I Hate Food Storage

Does your food storage look like this?

I do hate food storage. I really do. In fact you’ll rarely hear me use those two words together in my home. However, that doesn't mean that you won't find fabulous foods that have a long shelf-life...bear with me here while I share the difference.

Why I Hate Food Storage

Food storage is 50 pound bags of dusty, weevil-infested wheat, stale rice, and rock hard beans that I would never eat in a million years.

Food storage is exploding cans of tomatoes, fermented juices, and salt-ridden soda pops that have been in the basement for decades.

Food storage is stinky powdered milk that I wouldn’t eat in even the most desperate of circumstances.

Food storage is food that only Grizzly Adams or Daniel Boone would be excited about. Notice, they are both now dead.

Food storage is unappetizing, boring, and painful to even consider consuming.

Food storage is depressing to think I might have to use someday.

Food storage is expensive housing for dust bunnies.

Food storage is 300 cans of Chef-Boyardee.

Food storage is countless glass jars full of unrecognizable, dull hues of putrid green, pale orange, and some other color that simply is not natural.

Food storage is simply my way of feeding all of the rats and other rodents in our society.

Food storage is just one more thing to worry about and is probably created by some maniacal male who has no aesthetic taste for home décor whatsoever.

Food storage is about as exciting to me as a scrapbooking convention would be to my husband—and probably just as painful too.

Why I Love My "Food Storage" (scratch that) Preparedness Pantry

But oh how I love my pantry—full of foods that my family loves and craves. I have to admit that I feel a bit puffy-chested knowing that I can whip up some amazing Shepherds Pie, Fettuccine Alfredo, Green Beans Almondine, Chicken Poppy Seed Casserole, Clam Chowder, Big Beef Chili, Chunky Ratatouille, and so many other yummy dishes any day of the year without stepping one foot in a grocery store.

Add in every day foods to enhances your recipe base

I love the bright colors of the wide variety of canned goods on my shelves.

I love that my pantry means comfort for just my husband and I or a hungry surprise visit from the local Scout troop.

I love going into my pantry and pulling out the ingredients I need for scrumptious Fantasy Fudge, Spiced Walnuts, and Mile High Lemon Pie.  Yum!

When I see my stores of wheat, I get hungry just thinking about the warm loaves of bread, hot scones, cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, pizzas, and calzones that I’ll get to make with that freshly stored grain.  With such an appetite, I can’t help wondering if I have enough.

My pantry represents peace in a time of horrific chaos. It’s practically my “secret weapon.”

To me, my stocked pantry means an occasional well-deserved break.  “Honey, I don’t feel like cooking tonight. Have some Raisin Bran.”

My pantry means “The client didn’t pay us!? No problem. We’ll have Beef Bourguignon tonight.”

My well-stocked pantry means great snacks while watching the three Santa Clause movies.

My pantry means no mandatory grocery bill for at least a year!

My mouth waters as I see the sprouts that will turn into fresh vegetables within a couple of days—accompanied by a homemade garlic dressing.

I love the smell of my pantry as it exudes the fresh scents of chocolate, herbs, and spices that I have on hand.

I love walking into the pantry and smelling Parmesan, Reggiano, Gruyere, Swiss, and Cheddar cheeses hanging all neatly—promising something delicious in the near future.

I love looking in my pantry—like a pallet of fresh paints, just waiting to be created into a comforting masterpiece on a canvas.

My pantry brings me great satisfaction and comfort—like being curled up in a fleece blanket with a cup of hot cocoa on a cold, brisk day.

My pantry represents peace, independence, security, comfort, and love.

If you still associate your preparedness efforts as “food storage” then I suggest you alter the methods you’re presently using. They aren’t working for you and in fact, they are an obstacle to you being prepared in this particular aspect. I truly do hate food storage. I loathe the term and its connotation. But I love having and confidently USING foods that I can store for years in my pantry, which I and my family love and enjoy. Get the picture?

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Hey Kellene, I was wondering what your favorite sprouts are? Will you do a post on sprouts, the ones you like best and how you like to eat them? I do sprouting a lot but mainly mung beans( which I love, they taste like fresh garden peas!) and alfalfa, I put them both on sandwiches and thats about it. I would love to expand. :)

This is almost "pantry poetry". I love the looks of the pantry's, yes we have 3 and expanding. In these times there is very little else that provides such a sense of security.

