Insure Against GMO Wheat?

Genetically Modified Wheat photo c/o

Genetically Modified Wheat photo c/o

As if we need any more "signs, indicators, or reasons", here is  yet another reason why I believe we all should be getting a year's supply of wheat for our family. If GMO wheat is widely accepted, then that means that it won't just affect your buckets of wheat that you may buy in the future. It obviously means that ALL products which you purchase which will contain wheat, or wheat by products, will also contain unwanted chemicals necessary for the GMO process.  I'm simply not a fan of those kinds of limited choices. Thus having my own supply of wheat is a must for me and my household.   Just some "food for thought" folks.

US Wheat Industry Reiterates Support for GMO Wheat

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Is there any way to tell if you are buying this kind of wheat?

I just read a new book, "Ere His Floods of Anger Flow," by John Harmer. It is a novel about happenings of the last days. In it, one of the plagues is because of the genetically engineered crops. It's an interesting book.


That's really something to be concerned about. Thanks for the alert.

No there is no way to tell. The super big danger is that this stuff spreads. It is virtually impossible to contain it. I suppose some day it could be crops like wheat, corn and soy are not safe to eat. Hopefully the gene mutations won't cross from species.

This scares me as well. We have no idea what mutations will come from modifying the grains. We already are looking towards a shortage, why mess with what we know produces and will produce in the future. This makes me even more motivated to get a good supply of wheat on hand. I just started, but will now kick into high gear.

Kellene? Do you know if the Church's wheat is GMO? Also, do you know if they use the same pesticides on food storage that grocery store produce contain?

it is GMO free. But I have no idea about the pesticides used. your best bet is to call them directly.

Kellene, do you know where I can find some ORGANIC soft white wheat?

nope because I stopped looking once I saw what all USDA allows to be used on so-called organic wheat. *good grief I swear USDA will be the death of us*

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