Head's Up: Group Buy Special on COCONUT OIL!

Hello Folks, I just wanted to take a second and let you all know about the group buy at Five Star, especially in light of the Coconut Oil article I’ve written. They’ve got a gallon of extra virgin, cold pressed on sale for less than you can get it from the manufacturer and that is even in consideration of the shipping!

They also have some steep  markdowns on a couple of Shirley J products that are two of my favorites as well as the high quality Redmond RealSalt. So I thought it would definitely be worthwhile to share it with you. Here’s the low down:

Redmond RealSalt (full of its natural mineral content) 10 pound bucket, only $32.97 (regular retail $39.97)

Shirley J Universal Sauce, 48 oz. bag, only $18.95 (regular retail $24.95)

Shirley J Cheddar Cheese Sauce 48 oz. bag, only $29.95, (regular retail $39.95)

Hope’s Harvest Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Cold-Pressed, 1 gallon bucket, only $57.99 (regular retail $69.99)

To participate, simply go to www.fivestarpreparedness.com/GroupBuy and enter your email. You’ll receive an email with a PDF file containing all of the information about the group buy along with the Special Promo code needed to obtain the Group Buy pricing. Then you can order as you see fit. I hope you are enjoying filling your preparedness pantry as much as I am!



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Once I open the Universal Sauce mylar bag, what do I do to keep it securely sealed and how long will it last once opened? And for the coconut oil, do I need to put that in smaller containers or just use it when needed and it will stay good in the original container. How many years once opened? Thanks for sharing.

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Un. Sauce- It's got a zip locked top. You're good for at least 12 months after opening it, but you'll go through it just fine.
Coconut oil- no problem keeping it in it's original container. It has unlimited shelf life if you store it in a cool dry place.

I am thrilled to know that the Coconut oil has an unlimited shelf life!!! YAY!

OK, I know this is an old post but I'm going to throw this comment in here and probably email it to you as well. I had a hard time wrapping my head around the price of a gallon of coconut oil given the prices of regular oils in the supermarkets. I figured it was because nobody used it any more and you couldn't find it. I have now found some. Walmart sells some in an almost quart container in LouAna brand for about 5 bucks. So a gallon for $20 which to me is a lot more doable and makes more sense. The containers have an expiration date set almost 2 years out so even if you just kept a year on hand it would rotate easily. So $60 for a gallon? Wow, seems awful high. The possible reasons I come up with is some kind of super long life packaging or perhaps the cheaper oil is not processed in a way that gives it that 'indefinite' shelf life?

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There is a lot to be said about the processing, the form , additional ingredients, etc. However, having said that, I certainly wouldn't have a problem getting coconut oil for that price at Wal-mart, but the reasonable person in me suspects that there's something I would be missing. Worst case scenario, I'd still get it and use it and see how it goes.


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