Rural or Urban Preparedness Part III

Yesterday I addressed aspects of urban/suburban preparedness when you MUST stay where you are and make the best of things. However, ideally, a principle that I always share with urban dwellers is to prepare yourself in such a way that you can get out quickly with all of your necessary goods and provisions should things go south. Why? Because the urban area will indeed be the most volatile area you can be in a time of distress. There will be more looting, violence, crime and gangs simply because of the opportunity such a dense population will present. I addressed several of the liabilities of being in a densely populated in yesterday’s article.

Preparedness Keys

There are four keys to getting out of an unsafe environment to one that you can survive and thrive.

1)     Timing: You will need to be committed to watching things very carefully and be fully prepared to get out SOONER rather than later. Otherwise you’ll be embroiled in a crowd of panic and desperation. Pay attention to what’s going on around you. If it looks bad, get out. Don’t wait for the obvious announcements or telltale signs that all of the other foolish citizens are watching for. The longer you wait to leave, the more dangerous your situation will become. And yes, you will need to leave—sorry.

I don’t buy into the warrantless hypothesis that a country setting may be more dangerous than a city setting. Phooey. Rural settings are significantly less likely to be a target of an act of war. They regularly provide their own source of water, wood, and other necessities. Also, in a more rural setting I’ve easily got 20 yards of view out my window in which I can better protect myself (think rifle, folks). An unwanted stranger is a lot more obvious in a rural setting, which is usually more tight and protective. And a self-defense mentality thrives more abundantly in such an environment. Also, the roving gangs have to survive enough in order to even be able to make the trek. They aren’t going to be able to readily get what they want, folks. Guns and immorality may abound among them. But they are no match for a crazed and desperate populace.

I assure you that MS-13 gangs are not putting together a years’ supply of food, water, etc. right now. They aren’t prepared to travel 80 miles in the dead of winter either. And let’s face it—their jeans that hang down to their knees aren’t going to provide much protection against the elements. The truth be told, they are just as capable of desperation and acts of stupidity in a major crisis as an everyday citizen—worse, their decision-making process will be impeded by a lack of spiritual guidance, peace, and perhaps a mind and body polluted with illicit drugs. You will have a great advantage over such a gang if you are prepared properly and are soundly able to execute your plans.

Wars are rarely won solely as the result of a “stronger force.” They are usually won when the other side makes an error. Trust me on this one. The gangs will be making a LOT of errors before they are able to get organized and provide a semblance of a threat. But that’s where timing comes in. The longer you wait, the longer the opposition has to get fully organized and dam your plans.

2)     Portability: Be sure that as you store up your necessary provisions that you have them in such a way that they can relatively easily go with you in a hurry. No, I’m not talking about a simple grab and go type of thing. I’m talking about all of your preparedness supplies. It would be wise to even conduct a dry run of packing and going. This means that whatever it is you’re planning on driving in needs to meet the needs of the task. A Geo just won’t cut it, folks. This also means that having a list of what you’re taking with you in a hurry is important. Make sure it’s handy and that you’re familiar with everything on it and know where it all is. (This is another reason why I religiously use containers to store a great deal of my foods and other supplies. Grabbing containers is a heck of a lot easier than packing items hurriedly.)

3)     Travel Route: You need to plan an alternative travel route to your destination. Stay off of the main roads that everyone else and their dog will be using. This will be the most efficient use of your time and your fuel. It will also minimize the exposure you may have with nefarious individuals. This is another reason why it’s important to keep your gas tank at a minimum of half full at all times. Don’t broadcast to ANYONE where you are going or that you are “bailing out.” Just do it and keep your mouth closed about it.

4)     Pre-planned destination: This is the most important aspect. You MUST fully plan where you are going. Select a place where you can hunker down safely and with others that you trust. Part of the reason being is that you can’t possibly take EVERYTHING with you that you will need for a long-term survival. If you intend to get to Aunt Millie’s farm 80 miles away, then have some of your preparedness supplies already stored there. Be sure that you have planned every detail with Aunt Millie as well. Both you and your destination point must be on the same page in order for you to have legitimate safety. Try to select a place that is not readily off of the freeway. There are a lot of “rural” towns here in Utah, but they are immediately off the freeway. That means that they are more readily accessible to opportunistic criminals. Even less criminally minded masses need to be taken into consideration for your safety and survival. Desperate people do unthinkable things. So be prepared for it.

