Food Shortage Series Part 1

Warning: Food Supply and Affordability are Seriously Threatened

The Overview

Why have I not written for several days? Well, believe it or not, it’s not because of the television show that I’ve been preparing to have filmed by TLC, and it’s not because of the extra radio shows lately.  It’s not even been a time management issue and fortunately my health has been great. Unfortunately, my delay in posting something worthwhile is because I’ve been struggling with how to share the information I have in such a way that you’ll be motivated to act, as well as those you love, and not do so in a panic.  

I’ve rewritten 10 pages of content over and over again, and while I stand by the information contained therein, I’ve been concerned about it’s impact—especially since those of you who’ve been reading me for any length of time know that I tend to take the many false alarms I receive nearly daily in stride. By now you know that  I loathe the terms “emergency preparedness, food storage and ‘wtshtf or teotwawki’” simply because I believe firmly that preparedness needs to be a methodical, peaceful and deliberate mindset—never to be successfully accomplished in one moment, and certainly not to be pursued solely in fear of some Armageddon-like event.I believe firmly that a daily awareness and effort to create a more self-reliant world is critical in developing one’s ability to endure any other type of crisis. So, before I get into the bit that I’ve been gnawing on for nearly a week, I just want to make sure we’re clear, OK? I do not advocate, nor believe in panic and it won’t do you any good to do it either. OK? All that being said, I’m wasting valuable time in rewriting and rewriting and as of today know that I’ve just got to come out with it and let the chips fall where they may.

Point blank: We are in for some serious trouble with our food supply and consequently our ability to afford it on what we’re presently earning.  This trouble isn’t going to manifest itself in a year or two. Nope. We don’t have that much time in this particular area. Rather, it’s headed into our homes no longer than 6 months from now, and more likely to be obvious 6 weeks from now. Unless you’re enjoying an income that can take a 40-50% increase hit in your essential expenses, then I’m certain you will not be spared the impact of this snowball that’s rolling down hill, gaining in momentum and size; and it's coming right to our front doors.

So, yes, here’s the straight talk, but understand that with a challenge always comes a solution. What can you do, in fact, what MUST you do to endure this pending time well?  Perhaps you need to stop giving yourself an unmerited “pass” for not doing more and instead make a concerted, prayerful, and focused effort towards getting your house in order. The good news is that there are still a LOT of viable solutions that will help you to circumvent some of the obstacles that this challenge will present. In fact, while I know that I will not escape it all together, I do know that thanks to prior preparedness efforts, I will not suffer as a result of this first round of challenges. With that said, in the coming week of articles I will give you a close up view of the various parts of the problem and I will give you some suggestions for detailed solutions.

I hope that if you read nothing else I write, you will read this week’s information.  To me it causes so many other things in my life to pale in significance—such as who posted what on Facebook, what color I should paint a room, and  how much weight I still have to lose before I go on nationwide television.  Instead I find myself hoping and praying that I can share the correctly chosen words to cause you to be proactive and to help you share some sound reasoning with those you love as to why they MUST likewise be proactive.

This past Saturday’s Preparedness Pro Radio Show was covering the topic of a global food shortage. Not wanting to alarm anyone or cause a panic, I elected to study this topic extensively. I literally read over 100 different news articles, dozens of blogs written by person’s who are ostensibly “in the know”, viewed dozens of You Tube videos on the subject, and even conducted a few interviews with key personnel who could help confirm or deny if there is an imminent food shortage problem and if so, how severe would it be? I have to say, Folks, that my unwavering conclusion is that we’re in for a very rough ride very soon.  As a part of thisresearch, I read portions of several books which shed a more detailed light on some of the other times in the history of the world in which there was a famine, drought, financial collapse, crop destruction, etc. and what the consequences were in response to such scenarios. More importantly, I wanted to trace back through history WHY these trying times occurred. Sometimes it was a cruel act by Mother Nature. In some instances it had to do with warring nations or a dramatic shift in government leadership.  Some were created by an overconfident manipulation of a particular market. But I have yet to discover ANY time in history in which ALL of these elements were manifested and associated as an underlying cause of a financial depression. Nope, I’m sorry to report, Folks, but we’ve got the makings of a perfect storm that is going to be very difficult to endure for more than half of the world’s population—that is unless some folks can get a bit more serious in creating a self-reliant world.

