Discovering Wheat Meat

Wheat meat photo c/o

Wheat meat photo c/o

To some hardcore carnivores, the idea of eating wheat gluten may sound like a form of vicious torture. But I can assure you from experience and experimentation that when it’s prepared properly you won’t be offended. (Unless you’re one of the unlucky few who are gluten intolerant.) Many years ago I willingly decided to cut down on meat in my diet.

Not because of some of the most obvious reasons that other health fanatics do, but simply because I was trying to cut down on the fat in my diet. It got easier with time to the point that I ended up trying wheat gluten in a typically meaty Chinese dish. It was so yummy. If I could prepare wheat gluten this way in my home, I was sure to be hooked! Why am I talking about “wheat meat” on Preparedness Pro? There are actually several great reasons. “Wheat Meat” Benefit #1: Cost. As you may recall, I got pretty darn excited about buying my ground beef for only .78 cents a pound last month. However, if you consider that 9 cups of wheat gluten is equivalent to 3 pounds of hamburger, “wheat meat” may be a much more attractive protein purchase for food storage needs. Considering that I just paid just over $10 for a 50 pound bag of hard red wheat, I think you can see that “wheat meat” is a much better bang for your buck. It’s a lot less expensive than beef, pork, and chicken! “Wheat Meat” Benefit #2: Shelf-Life. As you already are aware, wheat has a very, very long shelf-life. Unfortunately your cans of chicken and beef, as well as your bacon bits, do not. “Wheat Meat” Benefit #3: Time. Remember what I say about conserving your own physical energy during an emergency? Preparation and energy times required for wheat gluten and regular meat are very comparable “Wheat Meat” Benefit #4: Nutrition. As you know, purchasing organic poultry and beef is more expensive than “the regular stuff.” Yet the regular meat fare is indeed loaded with pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, steroids, dyes, and tranquilizers. (Yum. You’re salivating already for some KFC, aren’t you?) Today’s beef also contains 6 times more fat than it did in the 1950’s. The quality keeps going downhill unless you want to pay premium prices. Wheat gluten, however, has none of these toxins in them. “Wheat meat” is actually an excellent source of protein and 8 amino acids. (Be sure you supplement your “wheat meat” intake with foods containing Lysine in order to get complete protein nutrition.) It also contains vital vitamins and minerals. Traditional meat requires the use of vital calcium in your body. Whereas consuming fruits and vegetables (which is what wheat gluten is absorbed as) leads to calcium absorption for the strength of your body. It also has no cholesterol. “Wheat Meat” Benefit #5: Physical Energy. Your body requires more physical energy to digest regular meat than it does wheat gluten. The standard American diet requires the body to use 80 percent of its energy resources to digest food during several cycles of the day. However, “wheat meat” requires significantly less, thus giving you more energy for your other activities of the day. “Wheat Meat” Benefit #6: Taste. Not to be misconstrued with tofu, “wheat meat” successfully takes on a variety of tastes and textures based on simple seasonings. It’s VERY satisfying whether it’s in a ground, sliced, or shredded form. I have been amazed to discover that I’m eating “wheat meat” rather than a piece of tender steak in a fajita. It’s also great in sweet dishes like puddings and candies as well. So, until tomorrow when I share with you how you can easily make your own “wheat meat”, be mulling this concept over. Your body and your wallet may thank you. Wheat Meat Series


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Add away, Mr. Lankes. Glad you found us.

I am so excited to see your recipes for this! I am a mostly -vegetarian, so I am always looking for alternatives other than soy. I'll be looking tomorrow! Thanks!

I can't wait to see the recipes and try this out at my house.

i loved seitan when i was a vegetarian.. i thought it was soo versatile. even though i am an omnivore now... i still lean on my favorite vegetarian recipes.. and have made many a convert with my homemade soy ice cream.

Nice article. Sounds good to me! So how do I find this "bag of hard red wheat" in my neck of the woods and how do I transform it into edible treats? :)

This is fabulous. I just found this. Any chance of posting some recipes with wheat meat? We are vegetarians here and I would so love some recipes.....

