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Hey everyone, yes, of COURSE we're still here. I've just been on a recording video binge so that we can give you more of what you say you'd like. So for starters, we've got three new videos loaded, each one offering just a quick tip to help stretch your dollar and maximize your space. Hope you enjoy 'em!


This video shares with you how to stretch your dollar further AND ensure you're not getting any of the petroleum products and nasty hydrogenated oil poisons from your typical baking sprays.


This video shares with you a quick tip on ensuring that you always have the BEST tasting herbs, on a budget, and within the confines of your own home.  You'd be surprised the space you can find for things when you're open to finding it.


This video shares with you a little tip that I learned to make my meal organizations that much easier in a crisis scenario. If you haven't read the article yet entitled "The Magic Number 12" you will want to do so in order to better understand that "Meals in a bucket" approach that I use. It's SO wonderful when hubby comes home and says "what's for dinner" and I can simply respond with "Go pick a bucket." ;-)

Anyway, the tip itself might not be new for some of you, but I've shown you a way to make the tip much easier to implement. Enjoy!



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Love your video! Keep them

Love your video! Keep them coming please! Just a little dark, tho; I understand you are filming inside and that is always a challenge. Have you checked out Larry Hall's Rain Gutter grow system? He has good ideas for gardening without digging up the yard (which in your case is not a permanent home). He has small ideas and large ones. Look on Youtube. I hope you like them I will keep an eye open for your next videos!

I totally agree with you on

Preparedness Pro's picture
I totally agree with you on the lighting. But we're going to actually try to lighten it up using the YouTube tools that they have. I'll be doing plenty of other things this year instead of gardening. If my food supplies were down, I'd be doing anything and everything I could to build them back up, but we're definitely good. ;-)


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