So, as far as the 10,000 foot view for the purpose of today’s article here’s the problem. We’ve got a serious GLOBAL shortage of food coming right at us, combined with some serious issues with various OPEC nations defying the “Petrodollar Agreement”,  which is also combined with some highly strained financial times. I will lay out the dominoes for you one by one this week, but suffice it to say that ANY problem that could be happening right now, impacting our food supply and our ability to afford it, IS happening right now.  The consequences are already in motion and cannot be stopped. All we can do is brace for impact in as much comfort and wisdom as possible. This couldn’t be a more “perfect storm” and the complication I see in that is that it will necessarily trigger some even more serious turn of events which I’ve long discussed and addressed—this is in addition to whatever curve ball Mother Nature has in store for us.

So, in closing let me just say this. Keep an eye out right now for rice, dairy and meat items. If you get the slightest bit of pricing leeway in those items, I would stock up right now. In addition, I would use the sales and coupons, and food co-ops that you have available to the fullest extent. I’d also think twice about that $50 meal at a restaurant and any other non-essential purchase decisions. I have a sneaking suspicion that many of us will live to regret those spending decisions when we’re faced head-on with this giant snowball crashing through our otherwise comfortable lives.

This week I will address the financial crisis that we’re in, the imminent threat of serious food shortages—even right here in the U.S., what China, Mexico and Russia have to do with all of this, and lastly, some solutions which I know will make an impact for you right now!  More importantly to you perhaps is that I'm uniquely able to share some insights into this situation by nature of my international marketing and  finance relationships. I believe you'll give credence to what I have to share with you if you'll diligently read what I've got for you this week. So, unless you and everyone you know is all set with everything they need for a self-reliant life, I look forward to seeing you here each day this week as we work out our strategic counter-move for what’s facing us.

See you tomorrow. Remember, peace in preparedness.

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I'm in the process of converting some space in a downstairs unused bedroom (well, unused except for clutter!) into a food storage area. Your blog and radio show (podcast for me)are really invaluable. Thanks for the information, I hope to attend a webinar soon, and keep pointing the way forward to self reliance.
Get well soon!

Wow Kellene, you just said what I have been thinking for the past like year, thank you for being so blunt and honest about what is truly important! Not what you are wearing or how much you weigh or how skinny you are or what posessions you have...but your life and your family and the hard times to come!

Interesting thought! I've heard some things about this lately from other sources as well. Something I don't quite understand... and part of it is just me. What exactly is making you say the 6 week or 6 month timeframe? I know that food prices are at a record high due to the dollar value dropping, etc, but I guess my question is mostly on the "whys" of the whole situation. Also, in your research did you determine a timeframe as far as how long this should last? Will things get better next growing season? Do you have any thoughts on that? Thanks :)

I give this particular time frame because of how the distribution cycles work. Think of it as a traffic jam, but in reverse. I will be explaining the "whys" in each of the highlighted areas.

Why do you single out rice, meat, and dairy? Dairy (especially cheese) has been at scary levels for sometime now, so there is always a lookout for better prices, but it seems that to my recollection that there are conflicting reports on rice, at least. There is at least one article that I can think of that states that ice cream prices are down, comparatively speaking. Sorry if this is something that you are planning on covering later this week, but I am wondering if the dairy and meat is connected to the problems with corn, and am wondering about what I remember as differing reports on the price of rice. To say that I am looking forward to the information in future posts might be stating it a little strongly, since it doesn't appear that it will be good news, but I appreciate you sharing the information.

My reason for singling out rice, meat, and dairy is because they will NOT be getting better in price and many will unfortunately look better and wish that they had been able to "get while the gettin' was tolerable." They are about 6 months behind the other staples that you will see rise quickly in price as supply dwindles, but there are still a couple of tiers of buffers for these three food basics.


I rarely am first to comment on your articles so this is unexpected. This is the time that seems to hold all the elements of the perfect storm that will impact our food supplies.
As soon as possible plow whatever ground is available and plant vegetables that will grow in your locality. Call your neighbor who gardens or call the County Extension Agent for help but take this step now in preparation for the first warm days of spring when it is possible to put in a garden.
Go to the natural food store (Whole Foods, etc.) and purchase a package of Jerusalem Artichokes from the produce department. They will probably cost under $5. Plant these perennial tubers in various spots in your flower garden or along a fence row (not in your veggie garden as they will take over). They will grow almost anywhere and will spread. Sunchokes, as they are also called, are a great preparedness food as they can stay in the ground until you are ready to dig and eat them. They taste a bit like an artichoke heart, when eaten raw have a texture a little like a water chestnut, and can be served in many different ways. Print off a few recipes from the internet and experiment with them. I read an article about a man who planted a field of them and they provided food for his family and his livestock one very difficult winter. My dog digs them out of the garden and eats them raw. We like them steamed with a little butter, raw shredded or sliced in salads, cubed and cooked in soups - experiment and find a delightful food that will produce for you for many years. I grew them in the clay of Dallas, found them growing wild in the midwest, and have a nice plot growing here in the desert sands. Consider them a gift from God!
I look forward to reading the rest of this series!

