In The Interest of Full Disclosure

(Please note: this piece is in addition to today's article entitled, "The Cost of Convenience" which you will see below.)

I’ve been sitting on some exciting news the past few days but I couldn’t post anything until everything was finalized…which it is today. Forgive me for telling this story like a typical girl. If you’re a typical impatient guy, then just scroll down to the last paragraph and cut to the chase. Otherwise, read on.

You know how I love to refer you all to “this source” or “that source”, right?

And I do so in hopes that the sources will be reliable for you. But last month I had a few e-mails and comment posts come my way that shared with me that folks were having a hard time getting the buckets they wanted, or phone calls or e-mails returned. When that happened, I contacted the company to see what the scoop was. As it turns out, they were going through some major transitions in their personal life and were simply having a hard time keeping up with everything. So, I volunteered my husband to help out. Hee hee.  Well, one thing led to another….and wait. I’m getting ahead of myself.

Then my virtual office answering service took on Five Star Preparedness as a client—to answer their phone calls, etc. I shared that with you which is how I was able to get info on the solar oven prices before their site was even launched.

Then Five Star Preparedness filled me in on how much business they were doing before they even had any semblance of a site up. And there were a lot of local folks here in Utah who just wanted to pick things up from them in Orem, but Five Star was having trouble keeping up. So, once again I volunteered my husband to help with the local pick ups. Then one thing led to another and then….wait… I’m not there yet.

So then the two solar oven companies that I recommend all the time started recommending me as an information resource of “how to.” As you know, Preparedness Pro hasn’t been charging for anything as of yet, but we were sure spending a lot of time answering questions on solar ovens, cheese waxing, etc. We started getting just as many calls for solar oven questions as I do for anything else put together.  So I got to thinking…

What some of you may not know is that I’m an accomplished marketer. In fact, I even was honored as one of the top 3 marketers in the world about 2 years ago.  So needless to say, I just spout marketing ideas off to folks in the preparedness world in hopes to help them out with getting their message to more people.

Ok. So to shorten a long story, after volunteering my husband for so much, and after sharing some marketing tidbits, and trying to find a way to direct some of the information request phone calls I get to somewhere else, my husband now owns a part of Five Star Preparedness.  He’s the guy you’ll meet if you pick up your bucket/diatomaceous earth orders locally. He’s also doing some of the long distance deliveries to help save folks shipping costs when the orders are large enough. As you know, I’ve said a hundred times that Preparedness Pro doesn’t sell anything. I simply don’t think I can be credible as an expert if I do. So, in the interest of full disclosure I’m letting you know that Five Star Preparedness is no longer what I would consider an “impartial” recommendation. But then again, I also now have a direct “in” with this growing company and can get deals for my readers. So for that, I’m excited, and you should be too. :) But now I have to charge Five Star Preparedness just like I would any other advertiser (of which we’re lining up on our new site.) So that means that I can finally make my husband pay me for some of the work I do around here. *belly laugh*

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Does this mean that we may actually get the good bucket lids sent via ups even perhaps buckets Although am trying to find some restaurant/ bakery to get them from . I ask at Sam's Club the last time I was there and was told they no longer baked there all was sent in,,,,,hmmmm a bakery that does not bake what next well congrats it sounds like u are excited about this new aspect so I am as well because I know it will only help us all down the line.... I did check out the prices at Home Storge Basics loved the site but they only ship Fed Ex so would cost me way to much I just can;t afford it It almost or more than doubles the price but thanks for always thing of us little guys

Bummer that they only ship Fed-Ex. Major bummer. I should have asked them about their shipping. But never in my wildest dreams would I have expected that they would only ship Fed Ex.And yes, Five Star does ship the buckets. But I’m discovering that it’s simply not cheap for shipping no matter which way you slice it unfortunately.

If the ship by Fed Ex, is is FedEx overnight, or Fedex Ground? Because the FedEx ground has compareable rates to the UPS rates.

I was actually thinking the same thing after I wrote my response. Fed Ex does have ground shipping too razr.

Congratulations! I'll have to check out five star.

When you find a product you love, I find no problem with promoting it, even if you get a piece of the pie. As long as you are being honest, more power to you!

What is the address where we can go in and get these products?

I'm glad you and your husband are getting involved. I think that will be helpful for all of us.

If I knew that was your husband, I would have thanked him for your help in making me more emergency aware and active. Took a trip from Denver to Utah to visit my family and picked up 30 buckets while there. I'm sure I will find ways to use all of them. Thanks! Oh, by the way, the solar oven I ordered just arrived today, and we already used it to do baked potatoes. I can't wait to try bread! It is very easy.


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