Special Deals from Five Star Preparedness

Hey folks, last Saturday Scott (at Five Star Preparedness) did a preparedness fair and he put together a package of specials for the fair attendees through the 31st of this month. So when I saw the flyer, I asked if he could give the same deals to my readers. And of course, since I asked all nice and cute, he said yes. *grin*

So here's the link to his flyer from the fair. http://www.fivestarpreparedness.com/documents/stakeprep.pdf

Also, be sure to check out their group buy for this month on packages of essential oils. There's little or NO shipping on them--depending on which package you choose and they are 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade oils. So have at it. Personally, I've done some damage to my bank account on this one. But I just never seem to have enough essential oils now that I know what to do with them.  For the special on the oils you need to go to http://www.fivestarpreparedness.com/GroupBuy Enjoy!


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I would love to attend a preparedness sometime, could we know in advice where any are going to be. that is my calling in the church and I need to add to my information level.

Love your blog Kellene, thank you.....you are helping us all be better prepared.


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Renee, I also recommend that you do a search on this blog for 'preparedness fair" so that in the event you hold one, you know how to hold a good one. While I don't intend to offend anyone, this last one suffered from most of the typical ailments of a preparedness fair. We've all got to do much better in orchestrating these. Much, much better.

What is the shipping on the cheese? Or the pick up location?

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You'll have to ask them directly Lori. Sorry I can't help you there.

Kellene can I take advantage of these prices? I live in NC. hanks, Deena

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Anybody can, so long as they pay the shipping too, Deena.

I got some DE from 5 star and it was very quick shipping and I got what I ordered no muss or fuss.

We also use the Red Feather butter...it is sooooooo good. It stores as the cheese does.

Hi Kellene.....I read somewhere that you can put food in non-food buckets as long as you use the mylar bag. Can you let me know...Thanks so much!! You have an excellent site!!!

I would feel comfortable doing that, assuming that I was using a thick mylar bag. The primary purpose for doing that is because of storage and flood damage prevention. However, your food COULD still take on the smell of the bucket though. I would NOT do this if there were chemicals in the bucket originally. So, still proceed with caution.


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