You'll have them Monday. :-)

You should be able to find wheat in any of your local "warehouse" type of store. I get it in my local grocery store in 50 pound bags. And the edible treat information is coming up. I try to keep each blog at less than 3 pages of content. :-)

I am so looking forward to your Seitan recipes. I have tried to make it from scratch but have not perfected. Any tips for making it tender would be appreciated.

Yum, we had sauteed seitan with mushrooms and onions served over pasta in a garlic/tomato cream sauce. If you forget about the "meat" concept and enjoy the meal for what it is you don't miss the meat.

Good post! I've never heard of this but your article makes me want to try it. My family and I are meat eaters and lately I've been thinking about trying to cut down on the amount of meat we consume. Can I find wheat meat in my local Giant or Safeway? Looking forward to hearing more from you about wheat meat. Thanks for sharing this info with us. Take care, A.

I love this! I'm a vegetarian and I'm always looking for something new. I can't wait to see and find out more about this. can't wait for ur recipes!

Thanks. I have to agree that the health and cost benefits of usung vegetable protiens are excllent.

i particularlt use grains and lentils now that I cook a mainly indian diet.

I stopped reading when I saw you purchased 50 pounds of wheat for $10. That is a really good price. I hope you're stocked up:) No really, I learned a lot from this post. I keep thinking your going to run out of ideas! Thanks.

I am anxiously awaiting your directions for meat wheat. I tried to make it once and it was a total flop! I really want to learn to do this. Thanks so much!

Wheat meat is that like wheat germ? and what is lysine? Wheat meat has gotten my attention, because I have a problem with digesting beef.

A. Wheat meat is also known as Sietan, wheat gluten, and in some cases it's very similiar to textured vegetable protein, aka tvp. You can purchase pre-made Sietan at the local grocery stores. I think I remember it at Safeway. But Morningstar also makes it. It's in the frozen food section, however, I much prefer my homemade. Tune in tomorrow for ideas to incorporate it into your family's menu.

I'll run out of ideas when you run out of questions. :-) The $10 wheat was a group buy.

I think the key to it, is letting the dough rest. At least that's why I flopped in previous attempts.

Nope. It's nothing like those items. When you make it, it will be a dense dough that you shape and cook like you would meat. You'll get more info tomorrow. Enjoy!

I love wheat's so versatile and really is a great source of energy for me. Great article!

Random, but I saw someone mentioned morningstar. For my fellow veggies, u can use the MorningStar: prime grillers veggie patties to make hamburger helper ( a meal usually composed of ground beef) Chop up the patties as u would the ground beef, fry it in a skillet and then pour it into the already cookin sauce and pasta. It's amazing :)

...just to throw that out there.

Is there a difference between wheat gluten and vital wheat gluten? The vital wheat gluten I buy at the store is about $7 for a small bag, but it only takes about 1/2 cup for me to get about a pound of seitan out of it, versus the 3 cups per pound you mentioned earlier. If you know what the difference is will you please share?

Was this recent? I haven't seen wheat at that price in awhile!

I'm not a vegetarian, but I think I could benefit eating this "wheat meat" every now and then. I love tofu, and I hope I wouldn't mind the wheat meat either. Never know until you try:) This is a great post. Thanks for sharing.

Gluten is poisonous to millions of people and the gene (which is evoke-able) is present in 10s of millions even perhaps 100's of millions of people, mostly of European descent, but also in populations everywhere.

I have become extremely ill from Seitan mixed into other dishes. Please inform people of this.

I have to admit, I love meat. :-) But whenever something in the realm of "meatless meat" crosses my path I always have to try it. Usually because they end up being so delicious! I look forward to seeing the recipes and trying this out. Thank you!

I'm a vegetarian so this is a good option (though i can only tolerate a little bit of gluten per week) for me. Please let me know when you post the wheat meat recipe.

