One Woman's View of Budget Preparedness by Lisa L.

One of the stock answer reasons why people aren't preparing for emergencies we've all heard before is this: I can't afford it. In response to this so-called-reason comes this article by Lisa L.called One Woman's View of Budget Preparedness. Regardless of income level, Lisa explores what she's learned some great things along the way and this is an excellent article for Preparedness Pro readers today!

Take a few minutes and click here to check out One Woman's View of Budget Preparedness on the!

(Thanks to the Survival Mom for the heads up on this article!)

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I will ever eat anything at the Movie theater again!!!
Thanks for the heads up

Good article! Thx for the reference!

Great article! Makes me feel better about "really" getting started here in the mountains of Montana. Unfortunatly, I live up too high on the mountain to have any garden, if I did the Deer,Rabit's etc would get them before I did....Oh yes did I mention this high up....we grow rocks! Having the winters that we do I have always stocked up for winter....Now after reading all of your blogs I will be doing my stocking differently. I did order a couple of sprouters as this will help me in the winter. I'm getting too old to try to can by myself, however I am sure that I can find someone to help and share, especially if I have them read your blogs...We are all in the same boat, most will not realize it. I am grateful that my twitter pal "women with guns" turned me onto this site ....thank you soo much Connie


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