Feedback needed for Webinars

As you may have heard, Preparedness Pro will be presenting live webinars soon. However, we thought it would be great to get some feedback from you all as to what time of the day, part of the week etc would be ideal for you to enjoy a 60 minute instructional webinar?  Thanks for your feedback!

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I have to give u some smiley's before u boot me because I a can be a pain. Just getting some brownie points before you boot me. LOL

recording the webcast and making them available for viewing at other times would be great

7:00 pm MDT Tues, Wed. or Fridays are best for me though I am flexible.
Did you want ideas for topics as well?
Will you be saving or posting these webinars as a MP3 or Pod cast? If not, I maybe able to help with putting them up on a file sharing site.
If you need any help? shoot me an email. I have got some good money saving ideas for any budget.
I wanted to do my own blog but my health does not permit me to post consistently. It easier for me to post comments on your blog, plus you always spark new ideas and new ways of doing and thinking for me. My mom has been on the internet for several years and you are the 1st website she has ever posted at and she is totally stoked, she is also building a book of your stuff, just in case. LOL
I am so impressed with all that you do. I am beginning to think there must be at least 4 of you.

I would like more info on using coupons and the best place to get them.
It seems the store brand was always cheaper but really did not study it out to much.
You got me to thinking about buying smaller sizes and using the this the best way to go???
Thanks for all you are doing!

I think evenings from 7-8 p.m. would be best for most people, and other than that, a weekend afternoon time slot. Have you considered putting videos on a YouTube channel? Then they could be accessible at any time. I do not live in Utah, so I would LOVE to see your seminars (every last one of them!) recorded and posted to YouTube. Thanks for your efforts in putting an online option together.

Jamie, thanks for making me smile really BIG! :-)

Look at it this way Jackie. Getting 12 sample sizes of Listerine for free is still better than paying .99 cents for a regular sized bottle. I use my eligible coupons for trial sizes when they are close to expiring. So yes, I've got a lot of little items (which will make for easier bartering and sharing when things go south) but I've also purchased a lot of the big items for FREE. (We say "FWWWEEEEE!" in my house. *wink*)

I have to agree with the youtube, or maybe put the video right on your blog?

A live webinar would be best at 8 pm for me (which is 7 pm mountain time). I prefer Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday, but I would set aside other activities if the subject was pertinent. Since I am new at preparedness, I am soaking all I can up like a sponge. Funny about coupons. In 1986-87 I lived in south Florida and my sister and I were "pros" at mailing UPC's and getting coupons for a lot of food and $$$$. I got married and left and she couldn't keep up so it went by the wayside. That was over twenty years ago! Wow.

Youtube idea is great, I wish I had thought of it. I like the 7:00 pm MDT because it's only 9:00pm EDT. I know this because I am in a clan and game. It's hard to find a good for all around time. But if you want to reach out to Europe, I would recommend 12:00 pm MDT on the weekend that's 7 pm in England, right now. Europe's daylight savings time is different than ours (US).
People are people all over the world. Heck, I know folks from Argentina to Jakarta, Sydney to London. Heck the Internet makes it a small world. Everyone I have met wants the same thing we want. "Peace,Security, and better future for our children. All the arguments come from, how do we get there?
I can't wait for the "government" to help or protect me.
So I will do it myself. I may fail, but will not because some bureaucrat, decided I wasn't worth saving. Never mind I paid taxes, Never mind I served in the US Army for 13 years. never mind I overpaid Social Security. Never mind the DHS named me as a potential terrorist. I will do my best to protect my family, my neighbors, and my country. Not because they deserve it. Because it is the right thing to do.
The only thing I can control is my own actions.
Sorry about the rant. But this is important to me.
Please wake up, FEMA and DHS say they WILL NOT be there to help for 3-14 days, no matter what the emergency. It's on you to protect and feed your family. Ask the folks in the Dakotas how much help they got during the floods, ask the folks in Appalachia how much help they got during the Ice Storm.

I would like to see a video on the blog for later acess. This helps newcomers to access it at a later time or others who are away. Is live the only option?

Of course I am being totally malevolent, I just want free stuff. I would prefer cheese wax if I win.

Sorry must have been carting a bit of rage around.
Well I have vented, I hope you will accept my apology

I vote for 8-9 in the evenings. That way my kids are in bed and then I could give my full attention to your presentation.
I also vote that you create a podcast for people to view at their leisure.

I really like the idea of recording them so they can be watched over and over.

No time is a good time-all the time. No matter which time period you choose something will happen to keep a lot of folks from watching.

Plus I really, really like the idea of having them available to watch over again. I never get things the first time through!

Thank you so much for investing so much of yourself in this project. My family does appreciate it.

If you could record them that would be great.

Saturday would be best for me. However, I'm with everyone else on the recording idea.

I think the podcast/YouTube video ideas are great. Having things available to listen to/watch over and over would be wonderful!

I am late on weighing in, but embedding a youtube (or other) video on your site seems to be the perfect solution. If you like having real time feedback, maybe you could record a live seminar so that the questions and such are there organically. I am stoked for this! I've been trying to do the coupon thing, but I know I am not getting the full potential out of it. Thanks!

Evenings work best for live webinars, but I also vote to have them available on your blog or Youtube for viewing later.

I'm going to have to come in for recording them. Other than that either the weekend or evening around 8pm eastern time.

i also would have to vote for evening time eastern. but i think being able to go back and view would be best option since i always need to watch something atleast twice

I would love to access them on youtube, esp if I could keep going back and reviewing as I tend to pick up new stuff each time I review it. Otherwise evenings would be best.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays after 7PM or sometime on Saturdays.

Not Sunday, not Monday and not morning. Other than that will usually work for me. It is a great idea and all those who haven't seen you live will be so enthused by your enthusiasm and knowledge.

9pm (MST) after all of the kids are in bed and I have some quiet time. Weekdays are also best for me. Weekends are kinda crazy.

I agree with comment #1

Evenings for me 7-8pm

I'm not in the workforce right now, so any time mid morning to evening would work for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for considering webinars, this is an answer to prayer!

P.S. I love the idea from Jamie's mom about building a book from the articles you post here; I believe I'll do the same.


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