Practical H1N1 Prevention

h1n1-prevention-child-sick-in-bedI’m getting a lot of e-mails lately asking me for more details on the H1N1 risks. Frankly, I have a whole lot to say about the H1N1 flu, but that would probably take an entire day. So today I want to share some very basic aspects to help you begin to cut through some of the myths and misunderstandings about H1N1.

Practical H1N1 Prevention Tidbit #1: First of all, don’t waste all of your money on the N95 respirator masks. Yes, they are a great quality. So are my expensive clogging shoes. But they will not do much to prevent me from getting sick. The N95 respirator masks are constructed to filter 95% of particulate that are 0.3µ, but the primary size of the H1N1 virus is 0.1µ, so they will pass through. The masks are good for other viruses that may result as a complication of the H1N1. But they will do very little to prevent you from getting H1N1 in the first place.

Practical H1N1 Prevention Tidbit #2: H1N1 is transferred from one person to another via the nose and the mouth. It is only able to compound and grow (proliferate) in the upper respiratory system. So if you are going to take some preventative measures now (which I recommend you do), take actions that help the upper respiratory system such as a nasal saline rinse (they work wonders, I’m telling you!), or warm liquids, and the diffusing of some great essential oils such as Thieves. These are ideal preventative measures.

Upper Respiratory System photo c/o

Upper Respiratory System photo c/o

Practical H1N1 Prevention Tidbit #3: It’s virtually impossible for you NOT to come in contact with the H1N1. Contact with the virus won’t hurt you. But allowing the virus to proliferate in your upper respiratory system is what can be dangerous. Keeping your upper respiratory system clean and healthy so as not to provide an ideal environment for the proliferation of the flu virus is your best bet. The virus will only last in your system for about 2 weeks according to its natural cycle. So be diligent in your preventative measures so that you never give the virus a 2 week span in which it can grow to aggravate symptoms, get others ill, etc.

Practical H1N1 Prevention Tidbit #4: Tamiflu does NOT kill the H1N1 virus. It is merely distributed to subdue the proliferation of the virus in the body. (Kind of like smothering a fire which doesn’t always work, depending on how the smothering agent is applied.) If Tamiflu is effective in the body for the 2 week duration, then you’ll notice very little illness and symptoms. Considering you are nearly guaranteed that you will have contact with the virus and that it’s not likely that you will “kill” it, it’s very important that you do everything you can not to encourage the virus’ growth. In addition to the aforementioned preventative measures, there are some other, relatively simple ways to defend yourself against the impact of this virus—without taking chances on chemical solutions.

Practical H1N1 Prevention Tidbit #5: While it may sound a bit too simplistic, be sure to wash your hands a LOT! I wash mine nearly 3 times more daily than I used to in an essential oil base, such as Thieves. I also carry a little spray bottle of Thieves essential oil with me and spray down questionable surfaces as well as my hands when I’m out and about.

Gargle Salt Water. Photo c/o Photographic Advertising Limited

Gargle Salt Water. Photo c/o Photographic Advertising Limited

Practical H1N1 Prevention Tidbit #6: While most people only associate gargling salt water as what they do when they are sick, I suggest that you do it twice a day now. If you don't care for salt water, then spray some Thieves oil in your mouth twice a day as a preventative measure. Bacteria and viruses simply cannot multiply in a salty environment. Don't underestimate this. I've felt like I've been fighting something for a couple of weeks. So I've been faithful about taking more immune system builders, drinking my green drink, and spraying my throat twice daily.

Practical H1N1 Prevention Tidbit #7: PLEASE keep your hands off of your face. When you touch your face, just picture you giving a “helping hand” to those little mongrel viruses right to your nose and mouth. Before applying makeup, be sure you’ve cleaned your hands. Moms, whatever you do, don’t do that licking of the finger to get a smudge or an errant hair under control. When you handle the drool of a little one, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly.

Practical H1N1 Prevention Tidbit #8: If you’re eating out, don’t TRUST that the table has been cleaned properly. Bring a sani-wipe with you and use it on the table. Be sure that you sanitize your hands before bringing food to your mouth either by utensils or by hand.

