Speeding and Corpus Delicti?

For those of you who may have missed the link which was provided on Facebook repeatedly for the special Preparedness Pro Radio Show which addressed the matter of traffic violations and Corpus Delicti here it is again. Also, at the top of our blog is a link to all of the archived blog radio shows.

Just by way of information, we're constantly putting up-to-date information on our Facebook Group page for Preparedness Pro. If you haven't found us on there yet, you may be missing a lot of relevant, time sensitive information, so be sure to join us!


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Sorry Kellene....I jusst don't like ans won't use facebook.....to me it leaves me to open to all sorts of people I really don't know.....I would rather stay with twitter....where I am in control and others "friends" cannot become mine all of a sudden.....maybe I am old fashioned.....but I am not alone in my thinking....Ps. Just started my couponing.....will let you know how it goes.....trying to find all of the people around me who get the paper....but do not coupon.....town is about $40 worth of gas away so I have to make it worth my while......I will....I can do this!!!!!

I agree. I dropped Facebook too, for privacy issues. I won't join any of them.

you can control the your privacy on facebook....it just takes a little effort. My privacy is set basically to if you're not my friend, you can't see anything. You also control who your friends are. They send you a request, and you have to confirm it.
I don't use twitter, so I can't compare them. Anyway, just some info. :)


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