Nothing to Fear

I may sound like a snob saying this, but to be frank, I don’t do fear.  Nope, I simply refuse to do it.  Any decision made out of fear is usually wrong or at the very least, incomplete. Why would I willingly want to knowingly make wrong decisions when I make perfectly innocent wrong decisions without the nasty toxin of fear added to the heap? Seriously. Fear is underrated. There’s a lot of validity in the saying “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” Bottom line, fear has no place in our lives. Every fear we have, we can conquer and counter with actions which smother it with peace.

Let’s be straightforward here. Fear does not come from a place good.  It’s as useful as a cheap plastic toy made in China. Fear—not greed, not pride, and not guilt—is the most dangerous emotion polluting mankind today. Fear clouds our mind. It demeans us into less than we really are.  It camouflages every scenario it touches so that the truth and the solution cannot be seen clearly.

Today I received an e-mail from a friend. It was written by a so-called expert on a forum site for folks who are interested in being prepared. Here’s the message displayed on the forum by the poster. It says:

“A comment before you read this short article.

There is a calm on [this site]right now..

It's (sic) as though the sense of urgency has left us.

Perhaps it's (sic) just the normal middle of summer, when we are all off busy doing the things we do. But there is a perceptible feeling of "calm".

And yet.

Winter is coming.

All is not right.

Strange things are happening all around us.

There is a pause occurring.

It's (sic) almost as though people are holding their breath on the roller coaster knowing that the next big drop is just about to happen.

I honestly think we are approaching the next precipice. Something significant is going to happen very soon now. Don't be lulled into a false sense of security. The water in the kettle is just about to start boiling...

So, when I read this statement, I couldn’t help but utter aloud, “What a JYNORMOUS pile of horse crap!”

I’m just plain fed up with folks saying that the boogey man is coming. For crying out loud, the boogey man is already here, he has been here, and he will always be here. It’s called LIFE.  Will it get tougher? Yes; but not because of what will happen. Misery, desperation, and despair only come to those who are not prepared. The intensity of the pain and suffering we endure during our trials is solely contingent upon our level of preparation. Think about it. Do you really think that a multi-billionaire gets upset when he wastes a half gallon of milk?  No. Of course not.  His level of preparedness is such that such a trial wouldn’t make an impact on him. However, to a single mother of 5 kids, living on her disability checks, spilling the last half gallon of milk you’ve got until the next check comes could be a sorrowful moment. How much we suffer during the tougher events on the horizon is completely up to us!  We can be arrogant and obtuse and somehow believe we are more powerful than the law of gravity, or we can decide right now that we are going to minimize our misery by being prepared now! To be blunt, a prepared person does not need to worry about the “boiling water” or the “roller coaster” plunging downward.  Even better, a truly prepared person would never utter this fecal diatribe because they would not possess the nature to spew such gloom and doom with persons that they care about. That doesn’t mean that specific aspects of imminent trials should be ignored, not mentioned, and foolishly dismissed. But what it does mean is that we will not allow FEAR to motivate us.  Any action we make with fear as our fuel will be rife with disappointments and shortcomings. However, making the many decisions throughout our preparedness efforts from a place of peace, love for others, and a earnest desire to be our best selves in any situation is a perfect formula for success.

Sure, I’ve tried to keep folks up on the reality of things which are taking place. I too believe that there will be a serious financial collapse very soon and I also believe we will be accompanied by a food shortage as well. Even more so, I believe that all of that will occur prior to all of the prophecies in the Book of Revelations being realized. Yeah. The scenario won’t be pretty. But our environment of living, thriving, and loving does not need to be contaminated with fear. Understand that although the scriptures depict some pretty awful scenarios, such events are not shared with us so that we can be scared. Rather, it’s the exact opposite.  No one needs to fear what they have suitably anticipated. That’s why, I believe, that we have a glimpse into such scenarios. It’s His way of saying “this is going to happen, but don’t worry so long as you are prepared and follow me.” Where is the fear in that approach?  Conversely, I find nothing but beautiful promises in such passages to those who will put away their foolish ways and grow up and get prepared. I think to believe otherwise is to alienate ourselves from the Lord. There is no way, no how, that the Lord shares these things with us to make us FEAR. He’s all about love, patience, kindness, tenderness, and mercy. Granted, He has to live the laws of consequences just like we all have to. He wants to make it clear what playing for the other team will be like—because you can bet that team leader won’t be giving us the straight story.  But folks, if we want to stay sane and productive in the midst of all that is coming, FEAR is not the way to do it. Preparedness is.