Practical H1N1 Prevention Tidbit #9: When you use a tissue, be sure to use it once and then throw it away. If you reuse it (out of a need to conserve—I get it) you could be giving the virus a lift to your mouth and nose again.

Avoid people who have been vaccinated within the last 2 weeks. Photo c/o

Avoid people who have been vaccinated within the last 2 weeks. Photo c/o

Practical H1N1 Prevention Tidbit #10: OK. Here’s another bit you should know. Try to avoid contact with those who have had the vaccination in the last 2 weeks as much as you would avoid someone who has the flu. The vaccination does carry a smidge of the actual virus in it. Whether or not it’s able to proliferate within its host body doesn’t mean that it can’t do so in your body.

Practical H1N1 Prevention Tidbit #11: Also get as much Vitamin D3 as you can. Conscientiously make yourself walk outside in the sun to absorb as much of it as possible. Have your kids do the same. Supplementing 5,000 IUs per day per adult and 2,000 IUs per day for children is a sound preventative measure. Vitamin D3 is a known immune regulator. (Isn’t that great how God has provided us with something like this for FREE?!) Remember, D3, not the common stuff you find stale on the pharmacy shelves. If you take a calcium supplement as well, you’ll dramatically improve the absorption of the Vitamin D3, as does zinc. Other health professionals have recommend taking 1,000 IUs of Vitamin C daily as well as a good source for multi-vitamin, including selenium. (Selenium is an anti-viral and an anti-inflammatory.)

Practical H1N1 Prevention Tidbit #12: Last but not least, try to avoid sugar, which suppresses the full functions of your immune system. Also avoid the less healthy oils such as corn, safflower, peanut, and soybean as they too suppress the immune system. Instead use grapeseed (which has a VERY long shelf-life) sesame, and cold pressed coconut oil if possible.

I’m currently working on an in-depth piece about what to do when you’re threatened or forced to take the vaccination against your will.

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Warm salt water! If you can get them to do a nasal rinse, that would be great too. Keep getting warm liquids in them.

I have a great deal of books mentioned on this site that I would definitely recommend reading. I also have the couponing sites I've recommended (a search on a key word on here should help you find them in a jiffy.) I would also focus heavily on your own spiritual strength. Not that one needs it any less with less of a responsibility, but I know that my mom raising 5 kids single handedly never would have happened without her drawing near, constantly, to the Lord. There's a great deal of wisdom that one can reap through prayer.

Thank you so much for all the information you give on your web site. I am a mother of 5 on a tight budget and we have no money for media. I've loved how it has brought our family closer together but I am so out of touch with the outside world. Do you have any suggestions on how I can become more informed? Books to read, website to look at or what ever. I want to become more informed but I don't have much time or money to spend doing it.

Thank you. I have been gargling and doing my nasal cleanses, but am wondering what I can do for my toddler. Would it be beneficial to use Saline Spray on them? Just wondering. Thanks

Thank you so much for the info. I am pregnant. Do you think I can safely take the 5000 IUs? Thanks so much

1st of all, Congrats! Secondly, D3 is what you get naturally from the sun. It's also vital for bone development. So I don't see why not. However, I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, so I would do a little bit more research on it if I were you. A simply phone call to the OB should be all you need.

What is the incubation period for swine flu?

I've heard that some older people are immune to it. Is that true?

Thanks so much for the great tidbits. It is so hard to keep my hands away from my face but I sure am trying harder these days!

Is the common Vitamin D different from D3? If so, where can i buy D3?

Vitamin D-3 is D in its natural form. D-2 is synthetic.

Any health food store will have an abundance of D-3.

where do you buy your thieves oil at? I'm in Spanish Fork, UT and am looking for the cheapest place. Is your brand Young Living? Or do other companies make it too? TIA for your help.

In the body it's about 2 weeks. However, it takes about 30-45 days for it to work it's way through a household, community etc according to what I've read. (Still searching though)
The H1N1 virus tends to wreak havoc in hyper immune systems. Elderly people don't usually have this type of system. So many of them haven't had as much difficulty with this strain as others. But no one is immune to the virus.

I always carry sani-wipes and wipe down tables and surfaces wherever we go - grocery carts, tables when eating out, etc. and then when we leave a "public" place, we use hand sanitizer as we get back into the car. Can you tell us more about D3? Is there a children's dose? I have my little one on "organic" Calcium and D.

