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NOT entirely by Kellene *grin*

Hey Folks. I'd love to provide original commentary for you today, but then I'd miss out on sharing a very timely piece with you by one of the people I consider to be one of the two "Godfathers of Preparedness" if you will, James Wesley Rawles.  This guy has more strategies and tactics that are second nature to him than even the most ardent extreme couponer.

Frankly, I have been sharing his views on this matter for a long time. I would be SO out of Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Ohio, California, and Oregon by now. (Yes, I know my Oregon listing will conflict a tad with The Godfather, but it's only because I've been closely watching an egregious abuse of constitutional rights in that state inflicted upon one of my friends.) I realize that he doesn't include Utah on this list with a very logical reason, stating that the desert area isn't sufficient enough to provide self-sustaining garden options. From a non-religious standpoint I believe that's accurate. Although there are many in this state that are upheld in their commitment to live here based on their religious beliefs promising plenty in a time of need.

(By the way, did you know that the other Godfather of Preparedness is also named James?)

Regardless of which states James is partial to for relocation and ideal preparedness, I love this piece (duh!) because it just comes right out and says it. If you're serious about being prepared for what's truly coming our way, you need to consider everything, including the ideal place for you to live.

I suppose it was for this reason that I really enjoyed the book titled "Molon Labe'" Perhaps you'll enjoy it as well. And for goodness sakes, if you haven't read James' book, "The Patriots", it is simply a MUST READ  for the preparedness minded person.  Enjoy the article.

Move to the Mountain States--The American Redoubt


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I have been reading James for a while. We even have read his books, but now he has a cd with all of his blog post in PDF format, INDEXED! For only $19.95. Yah,hoo!

Joel M. Skousen (and some other folks) recommends in his book Strategic Relocation--North American Guide to Safeplaces 3rd Edition-- the Uintah Mountains of Utah, he even moved his family there. He also says to avoid Denver as the elite (evil lying idiots to everyone) have a huge city built under the Denver airport --conspiracy???(twilight zone music playing in my mind).

Thank you for posting this! He had a link to his list of recommended books and I have been wanting a library of information available, but had no idea where to even start. Now I just have to click and buy! The only thing he had no information on was raising chickens which I thought was odd since that's the animal most widely accepted in normal subdivisions. Then again I realize he's not exactly into living in a subdivision. Any good sources on it from your library?

Yes, read his blogs as well....and get some great info....His approach is a little different than yours.....but then every once in a while.....he blows you away sometimes...others not so much....I go to a lot of sights.....gaining more and more I think you would want......we have to get all the "good" info we can......we cannot just sit back and wait for you to "mother" us.....please forgive.....could not help it....Right now I am searching for good container gardening sites,seeds etc.....I have a huge living room and a huge deck....I am thinking of putting down plastic on the floor and buying some tubs and growing outside when I can and then inside when it gets colder.....if I can keep the deer and rabits off the deck......Was thinking of grow lights too....That might be fun....especially when my want to be neighbor cops call the police because they can see grow lights....lmao.....Our season is only about 3 monthes up I might be able to strech it a little longer.....I also want to grow some wheat grass......,does anyone have any helpful suggestions for Montana mountain growing......P:S bought a back up good can opener!

Sorry, but Mr. Rawles anti-Mormon philosophy appears to be the main reason he doesn't recommend Utah rather than our water issues. I find it ironic that he recommends Eastern Washington and Oregon, and Idaho as suitable bug-out locations, but they all are primarily just as arid as Utah. It's funny that it is even a consideration as the Pioneers who came to this area seemed to survive just fine, as did the native Americans before them. Yes it is dry compared to the Oregon Coast, but what inter-mountain state doesn't have semi-arid areas? And half of the locations he suggested are suffer from the same water issues we do with significanlty greater government intrusions.

No, I think his real reason can be found on his state by state breakdown where he says: "Utah might be a poor retreat/relocation choice if you are not a LDS Church member. Non-LDS members of any religious persuasion are derisively called “gentiles.” If you are not LDS, you might be ignored or perhaps even seen as conveniently expendable when push comes to shove."

Really? No one calls non-members gentiles, and where in the world does he get the idea that members of one of the most generous religions in the world would ever consider non-members "expendable." It is this comment, and others interspersed throughout his site, that lead me to believe that his "doctrinal differences" (his words) with the LDS faith have tainted his objectivity.

Yes, I agree it is time to leave the big cities but Mr. Rawles bigoted version of an American Reboubt is not my idea of Utopia.

Mark Twain was once highly opposed to Mormons, but they still bought his books and treasured them for the merit therein. IF Mr. Rawles espouses such a belief, then turning the name-calling back on him isn't helpful, I believe. I think we all have to make a little bit of latitude for "ignorance" in the beliefs in others and then attempt to correct that ignorance. After all, is that what this site is about?
Too bad he doesn't know about the religious and scientific theories that in the midst of a large earthquake, the Utah area will have PLENTY of water.

Tim, I think you made a really good point. I read Rawles book, 'How To Survive The End of The World As We Know It' and I thought it was great. He knows a lot about survivalist tactics and how to become self-reliant. However, I disagree with his position/view on Utah and the LDS community. Although I am not a LDS church member, I find the LDS community to be very open and welcoming when it comes to preparedness. I live in the Phoenix area and we have a pretty large LDS community. I know there are a few LDS groups around here that offer classes on canning and how to prepare for a disaster or an emergency situation. I have yet to go to one of these classes but I feel welcomed none-the-less.

Thanks for the post. My family just went looking at property in Washington State and didn't feel good about living there, so now we have NO idea where to go cause that's where we thought we were going (sigh). I'll take a look at his book and see what he says. As a side note I just got my copy of the fema book "Are You Ready?" (you can call 1-800-480-2520 for a free copy) and it has maps of the country showing risk of possible natural/man made disasters.

I tend to put my trust in non-governmental information, particularly when it comes to where to live.

However, Kellene, I wouldn't discount the research that went into a map showing risks of possible natural/man made disasters just because FEMA did it. Their whole purpose is to educate us on disasters. Whether they are correct or deviate from their purpose or not, it is our responsibility to do our own research. But I don't do maps well - and apparently, they do. ;)

Although a year has gone by since the last blog, I was recommended this book by a friend. I started reading it, and marking pages for reference as I went along. I could not put the book down, and spent many a late night reading and fitting it into my workday, wow!
I can see why he recommends certain states for living, he does logistics, and the research shows certain areas are better than others.


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