In the future, I will be specifically addressing defense preparedness in more detail. Till then, I’d start making sure that you have a place to retreat to and are prepared for such a task.

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Thank you for this series of articles. It's exactly what I have been trying to relate to our older children. I am forwarding your articles to them to digest & discuss with each other & thier families.
Pre-planning gives so much peace of mind. That is worth so much in these days.

Thank you, thank you!

This is brilliant and really good to think about. I really appreciate you keeping my brain thinking about these important things.

I forwarded this (and a few others) article(s) to my grown children who live in cities. Thanks for your advice and tips for safe and speedy evacuation should the need ever arise.

Just thought I would put in my 2 cents, about storage. I have been buying used ice chests from yard sales, and wherever. I figure that they, ONE are very tuff and help keep temps stable. I feel that when TSHTF I can throw them in the truck / trailer and unlike some buckets, they will take allot of abuse, as they are built to do. TWO, they wont be too heavy [as most of our preps are rotated wet pack] "not the best choice but affordable" Ice chests are insulated and the ones that have good locking lids, are as good as buckets IMHO better suited if you are worried about pests. I am the only one I know of who doe's this but it is a very cheap way to prep on a budget...God bless

Well I think we will have to disagree on this one. It won't be the 1st time I thought your 1st 3 where a bit silly and I found the value. But you know what 1 of us will be mostly right. So it's not about right or wrong just different ways of doing stuff.
That's what make horse races.

Kellene, My entire family lives in an urban area. If we were to have to leave there would be no one to go to within a 1000 mile radius. How can we prepare to go somewhere when there is no one to go to?

Preparedness Pro's picture

Good question. I would do some "hooking up" with like-minded people on some preparedness sites and make some friends that way.

I do agree on all Kellene's advice if you need to do a "Bugout Boogy". It all depends on what the Emergency. I live 6 blocks from a major rail yard if some chemicals in train cars get derailed I will have to leave. My idea is based on an "Economic Collapse" Rather than some kind of battle or war.
Check out some of the self-sufficiency sites on the web. They come in all backgrounds, you may be able to buy a share or go and physically contribute your labor. Summer Camp or vacation time.
Erica D I don't know where you are at, but check out "MotherEarth news" Countryside or true grit Magazines a few I know of and the internet. You maybe able to find some land to have as a place. You could work it up a little at a time, heck if you had your whole family commit to it you could probably build a pretty good place. It's all about prepping for the most likely emergency, then start building on that.
Start small, build you BOB 3 days min. then go to 2 weeks, then a month. You will be surprised how quick you will make it happen. Remember always prioritize and you must and take control of you and your family's needs.
I loved Kellene's prep in 800 sq. ft apartment. She's been doing this for awhile. Go back through her posts and what others have suggested in comments.
Remember you may have no choice but to stay where you are, or you maybe ordered out. We don't get many Hurricanes here in Idaho. But if I saw Katrina as a force 4+ hurricane bearing down on me within a week. Plus all the Corps of Engineers telling me the dikes could only withstand a force 3. Trust me I'd bug out in a heartbeat. Way before it hit landfall. I would have packed up all I could and find out how far I needed to go to be in a safe area and maybe a bit more.
Possessions can be replaced, lives cannot. I don't care what they say my dogs and cat are worth more to me than any politician.
Also when you build your plan practice it. Holding the home fort or going rural. Try different ways to make it as easy as possible. Trust me you will already be under enough stress. Try to make this transition as stress free as possible. Look to your basics for surviving and it does not matter if you are in a skyscraper in Manhattan, or a farm in Mid-America. You still need your basics.

Check out the FEMA site. They tell you that they will NOT be there in an Emergency. You will be on your own 3-14 days. They are actually recommending prep/survival items one their web site for "Holiday gifts".
Watch how well they respond as the US Government on this Storm sweeping across America. I think they will be to busy in Copenhagen to notice it. You folks in the Mid-west the snow is a bad thing but here in Idaho we have sub-zero temps and it pushing your way. Please take care. My prayers are with you.


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