Food—Dressed to Kill Part I


Will your pantry shelves mirror the store shelves in an emergency or food shortage?

There is a serious food supply emergency going on right now. We don’t have to wait any longer folks. In fact, I would say we are at Level Orange with very little more required to push us to Level Red.  No. I’m not spewing fear and chaos. I’m trying to share information with you laid out in a rational, factual manner so that you can be aware and to take measures to insure that you are affected by this food crisis as minimally as possible. Remember. I don’t teach fear. I teach preparedness.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t see this food crisis.

I feel like our blindness of this crisis has a very accurate analogy. It’s much like the battered woman who simply does not see that she and her children are in imminent danger. She’s blinded to the danger due to her belief system in herself, her spouse, and her desperate emotions. Why are we likely as blind to our aggressor?  Well, to be frank, because there’s an awful lot of money at stake which is specifically focused to make sure that we don’t see it. Unfortunately, it’s those who are supposed to be protecting us that are the biggest stake holders in the success of our demise. They, too, are either woefully blind or meanly aware of their actions. As such, there is a great deal that most of us Americans are unaware of when it comes to their food supplies.  We are so trusting and assuming that organizations such as the FDA, the USDA and our government as a whole will protect us—especially when it comes to something so vital as our food sources.  Unfortunately, at the risk of sounding like a cliché,  I can honestly say that I know that what we don’t know will, indeed, kill us.

To add insult to injury the crisis is actually two-fold. We are in danger of a free-falling supply of food as well as a serious crisis of nutrition in our foods.

In an effort to properly educate us and PROTECT us so that we can  prepare ahead of time in the areas of physical mental and food storage, I’m writing this series about our nations food supplies. What’s in it? Who controls it? What are the vulnerabilities? What about an actual food shortage? And what we can all do to ensure that we are in the best health possible in spite of a serious failure to provide nutritious foods For starters, I’m just going to do a little overview of the food supple scene as it is now. Remember, in spite of the length of this article, this is only scratching the surface.

Medical Anomalies - Food and Nutrition Deficiencies 


“Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler, MPH


Have you noticed the overwhelming number of girls who are starting their menses at only 10 years old? Even instances of girls being only 8 years old are on the rise.  In 1980 the average age of girls beginning menstruation was 12.8.  In such girls who experience early menstruation their height is stilted as well. Why?  ("Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler, MPH)

Did you know that 1 in 3 Americans born after the year 2000 WILL have some type of onset diabetes?  That’s up from “only” 6.2% of Americans having diabetes as reported as late as 2000. With minority groups, that number goes up to 1 in 2! Yes, HALF of all minorities are expected to have onset diabetes. Yup, diabetes, that same disease which causes blindness, neuropathy, stroke, and death. (“Food Inc.”)

Were you aware that the food allergies have increased by over 40% just in the last 10 years?  In my opinion, it is just another one of those things that are misnamed in order to be politically correct. It shouldn’t be “food allergies.” It should be appropriately called chemical allergies. What’s even more alarming is that for every case of food allergy that’s reported, there are another 2 or 3 that are not!

For the first time in history, this generation of children is expected to have a SHORTER life span than their parents. Why?  (“Food Inc.”)

The occurrence of pediatric kidney stones is on the rise. Conservatively speaking it’s risen an astonishing 500% over the last five years. For an example, at the Childrens Hospital in Philadelphia, they used to get 10 pediatric kidney patients a year. Now, they are seeing that many every week! 10 years ago it would be rare to have a child with a kidney stone. (

Food Safety


Did you know that the last 5 years have involved more instances of contaminants, and recalls of our food supply than all of the previous years put together? (Author’s own study using various sources of statistics)


Food Contaminants are on the rise

In 2008, the FDA only did 9,164 food production inspections, whereas they did over 50,000 of them in 1972.  Doesn’t make much sense considering the dramatic INCREASE in food production companies in the U.S.—not a decrease, eh? It also doesn’t make sense when our taxes are raised substantially to provide for these kinds of services and yet we’re getting less of them. What’s changed? The power of the food production has trickled to a select few, providing these few production companies with as much power as the head of the Federal Reserve. For example, in 1970 the top meat producers controlled only 25% of the market. Now a mere 4 companies control 80% of the meat market.

As the industrialization of food production spreads through our country and subsequently the world, true blue farmers are nearing extinction status. Today you are more likely to personally know a child pedophile than you are a farmer. Only 1 in 5,000 homes actually try to raise some of their own produce, meat, and dairy supplies. This is primarily due to the deep recession we are experiencing, not because of a desire for more nutritious foods.

