Recipe Friday: Creamy Marinara Soup

Tomato soup, recipe

Brrr it is cold outside and when the weather is like this there is nothing more warming from the top of your head to the tip of your toes than a pot of hot, steaming delicious soup. It just hits the spot.  So, today I am double dog daring you to make this soup and not drool over it!  Make sure you have some crusty French bread to serve with it.  And YES it can most certainly be made with shelf-stable foods including powdered sour cream, cream cheese, powdered whipping cream (that you can get at any regular grocery store) and whole powdered milk using only 2/3rds liquid that the instructions call for to replace the half and half.

Hint:  If you add some candlelight and a nice salad with your favorite romance music playing you have just turned your "crisis" into a luxury moment!

Creamy Marinara Soup

1 jar of Classico Four Cheese Red Sauce

1 cup heavy whipping cream

1 cup of half and half

1 cup sour cream

Just dump all of the ingredients in a saucepan and warm through on medium high heat.

Before anyone complains, yes we realize this is not the healthiest, but it is DANG good.


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Love it!!! At my house it's

Love it!!! At my house it's called Tomato Bisque!!
Y'all keep preppin'

I LOVE to put a dash of pesto

Preparedness Pro's picture

I LOVE to put a dash of pesto in it and then run a knife through it to make a cook swirl design much like you see in fancy coffee shops nowadays. It's FUN!

Hi all, am I missing

Hi all, am I missing something, were is the tomato...:-)

It's in the 4-cheese Classico

Preparedness Pro's picture

It's in the 4-cheese Classico, which is a spaghetti sauce. I personally like to use the Vodka Sauce version too with this recipe.

I made this, with

I made this, with pumpernickel croutons. I used the Classico 4-cheese sauce - it was white, creamy cheese. No tomatos. Guess I'm not using the right product? It was still delish cooled and thickened.


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