Thank you for getting me moving on a great idea!

Well maybe not first ... so much for long posts.

Thank you, Kellene. I know you are busy but I want to invite you to a round table of Constitution leaders where we study and discuss such things monthly. It's on Thursday from 9 to 9. More details if you are interested, please email me. Any serious student is invited. These meetings used to be known by The Freemen and led by C. S. And are now held and led by his successor,G. J. Kimber who shadowed & aided him for over 30 years & on CS's death bed, Kimber was commissioned to carry on the work. You will find the materials valuable. Thank you,& God bless.

Kellene, you're making me panic!!!!
Just kidding. ....after reading this, I feel completely inadequately prepared with food. I've only been REALLY working on my food storage preparedness for about a year, and I've only gathered MAYBE a three month's supply for my family. It feels like an urgent need, but I don't know how I'm going to do it on my budget in the time frame I feel like I need it...

Kellene, I don't need to read anything to know that we're in trouble. Just go to the local feed & seed store and listen to the farmers talk about the cost of diesel and at what point are they not going to plant.

Thank you for all the information. My family and I started getting ready last month and thank God we had the resources to buy the things we needed right away. I feel much better now. Your website has been a most valuable source of information. Thank you again and God bless you much.

I've been stating some warnings as well on my little Blog. Seems like every week I've watched a new high in commodity prices. It's so easy to panic, but like you say there is some time to get focused and ready.

I thank you so much for informing us so much. I have found your info to be very accurate as of late especially. Like someone else said on here if you go to the feedstore as I do almost every week lately(I have chickens, goats and a pig) feed is going thru the roof! I bet in the last 2 months a bag of goat cow has gone up by $2 a bag every month. I is getting harder and harder to find deer corn at a good price...yes I feed the wild critters too. I also listen to your radio show and have noticed as you are not the same. In our local Kroger it use to be just last month you could get cheese for 2 packs for $3 now in todays sales I see they are 2.99 for one..same cheese. I have just started milking my goats..what an experience but I may have to be using them soon to drink the milk besides making cheese. Thanks for all your insight and am looking forward to you next installment on this issue.

Thank you for all the informative information you have given us. I have been reading and trying to follow what you tell us for a year or so now. I am still not near ready should have started 20 years ago but I am making progress. I am wondering we live in the Dallas Metroplex do you think it would be better to move to a small town? I hate to see what will happen when the food runs out...just let it snow here and the people wipe out the stores!

My initial response is that I don't think anyone's focus should be moving right now. I think it needs to be to make the best of the scenario you're in now and once you get that squared away, yes, move out of the city where possible. That's simply my personal opinion. One will take a whole lot less effort than the other.

The email summary of this article was: "Warning: Food Supply and Affordability are Seriously Threatened By Kellene Bishop". And I thought, uh oh, what has Kellene done now to threaten my food supply?


I guess we should stop paying those farmers not to farm!

This has been on my mind a lot lately too. I saw on CNN this morning prices of everything from food to clothes to electronics are about to go up thanks to weather killing crops and a lack of raw materials. It is amazing to me that cotton, food, and metals can all be in short supply at the same time. Amazingly tragic

This is really scary. I have only been prepping for about a month, and I wonder if anyone else feels as totally unprepared as I do right now. I'm not panicking but this definitely has me feeling more focused. I'd been reading about this stuff on other sites, but given your "peace in preparedness" message, I find it even more alarming now, as you explain how dire this situation could become. My guess is that the timing of the real price explosion will be in the fall, after the local harvests are gone and goods have to come from farther away. Is that about what you are figuring, Kellene?

Actually no. You can expect to see a whole lot of produce double and triple overnight and even by the hour. We've had the warning's already. Now we're starting to see the consequences.


Im an old timer myself been in the survivalist movement going back to 87 way back when guys like me were fringe and freaky maniacs. Prepping is an on going process it should never stop.

