Meatball Soup Recipe

Meatball Soup Recipe -- 


Meatball Soup One thing I love about my good friend Shawna is that she has a lot of good recipes that are easy, delicious and can easily be adapted to be made from your preparedness food pantry.  She has shared quite a few with me over the years that I love, so keep an eye out for some more her recipes in the near future.


With Fall quickly approaching (officially September 23rd) I thought I would share one her easy soup recipes with you, which I actually enjoy year-round because it is so easy and delicious.  The cooking time is cut down significantly due to the potatoes and carrots being sliced versus cubed.  It also makes a large pot, enough to easily feed a family of five and can be stretched even further when extra vegetables are added.


Meatball Soup

2 Cans Beef Broth              2 Cans Water

1 Onion, chopped               1 lb. Ground Beef 

8 – 10 Potatoes                  4 – 5 Carrots

1 Can Tomatoes                 Salt & Pepper


Boil beef broth, water and onion.  Add Salt & Pepper to hamburger and shape into small meatballs.  Add meatballs to boiling broth.  Wash potato and carrot skins, slice in food processor.  Boil all ingredients until potatoes and carrots are tender.  Add 1 can tomatoes.  Serve with warm crusty bread or saltine crackers and butter.


To make this from shelf stable foods substitute the following ingredients.


Canned beef broth         = beef bouillon

Onion                             = dehydrated onion

Fresh Ground Beef        = canned ground beef

Potatoes                        = dehydrated potato slices

Carrots                          = dehydrated carrot slices


I hope you enjoy this easy and delicious fall soup recipe!  I personally can't wait for the cooler weather. I LOVE , love, L-O-V-E my soup recipes!


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I love the recipes using

I love the recipes using shelf stable food. I'm new at this and really appreciate all you do Kellene to help us. There's something I need to know about this recipe using my newly canned ground beef: How do you make it stick together for meatballs? Please HELP!

Susan, typically, the answer

Preparedness Pro's picture
Susan, typically, the answer would be, You don't. However, you can pre-make the meatballs and can them. That being said, I'm working on a method using plain gelatin and eggs to create formed beef dishes from my canned ground beef. I'm still getting inconsistent results so I'm not prepared to share that option at this point.

Thanks so much for your

Thanks so much for your response. While you continue to invent great stuff we can all use, I will continue to search out recipes to use the ground beef (and chicken) all nicely canned and waiting to be used!


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