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Tattler Lids Tattler Lids


TATTLER Reusable Canning Lids is offering select items up to 30% off, through midnight 4/9/2013. Don't hesitate to grab some of these, Friends!  To see how I truly feel on the matter, here's the initial article we wrote about Tattler Lids when we first discovered them. Here.

To take advantage of this purchase special just go Here:

We're head over heels in love with the Tattler Lids!  They are 100% REUSABLE and unlike your regular lids they don't grow brittle or compromised after several years of use (or storage).  They are also VERY hard to ruin, knick, warp or bend.  Contrary to some misunderstandings both the LIDS and the Plastic RINGS are 100% reusable--again and again and again and again!  These are definitely WORTH the investment. I wouldn't recommend them for the FoodSaver preservation method, but for the times when it really counts, they won't let you down. They've been around since 1976 and still going strong!

Tattler Lids without the ring. Clean, Reliable, Perfect!  All Rights Reserved Preparedness Pro 2013 Tattler Lids without the ring. Clean, Reliable, Perfect!   All Rights Reserved Preparedness Pro 2013


You won't get any special discount, and I won't get any kudos or the like, but if you're able, tell them that Preparedness Pro sent you. We have an undeniable high-quality of readers on this site and retailers are beginning to stand up and take notice. The more they notice that, the more we'll be successful in our upcoming plans to be able to present exclusive, one-of-a-kind specials JUST for our Preparedness Pro readers!!



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How totally kind of them!! Thanks for sharing!

Learning curve is right. I had 19 jars not seal when doing chicken the last time. Luckily we caught it in time to reprocess them using regular lids.

It would be great if you'd SHARE what the learning curve is in your mind instead of just sharing the negatives. Thanks.

Can you use these for a vacuum sealer? I used them when I canned pears, they only thing that failed where a few jars that were very old.

Nope, I wouldn't recommend it and neither does Tattler.

I have these in both wide and regulare mouth and I love them. My failure rate on these is low. I have done jams, pork and beans, stock, meats, and more. These work fabulously in the pressure canner. They also work in the water bath canner.
There is a learning curve to using tattlers, but well worth it! I love that they are reuseable, and easy to clean.

This is an excellent idea, but I can find basically the same thing at, and for a whole lot less that these cost. I'm not saying that these are inferior in any way as I have never tried these, all I'm saying is that I can get them at a lower cost elsewhere.

The reusable lids I use, are all one piece, white in color, and after 3 years of daily use, they have never failed me yet.

I'm working my way through my more "perishable" new lids that are customary but I'll begin using my Tattler Lids soon. I have used them once at least to make sure that I could stumble my way through. *grin* But they weren't difficult at all.

I picked up the wide mouth guys. After canning, bacon, chicken (2x) and vacuum sealing (FoodSaver) cereals, rice, nuts, etc... I think I better stock up on reusable supplies! I already had several boxes of these, but haven't used them yet. That ends now!

Hmmm...that's odd because we did a force feed at 6:--p.m. Mountain time. There must simply be a whole lot of subscribers to the point that it took the server several hours to get them all through.
Regardless, yes, they do do sales like this a few times every year. In fact, I even got a 50% off sale the last time. Also, if you put in the code "100days" you'll get an additional 5% off. Someone stated that they see this product sold on Amazon for this price regularly. Who knows?

The best tip I figured out is to not tighten them before processing, just follow the directions and tighten completely immediately AFTER you take them out of the canner. Just hold one finger on center of lid and tighten with other hand just until the jar starts spinning under your finger. That is tight enough, put in canner and process. Finish tighten like you would one time use lids when you take the jars out. They don't seal if too tight while processing.

Also, I always wipe the jar rim with vinegar when processing fatty foods like meat to be sure to get any grease off. Hope that helps some. I love these lids!

I am so upset...I didn't get your email about the Tattler lids until after 11 p.m.!
The one night I decide to go to early :(. Please, please, please tell me they'll do this sale again!!

Thanks for the info on tattler lids. I didn't read the email until too late but e-mailed the company to see about up coming sales and they were very kind to extend this sale to me today, April 17th.
I am new to your website but just love it. Could you make a video on how to vac seal loose (powder) in mason jars?

I am very disappointed to find the email announcing this sale not delivered until the 10th. :-(

I'm saving mine also for the time when I run out of the regular lids. It's a good idea to practice with them ahead of time. Customer service is great at the company. They are very helpful with how to questions.

Oh, no! I've been wanting to buy some of these for ages (well, a couple years anyway) and I missed the deadline!

One other commenter says you can get them on Amazon at this price. Just FYI>

Could someone please share what the "learning curve" taught you about using these reusable lids? I bought a bunch because Kellene says they are great and I believe her, but by sharing, those who have used them could save the rest of us a lot of grief. Thanks.

I agree. I have NO idea what "learning curve" anyone is talking about because all I did was follow the specific directions according to the package and didn't have any problem getting them to seal.


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