Catching Up With The Preparedness Pro

This week, Kellene, The Preparedness Pro, was off jet-setting across the nation. So she had to e-mail in her update for us so that we didn’t all think she had been kidnapped by zombies. *grin*

Preparedness ProNot much time to write this week. I was whisked off to NYC to promote National Geographic’s, “Doomsday Preppers.” After a so-so experience on the Anderson Talk Show (Anderson Cooper), I decided I’d better adapt and execute a bit faster, more in line with the cut-throat NYC and felt much better about the Fox and Friends interview I did the next morning. Here’s the link to the Fox and Friends episode.

The Preparedness Pro Meets New York!

Preparedness ProNational Geographic kept my husband and I hopping the first day. It felt fabulous to be in one of the most vulnerable cities in the world, but with back-up plans, galore, and with my own personal bodyguard, aka Prince Charming by my side. However, that comfort was interrupted as my hubby was whisked back to the airport on our first full day there. The next day, though, I was on my own as my hubby had to fly back for a Constitution speaking engagement. I was flying solo in the Big Apple.

About eleven years earlier my husband and I were there and I ended up going to a musical one night by myself. I remember walking home from the musical and feeling a bit frightened and incapable of handling myself. After my husband went home I still walked nearly everywhere I went and even caught another musical and I noted as I walked back to my hotel I didn’t have one iota of fear.  I stayed in the “yellow zone” of awareness, and all was well. Even as a writer, I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful it felt knowing that I could handle myself--be it one person or a couple of numbskulls. I was ready and they would never suspect that the chubby, middle-aged gal was ready. That’s always your greatest asset, by the way, the cockiness of your attackers, which causes them to completely underestimate your ability to fight back. The unknown is always your greatest asset.

Preparedness Pro Live Classes

Next: I’ll be creating a nationwide tour over the next several months in which I’ll be teaching live classes AND establishing local chapters. Yay! To start things off I’ll be teaching two of my best classes at the SLC based Honeyville Farms location . Here’s the information on it if you can attend.  The Honeyville Farm classes are free. I’ll be posting the schedules of the rest of the year as we get it all worked out. Whew!

Honeyville Farms

635 North Billy Mitchell Rd

Salt Lake City, UT


March 8: 11:00 a.m. Underwhelmed in Food Storage

March 10: 11:00 am. For the Love of Cheese

March 17: 11:00 a.m. Underwhelmed in Food Storage

1:00 p.m. For the Love of Cheese




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I could see why you would be frightened to walk alone you stole alot of money

Ah, I just love how idiot people believe the words of anonymous cowards and then try to reinforce such statements by being an anonymous coward themselves. Yeah, it makes it hard to sue someone for libel when they're hiding--thus consequences of such actions avoided. If any of these trolls, such as yourself, had FACTS then there would be no need to hide and my name would be on the front page of every newspaper. Instead you're acting like a total fool by buying into the spun tale of a bitter, maniacal woman (and her sidekicks) who was a former employee of ours and has an ax to grind because we helped put her away for sexual child abuse and child neglect. Some bedfellow you've chosen.

The proof is in the pudding: I believe that three years of hundreds of original articles written for everyone to freely read and benefit from and a year of radio broadcasts which I paid out of my own pocket to do, plus 5 years of heavily scheduled classes all over which I also paid for out of my own pocket to do, speaks more to the truth than the delusional rantings you're reading which are, again, posted by feckless, cowards.

I'm so happy to hear that you're planning to teach classes in other states. I hope that you will be able to come to Maryland (or anywhere in the greater Washington, D.C. area for that matter) so I can attend your classes! Thank you for all the wonderful information you share, and thank you for having the courage to share it!

New to Preparedness Pro- Where is the Honeyville Farms location, as in state. Love your blog. Very interested in the establismnet of a local chapter in NC.

They are in UT, CA, and AZ. But they have aggressive shipping options for all over.

Yay Kellene! As a veteran of your classes and blog I know your integrity and ethics are right where they should be! Every question I have asked you over the last few years..and there have been many...have always been answered with confidence and correct information. You are definitely my "go to girl" when I want to know something in your many areas of expertise. I trust your information implicitly! Come to Florida!!

Thanks for the Fox link and you did great but needed more time! LOL
Love your new hair too! Hope you will be doing some newer classes in the future as I have done both of the others but that's OK I think that it wouldn't hurt for me to review them either

Cathie, I'll be making the mozzarella in the cheese class, just FYI. :-) I am creating 2 new classes right now. Take care!

Thank you so much for doing this site. I found you a few weeks ago and you have helped me so much in my prepping. I enjoyed seeing you on tv. gives chunky girls like me hope that I can do what you can do. thanks again!

Don't forget to add Illinois to your route. :-) (Rockford, preferably - I can always hope.) Thanks for all your good info and efforts!!!

I love NYC and have walked the streets alone many times as well as attending shows at the theatres. Anyway, glad you are getting "out there" to the masses more and more. Any possibility of you coming to Ga.?

Yup, there's definitely a possibility. :-)


If you could add Dallas, Tx or Fort Worth, Tx to your route I'll have a group ready to meet you! ;)

I also thought that the Fox friends show was waaaaay to short, but you did look great and I loved the analogy you used, great job :)

Any chance you'll be doing the self defense classes in your tour? I live in a border town in Arizona and there isn't any kind of classes for adults, even the big city (closest one to us) doesn't offer self defense so you would probably have a ton of people signing up if you did, mmmm, maybe our ward could hire you for that.
Anyway the closest honeyville store for me is 2 and half hours away, but if that's the closes we can get you then I'll be there, so excited about this!