Sorry, but fat and protein are *not* a problem. It's *carbohydrates*. I've lost 70 lbs and my wife has lost 100 lbs just by using a low carb diet. We eat all the protein and fat we like.

Bruce, that might be true but that doesn't mean you're "healthy". All carbs are not created equal.

I just stumbled across your site and am psyched you are featuring wheat gluten! I use it for veggie stir fries on a weekly basis. Wheat gluten is much better for you than tofu and other soy based products because it doesn't have the extra estrogen.

That's great for now, Bruce. Really. And congrats. But that's not a realistic diet in an emergency. Also, I've discovered that not eating carbs and meat in the same meal is also very healthy for your body as well, particularly your digestive system. Just FYI.

You can also use Quinoa, Millet, and Amarath successfully in your diet. And of course you can sprout the wheat. Doing so changes it from a gluten to a vegetable, but you still get all of that great nutrition.

Steve, that would be exactly why in my very first paragraph I address that. I also address this in my sprouting information. As you know, when you sprout a grain, it's no longer a gluten.

Even my Mr. Meat and Potatoes acknowledges that he could benefit from eating more of this. *shocker* The aspect of it that I really like is that I can make it in a jiffy with just flour, water, and some spices. It sure is easy on the wallet too.

This was just this week, but it was a group buy directly from a farmer here.

wheat gluten and vital wheat gluten are the same. The wheat gluten that you're buying has been commercially broken down and separated already. That's why you're paying so much for a little. The good part is though that when you make Sietan from it, you don't even need to knead it or rinse it. You can throw in your spices right then and there, steam or boil it, and poof! You've got your dish. However, since it's $7 a bag, as you say, that's why I'm teaching folks about making it from scratch.

Yes, and I've also recently purchased Boca Burger crumbled tvp and used it in a spaghetti sauce. But I just can't bring myself to pay for this now, especially when I can make it so quick and cheaply. You're going to LOVE the Wheat Meat Ribs recipe!

Before I knew you could make your own wheat meat, I have been using the Morningstar products -- they have one product with a ground beef-like consistency which is excellent for pastas & Italian dishes. But if I can make my own and save a bundle... all ears :)

I'm happy to see this blog featured on the wordpress home page today. I'm a vegan and eat wheat gluten a couple times a month, along with tofu and tempeh. My carnivore friends wonder why I have so much energy all the time, now I can tell them because their body is using all it's energy to digest the meat they're eating! I look forward to the recipes.

So this is the same gluten you add to the bread recipe?

I'm going to have to give this a try.


Yup. But I'll explain the difference between that and what you make from scratch in Monday's article.

This is probably the best post that I have read all day. I found your website through the American Preppers Network and all I can say is WOW....awesome post. I totally can't wait to try it out. Keep up the good work. With your permission, I want to add your blog to my favoriates and include a link to your site.

I tried making this once, and it wasn't bad. My husband is vegetarian, and I don't want to give him soy. Plus, wheat is cheap and great for food storage.

Where do you buy 50# wheat for $10? I can locate no MN supplier who sells food grade grains for that price. Have you a local feedstore or farmer's market?

Preparedness Pro's picture

Right now a local grocery store chain is selling a 50 pound bag of wheat for only $11.78. (preserved with oxygen absorbers and packaged in a brown paper bag.) Keep in mind that a great deal of wheat is grown in our neighboring states of Idaho, Wyoming, as well as Montana. So yes, we do get wheat cheaper out here.

Noteworthy for all of our readers here, The Wheat Lady, who is based out of Utah, actually sells over 3 million pounds of wheat per year elsewhere in the U.S. because she can get it so affordably from Idaho. She's presently selling a 5 gallon bucket, filled to the rim, for about $18 a bucket which holds between 50 and 52 pounds of Grade 1 wheat. She only carries this year's harvest, and is preserved with diatomaceous earth. It has only 9.6 percent moisture and 13.6 percent protein. So if you're going to buy wheat, I'd recommend to EVERYONE to get it from her! just go to


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