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Today’s recipe comes from one of my favorite regular dishes.  It’s hearty, pleasing to the eye, and one of the simplest ones to make from long-term pantry items.  This recipe is a very, very simple “Open, dump, and mix” one.

Note that I do store the Uncle Ben’s Wild Rice in its original box in a bucket with an oxygen absorber in order to ensure that it gives me the maximum amount of shelf-life.

Southern Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole

4 cups of canned chicken, drained

1 package (6 ounces) of Uncle Ben’s Long Grain and Wild Rice Original Recipe

1 can of cream of celery soup

2/3 cup of Miracle Whip (don’t substitute an different mayonnaise)

1 can (8 oz) of diced water chestnuts, drained  (I like to chop mine a bit smaller than they come in the “diced” can)

1 2 oz jar of sliced pimento peppers (diced is fine also)

1 can of French cut green beans, drained

1 ½ cups of chicken broth OR water (I prefer to use the water that the chicken is stored in)

2 Tablespoons of pre-grated Parmesan cheese (yes, the stuff in the green can is just fine)

Combine all of the ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix well with a spoon.  Transfer to a Dutch oven or a pre-greased baking dish if you’re cooking in a solar oven. Top the dish with the Parmesan Cheese. If using a solar oven, be sure to cover the dish with foil.  If using the Dutch oven, simply put on the lid.

Bake at 400 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes until it’s bubbling and the rice has cooked.  Let cool about 5 minutes and then serve.

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Sounds Yummy! I'll try it soon.

Ooohh! Sounds delish! I love wild rice! Thanks for another awesome recipe.

Which button on the microwave do I push...? :)

Another great recipe to try. Do you think it would be as good with just brown rice? Yummy and Thanks!

I was a little surprised on the salad dressing (miracle whip) Mayo is pretty easy to make at home. Is it a texture or taste thing? I ask because I hate both processed Mayo and salad dressing. I prefer homemade products on the Mayo line or towards the oil & vineger.

Preparedness Pro's picture

It all has to do with the zip flavor. Nothing else. Besides, I have plenty of it on hand.

Ooo Yummy! This one I can do. I have all the ingredients already in my storage. Thanks!

This sounds really good Kellene. Please keep the recipes coming. Having the raw materials stored is great, but knowing how to turn them into delicious dishes is critical for enjoying the food storage.

Sounds good ....I have plenty of white and brown rice....will have to get the wild rice and try it.

....I have plenty of white and brown rice....will have to get the wild rice and try it.

Sounds great.

Hey everyone, I made this for my family last night, and let me just say, "YUMMY!!!" Rave reviews from everyone - even my son who doesn't like ANYTHING!

My only addition is that mine had to bake for about an hour. Not sure if that's an altitude thing or not (I live outside of Denver), but other than that, it was easy-breezy and I wouldn't change a thing!

Thanks Kellene for a great recipe. This one was a hit!

Preparedness Pro's picture

So glad you enjoyed it! I love how dang easy it is. And yes, sometimes I do have to bake it longer...but it's not consistent. I have no idea why.

I made this recipe last week for my out of town family. We all loved it and the kids ate it right up. Thanks for sharing a recipe that included ingredients that I already had in my extended food pantry!


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