News Flash! STEAL Deals at Augason Farms—Now also in WA

by Kellene

You know you might be a bit warped when a car load of #10 cans full of things like freeze-dried fruit, sourdough bread mix, and Ultra Maxigel makes you giddy.  But yesterday, giddy I was, indeed.

Here's the scoop, folks.  The Blue Chip Foods warehouse store in SLC has dramatically changed all of their labeling in order to reflect their new face, Augason Farms (named after the original founder of Blue Chip Foods).  As a result, Blue Chip Foods aka Augason Farms is now clearing out all of their products that have the old labels on them.  For example, I got several 5 pound bags of sourdough, biscuit, pancakes, muffins, etc each for less than $5, normally anywhere from $10+.  I got fabulous freeze-dried fruits with the old label on them for at least 25% below list price. Some items are priced only 5% above cost!  I was doing the happy dance, indeed!  Everyone who has the internet can get access to these prices folks.  So take advantage of what you can get, and don't fret about the shipping because the prices will more than make up for it.  If you can go to the store in person, even better, because you'll see some items that are priced normally, but you'll spy an older "Morning Moos" or "Blue Chip Foods" label and that will give you the automatic 25% discount.

There's a huge warehouse section created just for these products that they are moving out for no other reason than the fact that they are getting rid of the old label.  I was really excited about the #10 cans of freeze-dried applesauce. I don't know about you, but my jars of applesauce get brown a little sooner than I'd like.  I end up throwing them out if I don't use them fast enough.  But with it in the #10 can like this for only FIVE DOLLARS I can confidently have it on hand any day for the next 20 years!!  That price is AMAZING.  That's BELOW wholesale. The regular retail price on that is around $18.  So yeah, I'm stoked for all of you who can take advantage of all of this.  With the exception of some beef TVP I tried there once, I have never found a product that I didn't enjoy that was made by them.  So take advantage of it while you can. Supplies are obviously limited.  And not that it will make any difference to your bank account or mine, but please feel free to tell them that The Preparedness Pro sent you.  They like hearing that their friendship with me makes them money too.  Here's their logistical information:

Monday through Friday 10:00am - 5:00pm 

3431 S. 500 W. SLC, UT 84115

Call :
801-263-6667 (SLC, UT)
800-878-0099 (Toll Free) or go to

Ok. On to the second part. Blue Chip Foods/Augason Farms has finally made it into some Haggen and TOP stores in the Washington area.  They have just launched the release of several of their key products including the meal packs.  The pricing on these packs are awesome, in my opinion. And I personally helped to formulate what is being sold in these packs as a consultant for them. They are also selling some single #10 cans as well. If you recall, their powdered milk is one of my favorites.

Their taste testing/cooking class road show  is scheduled May 20-22 at 2814 Meridian in Bellingham, WA

June 3-5 at 1313 Copper Point Road in Olympia, WA  The times are from noon until 7 p.m. on each of those dates.

You can get the product beyond these dates, of course. But there will be tasting and cooking classes there. I love the blueberries, Orange Delight, and the scrambled eggs that they will be taste-testing there. I know that you'll be so surprised when you put one of these whole, freeze-dried blueberries in your mouth!

Have fun with these awesome everyday products that are easy on your pocketbooks. They provide a great peace of mind to me.

Now, I'm giddy to go get all of this stuff put away and organized!


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I wish I wasn't working during their open times this weekend. :*(

Is there a website for Blue Chip foods?

Oh be still my heart! You really know how to torture a girl who wishes SO badly that there was this availability of stuff like this up here. The shipping costs to get it over the line are not the same as shipping it from state to state. *sigh* I am drooling over your luckiness. I would be giddy too!

I have sent this on to every single person I know who lives down there. They had better thank YOU........BIG time! LOL!

I am so bummed. I just called my DH and told him it sucks that we don't have a Blue chip/Auguson farms outlet by us. We live in WA, but anywhere near the two stores they have products.
I saw quite a few things I would like, but the shipping is just too much. Why can't they use their transporter beam to help me save on shipping costs? honestly.. ;)

Thanks for the post though, I will send my family that lives down in Utah to Auguson to stockup.

Thanks Kellene...I guess a trip to SLC tomorrow is in order LOL
Hope my DGS isn't sick and I have to stay home with him.

Than you for the heads up. It cost me 37.00 in shipping but I got lots of good stuff! yea.
It would be dangerous to live near them. Ha!

I was in Macey's today, and was wondering about all the #10 cans with the Augason label. Now I know. Thank you for the info.

Woohoo. We love sales. After you talking about it during tonite's class, I gotta get me some!

OH Man! And I thought I was going to go to bed! I am going to have to check out their website! Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for the heads up. I ordered a bit, the shipping is high, but we got some killer deals. So glad they are using a better name for marketing and getting their act into the 21st century on their website!!! Yeah!!!

I finally start the cheese wax ( yes I'm slow) and you give me all these great buys to go and get.
I'd hate you except you keep educating me and others.
Grumble grumble bad words grumble.
I hope the sale lasts for a bit because I do have a few buys I want.

Thank you for sharing this sale info with us!

Preparedness Pro's picture

With deals like that on great products, how could I NOT share the info? I'm excited to hear that some of you are able to take advantage of it!

Well nothing on your buys but got 6 pounds of provolone cheese to wax. I think I'm getting the wax process down. Just let the stuff i want be on sale for a week and a half and I will grab it up. I do thank you for sharing though I grumble. :)

My friend and I read your blog and she alerted me to this post, so I was able to really stoack up. Thanks!

Preparedness Pro's picture

Great to know! I know that the applesauce that I've bought up there is usually $31 and now it's only $5. This is a great substitute for oil in your baking, which costs more and doesn't last as long. I'm going back up again with a friend of mine.


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