per can. They also have Honey Whole Wheat Bread mix in a #10 can for only $4 too. Vital Wheat Gluten (which I use to make wheat meat) is only $4.79 (regularly $8.).

On a non-food note, check out their 4 cans of butane for only $5. That's a steal when you consider that one can is $3.99 at Home Depot.

Take advantage of the availability and pricing while you can folks. I understand that Costco is selling the Morning Moo's milk for only $9 for a #10 can. That's a great price for non-Utah locals because the "sale price" this week at Augason Farms is $10.79 by comparison.


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The Bosch Kitchen Center near me is selling their spring WWhite Wheat for $16.99 for a 50# bag. I haven't purchased wheat for nearly 4 years and it is time to replenish...do you think this is a good price? (this is their early Saturday morning special from 8-19 a.m. only).

Yes, I do think it's a good price indeed.

I can't wait, maybe i will see you there, I have been stoked about his for 6 months!

Okay gals the BIG J is all over me; that I am wwwwaaaaayyyy done here in Texas. 'Cuz I really like deals like that!! Oh well best of hunting and gathering to my sister preppers.

I know how you feel, Pam. I'm in Texas, too. :(

will you get me a couple things of the butane and I will come get them and pay you back?! oh man--now that you announced it I don't think there will be any left come friday. my hubby works until friday until after close time and I am not going to drag my newborn and other 2 kids into the rage of people tomorrow. hmmm.

FYI- For those not living near Utah. On Sams Clubs website they have a TON of Augason Farms items for great prices. I compared them to their website and their online sale that starts today and even with shipping it was cheaper through Sams. I sure wish I lived in Utah to be able to get the variety of things you all can from their store sale, but this was great for me!

That's awesome news, Sherise. I keep forgetting about that option. (need more grapefruit essential oil and Brain Gem, I think.) :-)

Anyone seen a good deal on food dehydrators? That's what I'm in the market for right now...

I would recommend buying one used. I see them all the time at garage sales and on Craigslist. People quite often get a dehydrator, use it once, then stick it in the closet never to be used again. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!


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