Watch for your grocery store rearranging the shelves. The disorder will reult in new prices as the disorder is intended to make you forget. Also watch for second tier lines being moved to the front and centre. Barbara's advice on planting every square inch is invaluable advice.

As always I am interested in your articles. Because I am on a strict diet for health problems and don't know how to can or even have a large area let alone a root cellar to store canned food, I am interested in buying a food dehydrator. Can you reccommend a specific brand and model number and a dealer to me. Thanks.

Ready to listen and learn!

Hi Kelene; thanks for doing this. I have been watching the food situation worldwide with a growing sense of dread. It amazes me how many people have no clue!!

Some things I'm also doing that you might have already thought of, but if not: I plan to buy over a years worth of fertilizer for my container gardens (earthboxes). If oil goes up, so will fertilizer. For my square-foot gardens, I am about to load up on compost from the local county extension office (free by the way!).

Also, I have a 4 yo. With cotton prices high, I'm purchasing basics in about 3 years worth of bigger sizes from consignment shops. When he get's to that size I can throw in some trendy items to balance out his wardrobe.

Just thought I would share. I look forward to reading your articles this week!

Cool idea on the consignment shops. I think I will do more of that, I have been preparing for 6 yrs now and I feel fairly confident. Last year we bought a cow and had it slaughtered. Im so grateful we did that. Cant imagine what will happen to meat prices.

Thanks Kellene......because what you said made sence to me I started stocking up last year....both freezedried and grocery items....sun oven,volcano stove,waterstorage etc and a lot more bells an lots of ammo ( and practice) I have been preaching too my friends for a year "STOCK UP"! This evening on a liberal news station Dian Sawyer told all that food prices are up 27% ...try 29% by my figure.....this is just the soon as I can see a break in the snow fall will be shopping for a whole lot of extras.....cannot afford not to....I am so happy that I have stock piled food,buckets.fULL! AND SPROUTS!!!!!! Tonight my friends were calling me asking."what should we do???"...Well, you should have listened!!!!! They know why I stocked up on food, but now know part of the reason as to my stocking so much ammo....I hate to be cold....but they had there chance!!!!

I, too, have been telling my family for two years that this was coming. I also have tried to put some back for them. Even knowing it was coming, it has been a shock already, and is going to be so much worse than we expected. I am signing up to watch your series, and would love to know what you see as recovery. Are we talking ten, twenty years? I just don't see an easy way out of this. You are correct by my thoughts, too. This IS the perfect storm. Thanks for being brave enough to talk about it.

I wish we could read it all now and not have to wait all week!
Friends in Mo. said they were at Wal-Mart and the 1.97 a yard material came in at 3.97 and 4.97 a yard. That is a big increase.
That Wal-Mart has decided to close the material dept. since it has gotten so high! This will take lots of prayer to make it through all that is going to happen!

Yes, that would be due to the cotton shortage...a whole 'nother issue for this week!
Now remember to breathe and try to inhale a little frankincense, Jackie. :-)

For Paul, regarding a dehydrator. We purchased an Excaliber and we love it. It is made in America, has a timer, and does a wonderful job.

Buy weapons and ammo also. You will be glad you did.

I wanted to clarify that the buying of weapons and ammo is hardly a solution to any scenario unless one is capable of using such tools properly. A comment to that effect can also create a more panicked response to a scenario unnecessarily.

Don't let this series of events drive your life and distract you from what's important folks. Stay level headed, stay consistent and stay focused on your preparedness efforts...and yes, at some point you may want to consider getting the tools which will benefit you in the midst of some rough scenarios. Learning how to make use of such tools is critical though for your safety and those you love.

I Spent 11 years in the US Army 3 years in a ranger batallion, 2 Years as a weapons instructor, 1 year as a pathfinder team leader, 5 years regular infantry and 1 combat tour. Because of this i have no illusions of the evil that lurks in the hearts of men, seen it first hand.
I am a single parent my 14 year old son i have trained very much in depth in close quaters battle with assault rifles, shotgun and handgun. Why? people go crazy when they have no food when their children are starving they go totaly out of their minds and if you have prepared they will be looking at you. Buy weapons, ammo and pay for training. You will not regret it.

I live in Elkhart Indiana most stores have gone to limits on amo and Walmart is no longer carring it after what they have runs out. A new Big R store opened up last fall and the last time they had amo deliveryed was last fall. They said they do not expect another due to the shortage. You can not buy from Chaper then Dirt they are all out. This is a Huge warning sign. The only amo orders being filled are the goverments.