As I researched it, it appears that the children's dose is merely the smaller amount of IUs. In fact, Dr. Russell Blaylock states that if the children are infected, then their does can even be increased to 5,000 IUs daily and an adult can go up to 20,000 IUs daily.

Thieves is only made by Young Living. It's a proprietary blend. But hey, you're not far from them at all. It's dirt cheap to sign up under someone as a distributor so that you can get it for the cheapest price. And w/ the "sign up" you're getting a lot of Thieves to use as well.

You can make your own! I do, and it works awesome! Google *Thieves Oil Recipe* and make it much cheaper! Basically, its near equal parts of each oil in the YL Thieves ingredients list... Added to a carrier oil, like grapeseed. Awesome stuff. Also, Oil of Oregano works at least as well, if not better. It just doesn't smell or taste very good. But hey... A little sacrifice, for a lot of benefit :)

Yes, you can definitely make the Thieves yourself, and much cheaper, however, be sure you do so with premium and potent ingredients...the same goes for the Oregano oil.

Yes. Your health food store will have the D3. I have found several locations on line that sell it for a lot less than what I could get it locally. Just do search and you'll find GREAT resources for it.

I just love reading your blog. I learn something new every time I come here.

D2 is the kind to avoid.

FYI you can buy 50,000 IU capsules and take once per week. It is $30 for 100 of them. Year supply for husband and wife.

I'll add to this as well. DR. Donald Miller instructed me to give 1000 iu per 20lbs body weight for kids. You can get it in liquid form as well.

You should be taking D3 now, not after you get sick. The evidence shows proper levels of D3 will prevent you from getting flu.

Yes, take it now as a preventative, and then know that you can increase it after getting sick to those higher levels without concern of "overdoing it." Thanks Todd!

I spoke with Kellene and she suggested to go ahead and post this link. There is an article as well as a video conference about vitamin D.

On the same site in the archives you can find several really good articles by Dr. donald Miller about Vitamin D and Vaccines.


Thank you for this article. I have forwarded it to my family. They all have "thieves" oil substitute, Vit. D and elderberry syrup that we all take daily now. I appreciate your specific detail.

I have been making it every fall for years. I'm a herbalist. It is expensive to buy, reasonal and fun to make.

How do you make the elderberry syrup?

Do you make your elderberry syrup or where do you get it....if you make it would you share how to do it.

I've only purchased it at a health food store. Sorry. I'm not THAT resourceful yet. :-)

Just curious for those who are already buying Vitamin D-3 what price your paying. I found a 1 month supply (5,000 IU) (Dr. Cannell's Advanced D Vitamin) for $19.98. Anyone have any luck finding it cheaper?

We got 7 bottles of 60 chewables (the best way to take it, according to studies) for about $28 bucks. But they were on sale. That sounds like a great deal to me. You are differentiating between Vitamin D and Vitamin D3, right? There's a big difference to your body.

Yes, It's D3. Where did you buy them on sale at? I'm in UT county too. What brand did you get too? They may not be on sale now, but I can keep checking for them.

We got them at Good Earth. KAL brand.

Thank you for all of the information. It's become such a debate between my friends/family here in AZ to get the shot or not. H1N1 spreading like wildfire here and people are waiting in line for hours for the shot. We have already been infected we believe. The kids have had all the symptoms and now my husband does too. Our doctor didn't do the test but said they probably have it but are recovering great. I've taken most of the preventive measures like you talked about and have treated the kids like any other cold/flu (the humidifier & breathing treatments help a lot too) and I seem so far to be alright with very little symptoms as well as my newborn of which I'm nursing. Are we immune once we have been exposed and pass through the 2 week cycle? Thanks again!

Actually, I don't know if you are "immune" so to speak. I've read of numerous "relapses." This isn't known whether or not it's caused by people becoming exposed to a mutated version or if it's because people aren't completely well before they overdo it. The face of this virus is altering every 72 hours. Thus the vaccines which they are putting out right now are essentially a trajectory vaccine, intended to hit what's out there now and what will be out there in the coming months.


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