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I am glad I found this blog / web / face book page! It puts preparedness in a whole new light. Thanks so much.

I like the variety of topics on storage recipes!!

I've shared this site with family and friends, and we love the group buys. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us all.

I am learning that getting the food is only half of the equation, knowing how to use it and using it is the other half!!! Thanks for all of your efforts in all respects. I especially liked reading the information regarding Coconut Oil because I have had a lot of questions about this product. Keep up the great job!!!

Always useful info, thanks!

I love this website. I am working on preparing my food storage and being ready for any kind of diaster that may happened. This has helped me very much.

Thanks for all your articles. I am especially enjoying the Spiffy Whip and freeze dried fruits and veggies.

I love this blog, but most of all I love the recipes on this blog.

I really love this website. I have learned so many things about so many subjects, especially canning, storing food, creating a meal from stored food, etc. Thank you.


Your data is going to be a lifesaver to many families here in the US and abroad.

You have helped me so much.

This website is so informative. So much out there is just opinion or fluff. You provide so much more! Your articles really make me think about my own life.

It is so good to have someone like you to help keep us focused. Thanks.

I am the Food Storage Rep. in my ward. I have been able to take your great inspirations and share them with members of my ward. Thanks you for all the time and talents you share. It makes a difference in all of our lives.

My food storage and preparedness efforts have been recharged, thanks to you!

Thanks for all the great info and the recipes.

Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into helping other people!

A friend sent something ot me today bout coconut oil.. and so I surfed the site and found it really resourceful ! so now I subscribe..

I am glad I found your website. It has helped me prepare!

I LOVE PREPAREDNESS PRO!!! Kellene and her assistant Vicky ROCK!!! THe webinars are the CAT'S MEOW!!
Seriously, I have learned so much from Kellene that I am now teaching others in my kittke community so that they too can get prepared and I owe so much of the credit to Kellene...thank you so much Kellene.


This site is very helpful in preparing us for the future. Thanks so much.

Always useful info, thanks!

i have enjoyed your preparedness pro site i have been able to share with many friends who have no access to computer several of your articles reading even over the phone


I appreciate all you do, it has made a daunting task to get started
and you have helped greatly

I love your posts, Kellene! I have learned so much from you, and my preparedness efforts have really taken on a new look. Thanks so much for all you do!!

This blog has been so fun to follow! My hubby and I read each one. My favorite was the rocket oven. My hubby was like a little boy making his. He uses it about once a week now to make dinner.

Preparedness Pro's picture

I wrote an article about Charitable Preparedness. I think that charity balances out with protection. I feel that I need to be very, very minded of both.

I just got done pressure canning some chicken (a first for me). It was a lot easier than I thought it'd be. I credit Kellene's Food Pantry Makeover webinar for the inspiration. Thanks!

I've always been a follower of your blog. It truly got me pumped up and going about three years ago. If it wasn't for you, I don' know where we would be now. Hungry and destitute?? It's now going on 10 months that my husband was laid off when the recession hit hard. Thank goodness for your advice and wisdom and our food storage.

I have learned so much from you.
My husband went on disability at work last week. I am also grateful for your advice.

I have been enjoying your information for many months now. I have been into being somewhat prepared since my husband lost his job the first time many years ago. We had a newborn and a toddler. We were fortunate enough that he found work fairly soon and never depended on any government help. However, it made me even more determined to be prepared (which came in handy the other three times he was laid off from a job) We have grown children now and the are starting to realize that mom wasn't so crazy after all. Your information offers so much needed information for all of us. Thanks for all that you do.

As a faithful follower of your blog I want to thank you for all the info. you provide to everyone who reads your blog. It is always timely and beneficial. I know I am better prepared after reading some of your posts. Thank you.

I like how you share with a straight forward, this is how it, is style! Always very good.

Your site is just the best on the net, period! Keep it up Kellene. You are my preparedness hero!

I really enjoy your blog every day. I knew a lot about preparedness, but have learned a lot more from your site. Thank you so much.

I so love this blog....I look forward to each and every one of your great articles! Thank you for all you do!

I really love your website & blog. I have recommended it to our preparedness google group that I started here in Hawaii. We intend to start signing up for some of your webinars. Mahalo for all the good information.

I am a food storage specialist in my ward and always looking for ideas to encourage people to prepare. I am so glad that you offer classes on food preparation (recipes) and storage. I don't know how to sign up for classes.
I am coming to Utah on 7/29 - 8/5. Would you show me how to sign up for classes?

thank you/Peggy

I am interested in most of the classes. The difference of the time zone will not allow me to watch on computer due to my working schedule. Do you think I can tape it and watch later?

I am very happy to find your website. I think you are doing a great job to help those who want to learn, in other words you save many lives.


I am really enjoying your preparedness pro information. You have brought to mind things I hadn't really thought of as being preparedness. I also enjoy your recipes. Thanks so much.

When in doubt, ask Kellene! You are known throughout our Stake and other wards in different parts of the country for your insight to being prepared! Thank you for your efforts.

I have enjoyed reading the emails posts I get from the RSS feed. I used to only think about preparedness in the first aid and emergency supplies kind of way. You have helped me see other possibilities I also need to prepare for.

Thanks Kellene for using straight talking language to give us the tools of information to become self sufficient in this world of say anything and do nothing.

Finding your blog was a Godsend. Have lots of storage food but sure do appreciate your ideas on how to use them creatively. Guess everyone gets in food ruts at times. Wanted to use up a bunch of eggs and didn't have the box of au gratin potatoes I usually use....and didn't need it. Got some of my sliced dehydrated potatoes, some powdered cheese and it turned out great...DEE

I'm learning something new with every email I get from Preparedness Pro. I'm new at this and between this site and FB I'm well on my way with good advice.

I love this website! There is so much great information!

I am really enjoying your preparedness pro information. You have brought to mind many things I hadn’t really thought of as being preparedness. I also enjoy your recipes. Thanks so much! GOD BLESS

I absolutely love your site,

I absolutely love your site, articles and about fell out laughing at myself in the '85 telltale signs you might be a prepper'! Keep up the great work!

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