The Monsanto group has crafted a truly evil regime in which they take mafia-like tactics towards any farmer who refuses to grow their GMO altered soybean. This unrelenting posture forces uncooperative farmers into bankruptcy or giving in rather than fighting.  Monsanto has even gone so far as to hire their own, large,  full-time group of thugs to secretly investigate farms all over the U.S. and encourage a Nazi-like tattle tale system in order to reveal any farmers who may be storing their own seeds! (No law enforcement here folks. Just hired civilian thugs which wield the power to bring any farmer to their knees if they don’t cooperate.)  In fact, at the risk of sounding dramatic, while doing some more research for this story I was warned that they could come after ME and ruin my life for criticizing their tactics or products.  Even worse, the USDA has no authority to actually shut down a repeat offender of food production. Regardless of how many times they’ve been found to have fecal matter in their food or chemical contaminants, the USDA is powerless to penalize them with anything substantial but money. They simply cannot shut them down for consistently ignoring the safety of their product.  In addition, the food recalls that do see the light of day are slow to make their way into the media. In spite of a deadly virus such as e-coli or salmonella found in a food source (which can kill in a matter of hours) it can take as much as ten days to alert the public.


What kind of poison is in the food you are consuming? Do you know?

Food Additives

I find a bit more than annoying that I have to sign some major disclosure when I go to the health food store to purchase good, wholesome, whole milk right from a dairy farmer, but there’s no requirement for the food manufacturers to tell me where my food is produced, full disclosure of chemicals used in the growth process, nor any disclosure that a product is GMO. I also take exception of the fact that McDonald’s doesn’t have to disclose that their meat has fillers in it, which contain ammonia.  Last time I checked, any bottle of ammonia I have in the house had a “poison symbol” on it.

The good news is that organic food farms have increased by 20% every year for the past 3 years. The bad news is that they are being purchased by the same food production offenders armed with deep pockets and still intent on making nutrition decisions based on bank accounts.

So, what does this have to do with your preparedness efforts? Everything. Let’s face it. Our nutrition isn’t being decided by nutritionists and well-informed consumers. It’s being decided in the boardrooms all over the world. That is a crisis in and of itself. We have to make decisions today and take the appropriate actions to better control the food supply that is used by our household.  Here are just a few ideas that I suggest.

  • Storing and stocking up now will prevent us from being helpless subjects to enormous price increases when the real food shortages begin to hit us this year.
  • Learning how to sprout our nutrition will provide us with a healthy source of high nutrients completely void of pesticides, hormones, and chemicals.
  • Utilizing freeze-dried foods in our diet which have been cleaned of chemicals prior to the freezing process.
  • Learning how to garden in a small amount of space using natural insecticides such as Diatomaceous Earth.
  • Counteracting the nasty foods we are exposed to by committing to a nutrition regime which actually penetrates to the cellular level of our body.
  • Learn how to make and utilize “wheat meat” in our kitchen dishes so that we can have clean protein in our bodies.

This article is just scraping the surface regarding our food and nutrition supply. I’ll deal more in depth with several of the issues I’ve introduced throughout this week. In the meantime, do a little bit of research yourself on what you’re regularly bringing into your home.

Remember, Peaceful Preparedness.

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I personally am worried about the food shortage that I have seen forecast in more than one location, but wanted to ask you, in terms of time (weeks, months, years) when do you think that food shortages will be undeniably obvious to everyone? I know that you can't actually know exactly, but from what I've read you are not the only one that thinks that there is going to be a food shortage this year.

Preparedness Pro's picture

I don't think the problem will manifest itself as a "food shortage." Those words cause too much panic. I think it will be disguised with escalating prices on food, and blamed on the fuel increases.

Wonderful Article!!
I am one of those that wound up with an *food allergy* that is directly effected by how things grow oddly enough. WHy would amish bread not affect me near as bad as store bread ? Its a question I had never even seen , much less thought about as a celiac. But then I started to question it.

Thank you so much for the information as with Marie I have seen the same infor over and over... Still people do not listen! I am on my way to go stock up even more tomorrow. I took your advice and inventory my supplies...This not only tells me what I have but what I use more of. Myself and another "old gal" who lives up here have been shopping together. Think I have gotten to her,. last week she stocked up on 50 lbs of sugar and has been asking me about flour mills (I love it). She Also has expressed an interest in your possible future webinars...We both want to learn to use a pressure canner...You are so right about the infected food we are being sold.. I cannot do a garden here (weather,short growing season,deer and rabbits) but I have a large deck. This year I am going to try growing some herbs and vegitables in pots...You had mentioned that for Christmas you would like one of those indoor lighter Aero Gardens, did you get one and if so....How do you like it?? or does anyone else out there use one....would love your input....Keep the info coming Kellene, we are listening!