I love my pantry. There is a sense of peace, serenity and even holiness because I know that God inspired me to prepare my family for whatever life brings. I love the way your write too. Keep it up!

Preparedness Pro's picture

Thanks so much for your generous compliments, Laurie!

How long do you leave your cheese at room temp. before waxing?

Preparedness Pro's picture

You just want to make sure that it's not cold so that it doesn't create condensation between the coldness of the cheese and the hot cheese wax.

Um, Kellene? Were we separated at birth or something? I feel precisely the same way about my pantry; it is an incredible feeling of security and accomplishment. As we speak, I have eighteen #10 cans of goodness and mercy on their way to me from FedEx.

Just this evening for dinner I made my vegetarian daughter some sushi with my sprouted lentils. This was the first time I had sprouted lentils and I was amazed that the lentils had continued to grow after I had removed them from the mason jar and stored them in the refrigerator a week ago. Visible proof of the power of God in my humble little kitchen.

Thank you so much for you continued presence in my email box...it is thoroughly appreciated.

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Claudia, I'm sure I made lots of beautiful friendships before I was born on earth when we were just hanging out in heaven, waiting for our turn to come down. :-) So yeah, I guess we were "separated at birth" hee hee
Glad to know you're working on your preparedness so proactively!

Love it!! LOL ... and glad to know mine isn't the only hubby who eats Raisin Bran for supper on occasion...

My Mom always stored food during the summer so we'd have something if thing got tough during the winter.
I hate prepping because I really need to go to the basement and get this stuff organized.
I love prepping because when a big bill comes up, I walk down to my basement and have food. I go to the store because I want too, not because I have to buy food. I can shop at home first.
I hate prepping because I have so much to learn and put into practice.
I love prepping because I have so much to learn and put into practice.

Must confess I do love my ugly white buckets but they don't intimidate me, and I promise you, they're not growing mold or feeding vermin..they are used regularly. I also love all the colors on the shelves of my pantry(s). Making a run to Walgreen's tonight to pick up those cute little Danish hams (real ham) in the twist-key tins. Of course there's a limit of three but I'll take my hubby along to purchase three as well. Just the perfect size for a meal for my family. Would be no trouble for me in emergency mode to pull out rice, dehydrated eggs, onion, carrots & peas and my cute, little canned ham and make a killer batch of fried rice...either in my solar over or over a fire. Now that would be 'roughing it', smoothly!

This is an excellent article and I would like permission to post it to my group. I think all of my members feel the same way as you and it is such an uplifting post. I will include a link back here so that they can see your site too. Patricia

Preparedness Pro's picture

Patricia, so long as you credit Preparedness Pro and Kellene Bishop you are fine to repost it with the link.

So you mentioned storing cheese, do you suggest any books/ literature on the subject? I love reading your blog, for a beginner at this pantry collection task I feel faith and hope as I read your blogs, not fear. Thanks-Rachel

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I have several articles on here about storing/waxing cheese. Just do a search on cheese waxing. Good luck and Welcome!

Any chance you'd like to share recipies? The hardest part of getting a 3 month + supply of food is finding family friendly recipies thats ingredients are non-perishable. I love, love, love your blog!

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Hey Michelle, I've got recipes scattered all through out my blog. Just put "recipe" in the search bar and you'll find lots of them. Also, I recommend the Dinner Doctor Cookbook as well as the Can Opener Gourmet. Those are two great cookbooks that I've loved for pantry cooking. I'm also trying to get mine finished. Happy New Year!

What if you turn your food storage into a really big extension to your pantry (in other words, giving it a nice floor, drywall, and proper lighting. With nice shelves, cleanliness, and easy access any room can be a giant glorious pantry.

Hi Kellene~ On the topic of "waxing cheese", do I need to buy "fancy" cheese from the gourmet section of the grocery store, or will regular "Kraft-type" packaged cheese work okay too? Thanks for all your many words of wisdom you share with all of us out here in cyberspace!! You're my hero!

It's not about the price, it's about the moisture content. See other articles on here regarding "waxing cheese"

Considering that the world of prepping can appear quite dominated by males, I'm actually tickled to see the wide demographic we've got here on all topics.

AWESOME article and comparison. Not to sound sexist, but many female responses here. Much better at softening things up...Even prepping. Just my perception.
Starting my own website with a page set aside for prepping. You've no objections to linking? (Full disclosure and credit to Preparedness Pro of Course, in fact a pop up link directly to your site and article..)
Thanks as always Kellene

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