Look at it this way. What’s the very, very worst that could happen?  You or your loved ones could die, right?  I suppose it could be worse if you died a particularly painful death, sure.  But seriously, I say big deal? Yup, I’m going to miss some wonderful folks.  And yes, the adjustment will be mournful for a bit.  But there IS a better life waiting for us all on the other side. I know that’s true. Don’t you? So, the so-called worst case scenario isn’t so bad after all.  But what would be bad is if any of us prematurely went to the other side knowing full well that we didn’t put up a good fight on this side to take care of ourselves and our fellow men. Perhaps we’d even be plagued by that torment of shortsightedness for a long time. That would be worse. Much worse.  So, let’s all take the best path here folks, get positive, get smart, and get prepared.

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Coming from a long line of fearful individuals, I agree with you completely and say "phooey on phear!" Pun intended. Maybe the calm is everyone getting ready for Labor day, hehe. I read one site today that suggested emptying your bank account to get ready! Lucky for me mine's already empty so I don't have that temptation ;) Slow and steady wins the race.

I agree with you. I will often push the "fear" envelope on my site, but I only do it tongue-in-cheek. I think most of my readers get that, but the sites that push nothing but non-stop fear mongering are a bit overboard to say the least.

That being said, I think there is such a thing as a somewhat "healthy" amount of fear. Without a certain level of fear, our natural instinct to survive doesn't kick in. Yes, a life is better lived without fear, and is fully possible, but for the average Joe or Jane, fear exists.

Preparedness Pro's picture

I think that "healthy amount of fear" isn't fear at all. I think it's awareness. Even the Spirit will prompt us to be on guard at times in our life--but it translates into a heightened awareness, which we can function with, not fear.

Also, I believe that the gifts of following in peace are for all people and that means that peace in times of great trial are available to all "average Joe's and Jane's." There are dozens of great example stories out there of individuals who clung to their peace in the concentration camps instead of their fear and hatred and they survived remarkably well.

I agree with you that the average person is carrying a heavy burden of fear in this matter, but I guess that's what I'm getting at every day I write for this blog. We don't need to be "average." We need to push ourselves out of the average comfort level so that we can thrive during a tough time.

SHTFblog...totally agree with you. And I don't care what it is that motivates someone to get ready, so long as they do it!

"Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death"

Preparedness Pro's picture

I like that, Sunee.

Kellene, thanks for encouraging us to move forward in our preparedness efforts and keep it healthy and sane while doing so. I feel uplifted and ready to keep going when I read your posts. It really is about following the Savior and finding the peace He offers. Knowing that you are doing your best to plan for yourself and loved ones gives assurance that He will provide the rest that might be missing.

AWESOME! Thank you. Such a good reminder. I will prepare while knowing that no matter what I know where I will be in the end, no matter what my fate. I'm gonna go down with some rice though!

Could not agree with you more Kellene! There truly is nothing to fear!

All we can do is our best and let it rest at that. I do not visit a certain site anymore, because it was really getting me down and scaring me.

I am doing what I can with limited funds to prepare. I am encouraging my family to do the same, but they just talk about it.

What is frightening to me is the lack of people preparing at all -- I think that those of you in Utah see much more preparedness than here in Nevada. The poor economy here has a lot to do with it -- many people are paycheck to paycheck (if they are lucky enough to have a paycheck).

Kellene, what do you suggest for a person living in a neighborhood where few if any are preparing? I have had people say, "If something happens, I'll just come and live with you."

Thanks for your site and all you do.