Preparedness Pro's picture

I actually I didn't get the Aero Garden, but after all of the comments on here, I'm not so sure I want one yet. I'm still mulling it over. I really want to have fresh herbs year round.
I am SO excited to release the webinars to everyone! So totally EXCITED.

Again, Kellene you hit the nail on the head with this topic!

We have been discussing this as a family with our older children, I talk to friends and we are doing all we can to eat "clean" foods, garden and stock-up.

Two weeks ago, we did a homeschool unit study with Food Inc. and all the aspects it can effect our lives. Very interesting and not just for the kids.

I can't wait to see what interesting and encouraging articles you will send out next.

Check out this article at published just today. "Corn and soybeans may fall on reduced investment demand after the U.S. government predicted that record global production will boost inventories to a nine- year high in 2010."

You have an agoraphobic as well as myopic viewpoint, and I think you've set yourself up to be an "expert" in an area in which you yourself have really only scratched the surface. You're spewing facts that are fueled by fear and not even backing them up with sources other than ones that agree with your agoraphobic viewpoint. Yes, I agree nutrition is important and we all have complete responsibility to do our own homework in that area of our life. But to turn it into a now ugly conspiracy theory, as if you're some renowned investigative reporter out to save "us" from "them"??? I think you need to stop and take a deep breath, maybe even go on a retreat and get tuned back up with God because you're losing it, and along with it will quickly go your credibility, except among those who thrive on fear.

Preparedness Pro's picture

Christina, the nice thing about blogs is that if you don't like them you don't have to read them. Perhaps you felt the need to post such a contentious slurry of words to save others from me? Regardless, I'll try one more time with you. You may want to read my article entitled "Conspiracy Programming".

Christina let's take your points 1 by 1.
Agoraphobic: Afraid of crowds, Not seeing that she teaches classes. Myopic well that's related to vision, I could see tunnel vision but not myopic. Ok quoting sources that feed into her agreement. Now you must assume she had a plan to lead us all astray for some purpose. Now if she is wrong about that whole/real food prep and starts killing folks off, would that not be counter intuitive to join with Kellene. Well I am certainly glad you like "Nutrition" and don't want to just kill folks off at random. Kellene has never played an us against them attitude. I do, but Kellene is nicer than me. We do have very different mindsets Kellene and I as a starting point. I'll stay in the city and she'll bugout and go rural, if she hasn't already. It does not make anyone right or wrong. Just different ways of approaching the same problem.
Now Christina you want to take on her sources that's another ball game.
Do you think that Kellene with her Blog roll and links has no researchers?
I mean if you just want to stir up a bit of trouble we have plenty of virtual flyswatters.
Christina I think you are a troll but I want to give you the benefit of the doubt. Please give us your site and your sources. If you are right I'm sure we'd love to hear/read it.

RAZR: Please refer to KB's blog dated 12/25/09. It's where I address in comments the article "What Does the Preparedness Pro Want for Christmas?" based on my Aerogarden experience. To sum up, if you can get one for $10 or $15 on, go for it. The supplies cost $20 a crop. The tomatoes are cherry toms, which are not my favorite. And last, hydroponics never taste as good as soil grown.

Great article, KB. Keep up the great work!

Nice post. I have had a link on my blog to your site for quite some time. If you get a chance, take a look at my blog. I post as Survival Chic. I would love to be added to your blog roll. page is
Keep up the good work.

Thank you for all of this information. There is so much evil going on,like Monsanto, and poisons in our food, etc. It is hard to comprehend it all. Also it's hard to comprehend the evil in the world.

I have had the feeling for some time now that we need to be prepared. The food shortages are one thing, but most likely there will be other things going on as well, such as man made or natural dissasters. Haiti is a lesson in point. We need to be as prepared as possible. And even more than that, we need to pray--a lot-- and be spiritually prepared. Also, we need to pray for wisdom in our preparations so that we can get the most important things first, or in what order. If you don't have very much money, and I don't, we need to know what to get now, and what can wait for a later date, and/or perhaps not be able to get at all.

I hope that what I have written makes sense. It's hard to express what I really feel.

I have seen the Food Inc. movie and no doubt the major industries are in it for the buck. Isn't that the goal of all major corporations, all small businesses, and even mom & pop businesses? It is always about money. What ticks me off is the unknown participation everyone (we) are in regarding the testing of food products (call it what it is - experimentation). No one has the right to experiment on another human being or a living creature for the sake of profit. Money is not the root of all evil. The love of money is at the root.

