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Some time ago I was giving a class on the area of Mental Preparedness. Just as a reminder, the area of Mental Preparedness is about the acquisition of knowledge, mental fortitude to do what you’ve got to do to keep your family safe and secure, as well as the pursuit of honing your knowledge into skills. One of the things that I regularly teach about is the reconstruction of our nation if such an instance ever becomes necessary.

In the event that something horrific did occur in our nation, say that there was a financial collapse or a dispute over who’s guiding and directing our nation in accordance to the U.S. Constitution, wouldn’t it be helpful if there were intelligent men and women who could help us restore our nation as brilliantly as did our Founding Fathers?  Keeping in mind my philosophy of Everyday Preparedness, I firmly believe that having an understanding of the Constitution now is just as important to our safety, security and liberty as it would be in a somewhat apocalyptic scenario.

For instance, there are over 3.4 million words in the IRS tax code.  We’ve all heard of the bills that get passes that nobody even reads that have tens of thousands of words in them as well. I think it’s safe to say that the majority of my readers believe themselves to be Americans, first and foremost. And yet they are left vulnerable (there’s that word again, folks) because of a lack of education and knowledge of their rights and freedoms extended to them via the law of the land.  Just because the law is there doesn’t mean it certainly does not get trampled. Not intending to get any hackles riled, let’s just say that there’s plenty that’s going on right now that is a blatant infringement on our freedoms and liberties—or is there?

If you don’t bring processed foods into your home, does the fact that our nation is presently undergoing the largest food recall in the history of our nation affect you?  Nope. But for the tens of millions who live off of foods that contain the contaminated hydrolyzed vegetable protein, it makes a huge difference.  And yet it may very well affect others that we love and care about.

Here’s one more example. Many moons ago I used to (somewhat purposefully) date guys who worked at the movie theaters. I was a movie junkie—perhaps still am—and so if I was dating a guy who worked the ticket stand then inevitably I and a friend would get in to see the move for free.  Now, just because I got in to that movie for free, did that change the price of the ticket? No. Of course not.

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Well, just because most of us have never read the U.S. Constitution, let alone really studied it, does that make it an archaic instrument?  No. Just because a law is trampled does not mean that a new constitutional precedence is set. The U.S. Constitution has long been established as the reigning law of the land and yet it’s is nearly impossible for representatives of the court to use any Constitutional law as a standing for their plea. Instead, they are usually required by the judge to cite case law, never the U.S. Constitution.  Ridiculous, eh?  What that means is that one simple choice made by an errant judge can alter how laws are interpreted from now on simply because it was put on the books. Right or wrong, it’s done that way. What is even more alarming is that many rogue judges of the land are looking to international law to direct their legal decisions—in spite of taking an oath not to conduct themselves in such a manner.

Now, let’s consider another aspect of all of this.  Regardless of whether or not you view the Bible as a religious or heavenly inspired book, but try to roll with me on this example, ok?  Our nation has a lot of individuals who classify themselves as Christians. Typically, along with that is their reading and studying of the Bible. Thus if a person comes up to a Christian and says something like Jesus Christ was never baptized, a Bible reading Christian may immediately recall in the book of Matthew in which the Bible to the contrary.  That being said, it is unlikely that a Bible studying person would ever have their belief “undone” simply because someone says something to the contrary. Right?

So my question is, since the U.S. Constitution affects everyone of us on an everyday basis, what are we doing to learn it so that we too can stand firm when confronted with blatantly false and incorrect procedures, laws, doctrines, etc?

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Here’s an example. As I said earlier, the IRS Code has over 3.4 million words. In the IRS code, it has deliberately been written to take familiar sounding words to you and me, and literally redefine them to mean something completely different. In doing so they are able to collect over 5,000% more in taxes than they would otherwise.  If a person were to actually study the 3.4 million words in the Internal Revenue Code, read the definition in the first million or so words, then read the IRC statues in the final 2 million or so words, they would see that the world of taxation as they know it doesn’t apply to them as broadly as previously thought.

As another example. Many of us are receiving Census forms this week and are filling them out freely. And yet the in U.S. Constitution Article I Section 2:

“… Representatives and direct taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective numbers. The actual enumeration shall be made within three years after the first meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent term of ten years, in such manner as they shall by law direct.”

