It's a Great Week for Couponers


Check your local Smith's Food & Drug. It looks like they are doubling ALL coupons up to $1.00 (for a max of $2.00 for each coupon). Also, remember that Smith's will "stack" your printed coupons with your electronic ones. 

If you're not using, and you're missing a LOT of savings. You should have a lot of fun at this  "Grown-Up Easter Egg hunt" the next 2 days--unless you've started the 14 day challenge--then you'll just have to wait. :-) 

Plus there are 2 extra coupon inserts in today's Sunday paper--Kellogg's and P&G.  So cut and conquer! :-)

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Keersten, check out I like to go there for some "out of the box" coupon saving ideas. This gal really has Target, Walgreens, and CVS down!

Thanks, it is great to get some new sites!

I am feeling pretty dense, but I can't find the coupon for coupon doubling at Smiths. Where did you find that?

there wasn't one. It was a free-for-all, no double coupon necessary. Any manufacturers coupon you used through yesterday was to be doubled.

Smith's has Puffs tissues on sale for $.69/box if you buy in groups of 4. Sale ends Tues. Aug 4th.

Ok I need some help understanding how to save money with coupons. It seems so basic but what I find is that either I can't find coupons for things we are already buying. Or even with the coupon the store brand is still cheaper.

The last thing I want to do is to sign up for something I have to pay for only to not be able to use any.

Would it be possible to post a list of what you found, where you found it and how much the savings was?

An example of what I'm talking about, shortcuts has a cheerio coupon, $.75 off, however the store brand is already $1 less. maybe the key is to find stores that will double or tripple coupons.

The key, Todd is to find a coupon shopping service that covers your area. You don't have to do all of the work of matching coupons and sales together.
I like,, and The first two only address spot kinds of deals at various stores, whereas the 3rd site I can actually create a grocery list and search on all of the stores in my area.

Thanks I will take a look at those. I guess I'm just leary because in the past I have not had any luck. I also came across terri's list which covers my area as well. I was thinking about trying that.


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