Cheaper than Dirt is on my Dirt List actually, as they cowered in what they chose to sell after the Newton shooting right along with Walmart, Dick's, etc.

Many people have known the shortages described here were coming. The Bible is plain in explaining that these problems are the result of the individuals in the countries not obeying the ten commandments and statutes spelled out therein. Find a King James Version, or a New King James Version of the Bible. Read Leviticus 26. Its a short chapter of only a few pages. Read Leviticus 26 slower and more thoughtfully than you've ever read anything in your life. Be sure to pray and ask for understanding first. This countrys problems are described there. This, the USA, is one of the countries being described there. Because we are the modern-day nation of Ephraim. You will go only a short way reading before you will conclude the conditions haven't yet applied. That will be a correct determination. The eventualities written there are only just begining. They are the result of an entire country turning its back on its great providing Creator. Individually, the remedy should be obvious.

everyone ! it is possible and not complicated to make room for the sugar,coffe/tea, rice,flour,pasta and canned goods without a basement or having closet space--use your imagination and keeping all areas vacuumed--behind the couch,under beds or even neatly stacked up in the bedroom.and don't neglect checking out those whey protein mix/cannisters when they're on sale and get the 1s supplying 20-24Gms complete protein--check online stores for their sales and deals---well worth it and many neglect to think about this item....and of course the same goes for basic vitamins BComplex and C--ascorbic acid powder form--5Gms per teaspoon--well worth it. we will make homestead's an apt. ! and we go right along with Ps91. amen.

Ive been prepping for a very long time Bought a small peiice of land about 4 years ago raise my own meat I like this website The no panic approach is the only way to go. Best of luck to all the new preppers just remember to prep for the worse but hope for the best.

What most don't think about is that if you have months of food to survive on that 99% of everyone else doesn't.

This means that when food is no longer on the shelves or when it costs too much to be able to buy then those hungry folks will come for you.

You are not going to be kicking back in your house cooking up meals while others wonder the streets for food.

You not only need ammo, you need a small army. If you're lucky you live in a more secluded area away from where city folk can reach you.

This is not to be scary, just the truth.

So if you buy the food and make sure you will be able to eat it.

I am a veteran combat paratrooper, and recently walked 8,500 miles solo across America twice in three years although I am in my forties. I have survived a lot. That was training day. What is ahead of us all dwarfs my vain accomplishments. I have endured many extremes to include live incoming fire, but what is coming is the perfect storm via agenda; and I am sorry to say that part of our preparation must be with perpetual hardship in mind. There will be no re-calibration or re-supply or critical things after the fall of this system. WWW III is in the wind, and the dollar is a foot in the grave and a strong wind blowing.
I have eaten most everything to survive. Learn that skill. Learn a few friendly plants that have indured the toxic aresol spraying in your area. Pine needles for tea have more vit. C than an orange. Make it and drink ...then give thanks. It may save your life. Trap, shoot, skin, dress then EAT that squirrel. A rat trap will take his life in hard times. Hard times are at your door. Exercise this change in your palette now. Lose the kid gloves on this life and need the for plastic wrap on you plastic meat. Most importantly, tell yourself that you will adapt and survive....then pray from your heart for help. He gives generously...even when it is the inner bark of a tree to chew. A storm is coming my friends. I have seen the elephant and survived. This approaching future humbles me more than any journey completed. Death comes this way. American Idol won't save you nor will Dancing With the Stars. God Bless You all.

If this situation is as bad as expected, is gardening gonna be a 24/7 armed guarded event?? Just saying!!

There's plenty of gardening that can be done in home with sprouts--and in many cases they are better for you.

Interesting article. However, your attitude ( not to be rude, but I find it lackadaisical) did not help people. Your way, way too late. It took you this long to figure out or at least research that maybe Americans are in for a really tough time. To write this article at this time, is not a help it gives the appearance of someone who is either a) a person with a rather dull intellect or b) someone who did not want to inform their readers. Just my two cents for what it is worth.

Wow Monica, I hope this made your day better at least--so that at least someone could benefit from it.
I just love it how folks think that saying "not to be rude" gives them a free pass on being just that.
What's unfortunate is that you've clearly made an assertion which you know nothing about. I consider it a "rather dull intellect' for you to make such a judgment when there are over 400 other articles, 24 of which that specifically address this matter over a year ago in great detail. Yeah, I think your two cents has taken it's hyperinflation hit and is now worth a negative sum.

You must be new here. This is Not the first article encouraging food storage. She's just letting people know, if you have put this off it's too late to wait anymore.