What is actually required for the census? photo c/o thebsreport.wordpress.com

This gives the government the authority to take an enumeration every ten years. They can take that enumeration whatever way they want, but it remains an enumeration, not a classification, or anything else. An enumeration is a count or a number, and it’s only qualifier can be the area the number is representative of. Thus far, I fail to see any amendment that gives the government any authority to take anything other than an enumeration. They can, of course, ask any question they would like, and we can, of course, refuse to answer any other of the questions by them other than the count of people we represent and the area we are in, which they determined by the address on the letter that was sent to us.  The fact of the matter is, even Congress can not simply pass legislation to override the Constitution, nor can the President simply execute an Order for such.  And yet how many of you are filling out questions on your Census form that you’re not too happy about?  Perhaps some of you are even giving credence to the chain-e-mail that a fine of $5,000 could be assessed if you don’t fill in all of the information.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not trying to give legal or tax advice. But I am trying to encourage you as a part of your Mental Preparedness to take responsibility to the world around you and be a student thereof. If nothing else, I’m sure that what I’m sharing sound reasonably logical to most of you. That’s only the case because I’ve studied it. We would all benefit if we could all study it and have a dialogue of such facts instead of just assuming that the dictates that come across our television sets, radios, and newspapers is accurate. We simply can’t rely that the people that we’ve elected are knowledgeable of all of the rights and freedoms afforded to us by God and the U.S. Constitution.  The only way for us to remain independent of the ill effects of such ignorance is to eliminate our vulnerabilities and become informed.  It’s just one more way we can ensure Mental Preparedness on an everyday basis.

To true peace and freedom.

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I just sent you an email anout our rights and the census.....enjoy

Well they do have to prove intent on the census. Theoretically if you lied about having 21 people living in your home or more you could be called in account for willfully lying and pay for all answers that are wrong based on the first lie. That could get very pricey. From what I saw is a willful act to conceal true data, seems to be what the law is based on. Now I did answer my own census as race American. Number 9. other. But I do consider myself an American. Actually I'm not Caucasian, most blood or genetics is a mix of Irish, German and Native American and maybe some African. So my best answer is I was born in the USA and so I'm an American. Which is what I put down on the census.

This was very good Kellene. The Constitution has been on my mind a lot lately. Maybe because I am helping my son with his Citizen of the Nation merit badge, :).
What books would you recommend for a "beginner", to really explain our constitution?

Preparedness Pro's picture

The Making of America or The 5,000 Year Leap--both by Cleon Skousen. Definitely the way to go to really learn!

I did not fill out a census in 1980, a person came a couple of months later and knocked on my door. I told her that one person lived in the house, and that was all the information that was required by the US CONSTITUTION, and for her to get off my property. She did, although most likely guessed at the number of bathrooms etc, but nothing further happened.

In 1990 I did not fill out a census, and did not get visited at all. In 2000 I worked for the census just getting names and addresses of various places in the desert (found many old dumps, rattle snakes, etc) and did not fill out a census again for myself. Nothing happened.

A week ago got the short form, filled in the box as per number of people in the house, did provide my name, but on all the other questions, made a box and put an X in it and wrote "Not Applicable" next to it. Did not provide phone number or ethnic orgin etc, just put an X in my homemade box, and stated not applicable at each question. If someone shows up, again I will tell them to get off my property. On the other hand,,,,might be sharing space in some desert concentration FEMA camp with other holdouts etc.

I truly liked what GaryNearDeathValley decided pertaining to the information he is allowing on the census form.
Kellene I love your information. I admire women with minds and thinking aheadof potential situations. All too often we see women fall victim where it surly could of been avoided had she been prepared in a variety of ways. Wondering what shall you do with your census form ?

We only filled out question #1, wanted to put, none of your business, on the rest, but didn't.. Just mailed it.

Preparedness Pro's picture

Ditto, Marge.

Not too happy with the ethnicity questions. They are more interested with Latino ethnicity than any other group. Doesn't that raise red flags?
I'm considered a blanket caucasian/white--I didn't come from the Caucasus Mountain regions in Euro-Asia. I am a blend of many different northern European groups but I've never been allowed to state my ethnic background on a government form.

Gosh, I wonder at all the money that was spent on postge alone? I got a pre - letter warning abou the census, then 2 letters for the actual census. I'm not sure why I got 2 since it's a single family dwelling. Then today I got a post card that says the census is important. Well I geuss the Government has a good reason:)

I am not American, but I do follow USA politics and goings on quite intently.
I found this to be a most interesting post, especially from the point of Mental Prep. I am not sure if I ever considered Mental Prep. on the list of being prepared...upon reflection I see it is there, but under other headings: thinking things through, Plan B etc etc Good to have the heads up of the concept in general and specifically the issue of constitutions. My late mother had studied hours and entered politics as a result.
Beyond the thoughts of what your/my nation's constitutions contain is the consideration of nations that do not have them, are not permitted them and the price people will pay to get them.


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