Preparedness Pro's picture

Little Dove, I have a couple of articles on here that talk about that very specific response. I'll have to look through them though and give you a title to search for here. I can't remember it off the top of my head as there are about 350 of them. One thing I would definitely recommend though is for you make use of the forum here and on Facebook, and align yourself with other like-minded folks and make an action plan for "what if." . And I'd also be sure not to mention the scope of your own preparedness efforts to those around you as doing so compromises your own security.

What a great article. It made me look to myself and ask "Am I reacting just because of fear or has something changed is a (real) threat? Or just more of the same"
I know my attitude has changed. It's no longer "If it will happen" it's "when it happens." Sometimes I go through your older posts and say "Yep, she (Kellene) was right about this 3 or 6 or 12 months ago. "
@ Littledove don't give up and don't react out of fear or panic. I to am preparing with limited funds and was a little panicky that I wasn't doing enough. But you can do it, every little bit helps and that can of soup, grains, rice, and beans or garden can make all the difference. A little spread sheet, I made really help me on seeing how far I have come and how much I have done. Not sure where you are at in Nev. but Reno has a Cash& Carry store and you get some great deals.
Next time someone says they will come live with you, tell them they must contribute $100.00 per mo. per person for you buying/storing supplies for them. Who knows it may work into a home business. :)

@Kellene that would be great--I know you are busy, but I am not sure where I should look for this on your site. I have avoided facebook so far, as I think I already spend too much time on the computer, but maybe I will check it out.

@ jamie Thanks for the good words -- is Cash and Carry the name of the store? I have been using UNFI and Azure for some things, but Costco will probably be my main source of stocking up. I do get to Reno sometimes, but it is a long drive 1.5 hours. Lately, I only mention stocking up in my immediate family, as I believe most people I know are more wrapped up in watching "Dancing With the Stars" or whatever is on TV! I could be wrong about that and I hope that I am.

I think I just need to keep you in my pocket so when times get a bit scary, I can pull you out and have you yell at me. As one who has experienced a very close death at a young age, I fight fear almost daily. And I get plenty of "help" from the news (which I refuse to watch anymore) and well-meaning family that insist having children in this day and age is just horrible (my kids are 3 & 5) and that they will have no future.
I don't know what the future holds. I do know that being prepared is what will get us past the fear because we will know what to do. Which is why I'm keeping you in my pocket!
Thanks for the great article!



Preparedness Pro's picture

Just keep putting your Spiritual Preparedness as the #1 step and then work on the 9 other principles. The 10 Principles of Preparedness are in that specific order for a reason--because there will always be so much that we don't know, we've got to stay connected to our "direct line" to help us to get the truth of things around us. Faith casts out fear.

Also, if you really want me to, you can call Vicky or myself any time and give us permission to yell at you. hee hee

Little Dove That's the sales page. I don't know if it will pay you to drive that far or if you can get a better buy once you count the gas cost. The sales usually last a month.
Speaking as someone that did almost everything in the wrong order of Kellene's 10 areas. I was wrong and she was right and the 1st 3 items are free!!

Count those little victories and blessings. I just had one, the Pressure cooker I've been wanting just went on sale. Woohoooo! canned Butter, bacon and Chicken here I come.


YOU are amazing and have such a gift for helping put things in perspective. There are so many ways to prepare without spending much money and in some cases just by re-evaluating what we already have that can be used in different ways. I recently bought ten queen-size white sheets that were nearly new at a thrift store for $1 each; they had been donated by a local motel that evidently changed brands. I bought them thinking that they could be used for bedding, bandages, sanitary uses, clothing, quilt backs, cleaning cloths, and probably dozens of other uses that I haven't listed. I also realized that in an emergency we have a couple of other sheets that are rarely used that could serve the same purposes.

I think preparedenss most of the time, not motivated from fear, rather because I enjoy knowing that my family has what we need now and will have enough and to spare in the future. You teach that preparedness is about having what is needful everyday, not just in a crisis situation. I have had more and I have had less in my life and never have I done without the necessities. I think that is because we are willing to share what we do have with others.

No matter what happens in the world, ours is an eternal family, blessed by the covenents we have made in the Temple. That makes all the difference in our approach to life, and to death.

@Jamie Thanks for the link! I can't believe that I didn't know about this store. I will check it out the next time I get to town.


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