High School Football—A Terrorist Threat

Beware the football lying in wait to attack!

Between the fall of 1997 and the spring of 2002, FIFTY-THREE high school students were KILLED playing high school football.  (National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research, Feb. 2001) The lives of the spectators and the fellow students of these players will never be the same.  And I want something done to make sure that such needless deaths never happen again. Fifty-three deaths!  Where is the outrage?!  Where’s 20/20 or 60 Minutes when you really need them to shed light on a problem?  Why can’t we have Football Free Zones?!  Something must be done to STOP these needless football playing deaths.  In fact, I think that the schools should all adopt a strict “no play zone” policy. Someone could poke an eye out with one of those footballs, or choke on it.  A teacher could be emotionally and physically harmed for life if a student hit them with a football!  If you see someone drawing a picture of a football, I don’t care if it’s a fifth grader in St. Petersburg, FL, that person should be arrested.  If a drawing of a football is used at school, even if it’s two eight-year olds, they should be have criminal charges filed against them and be considered a terrorist threat.  If a child is caught pretending to throw a football, they should be charged with felonious assault.  Take down those pictures of football players and coaches!  Stop glorifying them.  These types of activities KILL KIDS!  And if they get caught with a Nerf ball on school property—that’s just unacceptable.  Such a criminal should be jailed in Fort Meyers, FL—I don’t care if they ARE a National Merit Scholar.  There should be an aggressive and zero tolerance policy to this kind of extreme in order to ensure that no such football players are ever killed playing football again.  In fact, this problem is so pervasive, I demand that the National Education Association offer a FREE $150,000 insurance policy to be paid in the event that a teacher ever dies from a football incident.

No.  I haven’t lost my mind.  “They” have lost theirs.  And the previous paragraph will point out to you just how extremely off-base "they" are.

Between the fall of 1997 and the spring of 2002, 32 students were killed by an incident involving a gun at an elementary or secondary school.  (National School Safety Center)  This total includes gang-related activities, crimes committed on school properties (even after hours), shooting accidents, as well as the highly publicized school shooting incidences.  During this same period of time there were over 128 million children enrolled in such schools.  This equates to 1 death per 4 million students.

During this same research period, four teachers were shot and killed at these same types of schools.  (National School Safety Center)  That equivocates to 1 teacher shot and killed per 3.3 million teachers.

It’s interesting to note that in 2001, that yes, The National Education Association did indeed offer all of its members a FREE $150,000 death policy, payable only under such circumstances.  (San Diego Union-Tribune, July 28, 2001)

Hmmm…  Of course it was free.  The likelihood of it happening is 1 in 3.3 million!  But you can bet that the press didn’t give you those statistics, did they?

Why have they done so much to attempt to curb the deaths of children from school shootings, but have done nothing to alert them to a situation which takes the lives of more children than “school shootings” do?  We have gun free zones to avoid school shootings, why don’t we have “football free zones” as well?  The sickening aspect is just how extreme the schools have gone to punish the very non-infractions that I used to illustrate my point in the first paragraph.

  • A fifth-grade in St. Petersburg, FL was indeed arrested for drawing a picture of “weapons.”
  • A National Merit Scholar student was jailed in Ft. Meyers, FL because a dull kitchen knife was found under her car seat—it was dropped while her family was moving from one apartment to another.
  • Two eight-year olds had criminal charges filed against them and were identified as “terrorist threats” in Irvington, New Jersey for playing cops and robbers with a paper gun.
  • A seven-year old was charged with three counts of felonious assault for pointing a toy gun at three other children during recess in Ann Arbor, Michigan. (Ann Arbor News 2)
  • Elementary students throughout Texas and Louisiana have been suspended for pointing pencils and saying “pow” and the school has forbidden the children from drawing pictures of soldiers.
  • School libraries throughout the U.S. have even removed references to the military.

Just see articles written in the big news reparting agencies:  Chicago Sun-Times, June 20, 2001, and NBC Saturday Today, NBC News Transcripts, May 26, 2002. Instead of criminalizing children for being children, schools should participate in sound measures of gun safety education and the U.S. Constitutional Amendments.  No wait.  Sorry.  I must have left the earth for a moment there to even make such a suggestion.  I forgot that education in schools is reserved for gay marriages, abortion, and the use of contraceptives.