God willing, and I know he is, it will all be over soon. It won't be long before his hand will come down on those deserving of it. In the meantime, have the goal to be ready and prepare for you and yours. Always try to have an extra measure of good to offer to another as well.

Great post. I started prepping about 6 months ago. I have been shocked at how much the price of items have gone up in just the last few weeks. Costo reduced the number of baby wipes in a carton and raised the price. The same thing is happening with diapers. Even buying long term food storage I have found I need to watch out. I always ask what country the food was produced in before I buy it. I was surprised how much of the items from Walton feed come from China.

Preparedness Pro's picture

that would definitely concern me on grains, Laura. But I actually like the quality of some freeze-dried fruits that come in from China. But I feel safe getting them because I've known the owner of the company and his manufacturing standards quite well.

My daughter is allergic to cow's milk but not yogurt, my son is allergic to yellow cheeses and cow's milk but not white cheeses or goat's milk, and my husband is allergic to anything made with processed flour but not with whole wheat flour. I can't blame picky eaters because they all love the food they are allergic to. It took me several years to figure all this out because at the time it did not make sense to me. I was raised on a farm and have no food allergies.

Preparedness Pro's picture

In my opinion, that's WHY you're not allergic to any foods. You weren't raised on the chemicals.

love it keep the info coming. When Walmart changed their stores floor plans my husband said it is because they are selling less. yes they are a lot of the items I would buy that they do not sell anymore. I was food shopping monday and I saw all kinds of items not refilled or very low on that item I saw items out of stock for weeks. i have a friend that works there (walmart) and asked her when will it come in. she looked in the back and said it is on order . The next week it was in. So i now buy 2 or 3 of the things I need when i shop. now i just keep stocking up . my daughter who lives in seattle, WA works at food service company that sells food to restaurants. we were talking abouting the price of sugar and she said there is a sugar shortage . thank you for all you do we must kept up the good work until the lord comes .

Preparedness Pro's picture

Cheryl. Thanks for the reminder that I need to get more sugar. I spoke with two sisters the other day who were in their 70's. They told me that they recall their mother telling them to always keep plenty of sugar on hand because during the Depression, you could get just about anything you wanted if you had sugar. I did notice tonight when I bought some at Costco though that it was 40% higher than when I had bought the 25 pound bags last year. Interesting...

I think if anyone doubts Kellene Read the bill HR 875.

(14) FOOD PRODUCTION FACILITY- The term ‘food production facility’ means any farm, ranch, orchard, vineyard, aquaculture facility, or confined animal-feeding operation.

Notice the term "any"?
This has been called the "Monsanto" bill. It's not a conspiracy, Congress is trying to "regulate" the food supply.

Beef Products Inc.,Hamburger Treated with ammonia
Officials at the United States Department of Agriculture endorsed the company’s ammonia treatment. Federal officials agreed to the company’s request that the ammonia be classified as a “processing agent” and not an ingredient that would be listed on labels.
Don't that sound Yummy?

razr- It sounds like you live in place that is similar to where I grew up. The 4 seasons are July, August, Winter and Mud.:)

Christina- You do not cite anything that says everything is going great in the USA. Now you may disagree with Kellenes's sources, but all you did call her some names and a wingnut. Now if you have sources to say we are all wrong. I'm sure we'd all love to hear and read about them. Honestly I don't think you will find any folks that truly want to be right. We don't want stuff to hit the fan! Heck with all the money we are saving we could get that real sweet HD flat screen LCD b4 the next football season.
Well Christina you want poo poo on our parade. I figure most of us will keep prepping. We will also keep fighting the good fight. We will survive, and thrive and funny from no help from you.
If you have some thing to add, with citations as to what you expect from Kellene and the rest of the posters. If not I'd rather be Kellene's wingnut. Maybe Kellene's wing man. I got your six I bet she'll get all kinds of support. Heck she'll be a bomber goddess. Anyone out there with some good photoshop and artistic skills. Maybe a B-17 or P-51 nose art?

For the nonbeliever(s)

Go to and search American food shortage with the names, Gerald Celente, Marc Faber, Adrian Salbuchi, Bob Chapman. These are well known financial advisors who are advising Americans, and others to stock up on nonperishables.

There have been food riots in 31 countries. Most American politicians are seriously corrupt and don't care if we live or die. If you think that because everything in America has been good, in your lifetime, that it can't change, You're wrong. It can and it has.

America is not the country it was and everyone knows it except Americans,

Good luck America. PREPARE.


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