Preparedness Pro Weekly Update

Preparedness Pro Update

Hey everyone! Apparently I’ve been falling asleep at the wheel when it comes to keeping our readers here updated on what’s happening in the world of Preparedness Pro. So each Saturday I’m going to make myself sit down and jot the updates. Here they are...

For starters, due to the increasing demand for my time writing and teaching, I’ve made the hard decision to scale back on some things that were also important to me, but simply couldn’t be justified any longer. One of which is doing TWO radio shows weekly which require about 6 hours each in preparation, plus the air time. So instead of doing two shows weekly, I’ve going to scale back to just the one show on Saturday mornings. So be sure to tune in to those—if not live, at least check out the archives.

Next, I’m not sure you’re all aware of this, but I’m always posting up-to-date information on the Facebook page for Preparedness Pro. If you haven’t found us yet on Facebook, you should, as I’m able to disseminate information that’s more time-sensitive than what I might be writing about on the blog.  I realize that there’s a lot of problems with Facebook, and I hope you understand that I’m all about keeping some things very private. But there’s also a lot of good to being on there as well. You can rub elbows with other like-minded folks in the world of self-reliance and preparedness.  So, if your on Facebook but haven’t “liked” us already, please do so. And by all means, don’t hesitate to “friend me” personally as well.

If you’re not on Facebook, I recommend that you get on if for no other purpose than to take advantage of the vast amount of educations resources that are on there. For example, chances are your state’s Prepper Network has a group page on there. You can also get up to the minute information from some of your favorite couponing sites (an important task if you rely on printed coupons at all.) I stay away from the garbage stuff on FB such as playing mindless games which waste time, getting caught up in all of the relationship drama; and I simply use it as a tool for good in my life. To register and start your own account, just go to and follow the directions of how to set up your own profile. (Oh, and by the way, make sure you set up your privacy settings to as strict public access as possible—or at least don’t post anything on there that you would mind the CIA or your mother knowing. *grin*)

Lastly, we are still going strong with the monthly giveaways. We do this via drawings and every time you make a comment on the blog or on Facebook, you are entered into the drawing. So the more comments you post, the better your chances at winning the drawing for the month. Last month one of our frequent readers won the Deluxe Dairy Making Kit in which she’ll get to make 30 different kinds of cheeses as well as 40 other kinds of dairy beverages and other products. This month we’re giving away 3 pounds of powdered molasses! I love, love, love this stuff a LOT. And I’m sure some lucky person will too. So comment, comment, comment. We do the drawing at the first of the new month with the cutoff being the last day of the month to enter to win that month's prize.

Also, I’ve had a lot of folks e-mailing me or posting questions in which the answers are readily available elsewhere on the blog already.  So, if you don’t hear back from me on a question, it’s either because it’s already available to your self-reliant self on the blog or I’m out of pocket where the internet in concerned.  Vicky, my assistant, has even posted some suggestions for you to help you refine your search results. She’s also gone through every single article, updated the tags for each one and also created brief lead-ins so that you can get an idea as to whether or not the article that comes up in your search is actually one that’s beneficial for you.

Lastly, I’m going to be doing a Preparedness Pro class as well as a fireside in Central Ohio the week after Independence Day.  (Independence Day is when I miss my family and home state the most--so I thought I'd make the most of a trip out there.) So for those of you who are in that area, keep that in mind.  I may also alter my schedule in such a way so that I can stop over in Kansas City and do the same there as well.  So stay tuned for details.

May you always, always have peace in your preparedness efforts regardless of the volume of the gloom and doom messages that are out there.  Take care!

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Just finished listening to the archived show you did this morning on why you worry. As always it was superb. I fully respect and understand your decision to eliminate one of the two shows each week and am certain the ONE show will exceed our expectations.

Thanks again, Kellene, for reminding us about the Peace in Preparedness.

Where did the Deluxe Dairy Making Kit come from?

Kristine There are tons of them out there on the internet.

A class (and more) in Central Ohio? Wonderful! Any idea when/where?

I'll post details as they become available.

i have never heard of powdered molasses. That would be great for making a brown sugar substitute, I bet.

Ok, Kellene...I feel better now! Its nice to know that you're human and a bit more like the rest of us! You really CANT do everything! Ha! Thanks for trying though!

Good idea. Don't want you to spread yourself so thin it becomes too much. We really need you!!!!

Dang it - I will miss you in the Buckeye State! I'm going to central Ohio the end of May - when are you coming to Texas?

I second the Texas request. You can stay here at the Triple L Ranch near Austin.

Well I do have some nieces and nephews I'm missing awfully badly in Dallas. One nephew on the way, so perhaps that would give me cause for the drive. :-)

About time you took some space for self and family.......You have taught us so much....most need to get out there and search.(I do).....I really think that is what you want for learn....and to ask try to figure out the best way to do anything....I always get back to you.....a lot of BS out there! But you have never steered us research everything too good....You have changed so many lives for the better....Mine included......Because of the peace that I now feel.....I can never Thank You enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Powdered molasses, oh my. Sounds as though we are going to be looking this one up to buy.

Totally understand cutting back a show. Even one must put tremendous pressure on you and loved ones.


PS Love all the emails

I have never heard of powdered I use molasses alot this is something i should check into.

Love you blog and emails,


You may remember that several weeks ago I sent you an email concerning home security. My husband wasn't comfortable with purchasing a firearm and I was concerned about that aspect of preparedness. Well, I showed my husband your reply. He was very pleased with your understanding of his concerns and point of view and also with your advise for other ways to tackle the issue. After talking with a good friend (a gun enthusiast)he became more informed and comfortable with the idea. As it turns out, we are now well on our way to being prepared in this area. We both feel better! Thanks so much for your help.

WOOHOO!!!! All my work has finally paid off! :-) My husband is very, very happy right now too, BTW.

I third the TEXAS trip....we feel sooooo left out down here.
Come on down & catch up on those auntie hugs.
You've gotta a place to stay at our humble home here in Central Texas, if ya need.

I didn't know how you could do it all even before you started internet radio. Heck wears me out just thinking about all the research, classes, a family and then trying to help folks starting a home business and getting prepared. CCW classes,couponing and 5 Blogs yep and she calls herself lazy.
I think I'm doing good if I try few things and get the dusting done in a week.

Powdered molasses? I didn't even know such a thing existed! Thanks for the heads-up. (Off to search for it now!)

Then again, you can dry anything else. Why did it never occur to me that I could do the same with molasses?

Thank you for all you do to help us become calmly prepared in practical ways!

Molasses powder. I went to 5 star preparedness for the molasses powder and couldn't find it. Also, am looking for the freeze-dried applesauce. Can you point me in the right direction? I feel sooo fortunate to have found your web site. I really think things are coming to a head. My comfort level has risen immensely thanks to you.

Joan, I found it easily. It's in with their cooking supplies, accessories, etc.

Powdered molasses sounds awesome. I could make up a mix of anadama cornbread and not have to worry about adding anything but water. Excellent!

oh, and I wanted to share the excitement- got my Keltek .32 on Saturday and going to the CCL class next month! My dad is teaching me to reload for when we go to the range. :)

Awesome! *high five to you*

I echo the kudos for all your hard work and deciding to take some time for self and family! Gotta recharge those personal batteries!


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