Any death of a child, young or teen, is tragic.  For those who have lost a child—ANY death is unacceptable, of course.  Emotionally speaking, I feel that homicide is an even more difficult death to accept in these cases.  Any death or harm of a child that can logically be prevented, should indeed be prevented.  I’m a huge advocate of seat belts, car seats, and adults not exposing their children to second-hand smoke.  To me, these methods pass the “stupid test” in my book.  Meaning, they are just plain stupid NOT to employ.  And while seat belts and car seats may have been known to even cause the occasional death of a child, they are still logical. However, the media harping on school shootings as if they are the ultimate killer of the children in our world is mal-practice in its truest sense.  It’s fear-mongering.  It’s a dissemination of false information and it prevents responsible parents from focusing on the true dangers in our midst.

Conservatively speaking 2,000 of our nations children are sexually assaulted by illegal immigrants—EVERY year, and yet we can’t seem to instill an “illegal immigrant free zone” in our nation.

On average, over 1,700 children die every year as the result of a drunk driver, and yet mandatory accountability for such actions is minimalistic and seriously flawed.

Four percent of all pregnant women use illicit drugs and extreme amounts of alcohol, and yet there is absolutely no accountability for such actions.

These are just a few examples of genuine threats to our children. Fight the real enemy, folks, not a fictitious enemy that the media and some government officials perpetuate in order to accomplish other horrible agendas.

May you be victorious in your REAL battles.

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We can no longer risk to win? I may be a bit odd I did not get a trophy for participating I got a trophy or an Army award for knokking the stuffings out of folks.
Do they think the future world will be easy? Do you get a cookie just cause you "tried hard"
Whatever happen to the attitude my Mom taught me at 3 years old. A big bad boy took a football from me and I went crying to my Mom. My Mom looked me in the eye and said go get the ball back and never give it up again. I did, and I got the lousy piece of leather back. Come hell or Hi water I never fumbled. Heck I came late to growth, but I'd growel I'd dig and was mean in the pit. No one took it easy cause I was a girl and I took it easy on no one.
So now I'll put 3 in the x ring and anyone who wants me. Bring a lunch and a latern. Please do not mess with my Mom she can scare the heck out of superman.

I think people are trying to distract us from real issues. If someone dies during sports, he/she was either not checked thoroughly enough in sports physical, they kept something hidden, or kids today are just not as tough as they should be since PE (physical exercise for the newer generation) has been taken out of most schools. Our children today are taught to handle situations different from the ones their parents faced. Back to living the 10 commandments and following sound gospel principles is the only way to stop the direction we are heading. If I can't beat them, I still will not join them. I'd rather be alone than in bad company. Football, drawing soldiers and guns is about as boy as you can get. What a perverted world we are in.

I know my little boy won't likely make it past the first day of kindergarten without pretending to be Ammon cutting off the bad guys arms with his sword. HE has the most amazing imagination which I'm sure will get him into all kinds of "trouble." Homeschool it is!

The Bible says in the last days evil will be called good and good will be called evil!
We are there!

I was just thinking the same thing that JAckie said. We are certainly there! When you write it all down on paper......my goodness how twisted this world seems even more!

Great article Kellene - and something to really think about. (I'll admit - half way through the first paragraph, I thought you'd decided to take up heavy drinking...) :) The points made and statistics listed are ones to remember and share. I hope all have a great Memorial Day weekend!!

Preparedness Pro's picture

I may have taken up drinking heavy amounts of Sobe Orange Cream lately...I'll have to watch that. :-)

One question, WHEN ARE YOU RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT??? I want you in!! Isn't it amazing how stupid people are! I homeschooled until this year and have hated having them in the public schools, but I was struggling physically, emotionally and mentally.. Still struggling physically, but it's getting much better.
My children know how to handle a gun. How to use a knife properly. How to change a tire, do an oil change, dig a ditch, and what to do during a flash flood. They do not, however, have interests in sports (my bad, I only like wrestling and tennis... owell).
Kids need interactive play. They need to BE safe not feel safe. I was shocked at your figures for illegals harming children, that infuriates me even more!

Seems pretty basic, right? But it is amazing how panic and misguided intentions cause havoc. Way to keep our heads on straight, Kellene!

Gosh I'm so proud of "flyover country". They have dug deep and made it happen in a lot of ways. Bobby Jindal isn't saying they want saved. Just get out of the way and we will do the work. AZ. immigration law SB 1070 mirrors the federal law of immigration. Just get out of the way and let us work to get it done. We are enforcing Federal Law.
We will be the adults, no we won't hide behind idiotic policies.
If we don't stop them now, our children will be left holding the bag of empty promises.

Wow just hitting some of the news sites. We can no longer name evil as evil cause it is all relative in context or some such nonsence. Well I 'm sure I'm already on at least 1 of there lists for being a vet what's is another? But I call shenanigans.


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