Yes, we'll be doing a full day prep class, an evening self-defense class, and a fireside where applicable.

You need to add a stop for teaching in Central Kentucky! There are a lot of preppers this way that could totally use your perspective and suggestions on the how to's a whys...would love to take a class or two. Would love a self defense class too.

Kellene I did not see the NATGEO show though I heard a lot. I'm a little curious on who the expert was that would troubleshoot you and his/her qualifications as an expert. I find most of the "survival shows" very troublesome in realworld applications.

The experts were actually featured on the pilot. They base their decisions/suggestions on what the preppers provide on a written questionnaire. They are good guys, it's just that they are saddled with what the questionnaire provides them and most preppers don't provide everything for a clear picture. :-)

Need you in Colorado! :-) I am so impressed with all your new stuff - what huge growth over the past couple of years! Yay for you!!

I would love to have a chapter in NC, too. I'm new to your wonderful website. Thanks for all the great information!

Kellene, there is a preparedness conference in Colorado Springs in May. I live in Cheyenne, Wy and am planning to attend. Will you be there doing any of your classes? Maybe you could put Cheyenne on your list of place to come teach, especially the gun classes. A lot of ladies here would love a chance to learn from another woman.

I hadn't heard of it, but I do know that I'll be doing a LOT of traveling late spring, summer, and early fall. It's going to be a doozy of a year, that's for sure.

Could you post more info on the preparedness conference in Colorado Springs? Thanks!

We need classes in Michigan too!!

Thank you for all of the info you provide on your site. It is wonderful to have a reliable place to go for info and especially answers to food questions. Some of the places only want to sell things or to get you to pay for a magazine subscription. We are retired and cannot afford to buy their info.

One thought for people who put down individuals who are trying to be self-sufficient in the event of any emergency - from unemployment, illness or disasters - putting away food and supplies used to be the norm in days gone by. Only because of the convenience of cans of fruits and vegetables, etc., that can be purchased at the grocery store and women joining the workforce has putting away food become "something new". Previously we canned everything and put it up for the entire year - from pickles to juices - until the next growing season. It really isn't anything new! Bless you for sharing with us!

Yup, people use words such as "extreme" to describe what we do, but personally I believe that what people DON'T do and DON'T know how to do nowadays is extreme.

New to your blog & the Prepper show, so much great info! Please come to Arkansas with your classes!!!

I caught you on DDP and loved the ideas! I am a wanna be - so bad, I just get overwhelmed. I found your blog and have spent hours these last 3 days reading !
A Huge thanks for all you do!!!!!
I am planning on getting fit in all ways you mentioned, and so appreciate that you put GOD first!
I purchased a foodsaver yesterday. - here is where the overwhelming part comes in- I don't have a lot of extra food in the house. Everything would be used within the net 6 mo. So do I buy stuff to foodnsave and put away ?
Just one of many that would love for you to come to Minnesota or north Dakota !

you can buy extras at the store, buy wheat by the 25-50 pound bags, learn how to can what you can grow or get cheaply, or use the FoodSaver to can dry goods so that they don't go bad. There truly are unlimited possibilities. :-)

Northern California could use a class too!

Hi Kellene,
I noticed that you are interested in Artisian bread making. I found a great web site by Joe Jaworski. His specialty is making sourdough bread. I have been experimenting with his techniques and have learned a lot. He even talks about how to snatch the wild yeast besides care and feeding of your bread starter.
Thank you for all of your insights. Cherry

Hoping you come to the Dallas area!! Would love to meet you and take some classes. And to start a Chapter here.... That would be awesome!! Thank you for all you do! Bless you!!

Hi Kellene
Have you come up with a schedule of places you will be?
I am especially interested in the S Florida area.
There are so many people as you know that think all of this is pure
nonsense. If they watched the program there are several points of
views as to why people are doing what they are doing. Anything &
possibly all or some of the reasons could happen at anytime. Look
at what's on the news the last few days.
God bless

I'll post the info as soon as I've got it all laid out. :-) It takes a LOT of work to set up because we've got to line up a venue, then businesses to support the Feminine Fortress classes, then marketing for the events, then getting the shopping cart features capable of handling it, and write and execute press releases, and create the materials needed for educating chapter presidents for the Preparedness Pro National Chapters. I'm looking forward to the spring and summer though. It's going to be a BLAST!

where are the Nat'l chapters located? or local chapters?

Kelleen, Hi, I am new to Preparedness Pro. I am very interested in the establishment of a local chapter in New York. Am also waiting on news of your nationwide tour in which you will be teaching. Any new classes coming up in Utah. We have friends there that we could visit and attend you class. So happy to have found your web site....Loved your Preppers program. I am going to try to preserve cheese and eggs. Am learning so much from your website. Waiting to hear from you. Thank you so much....Sandy Tamer, Bellmore, New York.

Oh.....I would love it if you could make it to Texas. I'm in San Antonio but can travel a little to come. Since I am new to your blob and prepping I can use all the pointers, classes and direction I can get. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Already you have made a difference in my family!

When is the preppers converence in Colorado Springs? Did I already miss it?

Doris, if you look at the most recent article posted on the blog, you'll get all of the info you need. (though it may end up being the 2nd most recent article as of this evening.)


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