Look at it like this, your neighbors are hungry and loosing weight and you are not. What happens next?

It is amazing how fastyou can accumulate items if you make it a goal that every time you go to the grocery store, you buy 1 item. If you don't have much money that trip, then buy a small bag of beans or rice or pasta at alittle over a dollar. If you have more buy peanut butter or sugar or even a #10 can of a dehydrated item. Even that little bag of rice will feed you for 1 day. The idea is not to keep putting it off.

Also, I don't want to be run over with mice and rats, so I have stored some rat/mice poisen.[away from the food of course]

Kellene, very good article and I agree 100% that we will have food issues in the very near future, I have also scoured the web for information for my blog and between the floods, drought, and civil unrest there is no doubt we are in trouble, the numbers don't lie.

Scott R

I really enjoyed reading your comments and hope to get some more basic food items right way.

For over 30 years, I've been a relatively vocal advocate of home storage and general family preparedness, within our family, with relatives, with friends; and with just about anyone else who cared to listen.

Even though Home Production and Storage was the topic that spurred my initial consciousness; various world events, starting back with Mt. St. Helen's, shifted that focus towards Emergency 72 hour Kits - the presentation and assembly of which I've hopefully encouraged via local community seminars and workshops.

Throughout these years however, a few of my friends and even some close family members with whom I've discussed related issues, would frequently look at me with one eye half closed, and the other staring up to the heavens as if silently praying for my deluded soul. Over time, as food stuff expired within my demonstration kits and batteries dissipated their energy, I sincerely began to feel more and more like an oddball. Gradually, I let slide my interest and resolve despite the fact that I knew I had something of importance to share.

For some time now, I have relegated myself to being more of an observer - instead doing considerable reading and study regarding financial, agricultural, and political events in the world. That process has been beneficial in helping me to partially piece together, and sense unfolding, the brewings of that "Perfect Storm" scenario which you detail so well in your recent FOOD SHORTAGE series. It was when I accidentally came across those postings, that the penny actually dropped!!

In addition, you cannot imagine the literal relief I felt at hearing someone not only confirm the several details I had assembled, but also clarify and re-sort the jumbled bits and pieces alongside them into a much more cohesive whole. The fact that you validated it all in such an articulate manner, is simply thoroughly enjoyable, icing on the cake.

Thank you for your dedication and continuing efforts. I look forward anxiously to reading your subsequent posts in this series, and will absorb as much of the affiliate information as possible. My thoughts are that I am now able to venture back into the fray with a renewed conviction, and a much thicker, and more knowledgeable skin. You have my deepest appreciation. - Michael

Preparedness should be a life style, not a knee - jerk reaction, and I have lived it for many years. It is nevertheless very good to see such advice available for people who have not realized this until now or for one reason or another are just getting prepared for what we see coming. The time to prepare is now! One thing I don't see mentioned is something I realized years ago - an essential part of my storage is oil. I have chosen corn oil and olive oil, your choice will depend on you personal preference but I chose particularly olive oil for its keeping qualities. I enjoyed reading all the other comments here as well.

Gabriel, Thanks for the comment. Oil and fats have only been addressed here twice in a specific couple of articles. However, it falls under the Food Preparedness prioritization which is #8. We're covering all 10 principles in order of prioritization now. We're soon to post #5--Clothing/Shelter Preparedness.

HI, thanks for this, it's really interesting. Is it possible for you to reference the articles and books you've been reading so that others may read the same things? Maybe as a bibliography at the end of the article?

If you can think of a topic, chances are I've already covered it amongst the 800 articles that are already on here. If you put in the word "Library" in the search bar on here you'll find an article in which I listed some of my best books from 2012.

We have been gettin ready for this for a while.. Not because of articles or projections, more because of trends. I generally keep a good years worth all the time. I can alot, got me a pressure canner recently and will begin to do whatever I can get my hands on. Having never used one,,, oh boy lets just hope I dont blow it. I have also decided , last year with the Monsanto garbage, that was it... I will grow my own all year round. I have made it so and that will begin the end of March so I know how to correctly come snow fall next season. Now I will start stocking up on jars lids and start printing out and acquiring stuffs to make my own lotions and things of that nature. Your site here has been a big help in my attempt to get ready. I appreciate all you do and have done. I have those that actually laugh,,,I dont care... I also have those that say they will show up wtshtf. In any case,,,I am comfortable with the pace I am at and hopefully wont get hit to hard in rotation.
Let the games begin I say...


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