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Just taking time to make sure everyone knows about our new live broadcast every Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m.- noon MST.  Call in and ask questions or ask questions in the chat room. If you can't make it live, you can simply download the show from the archives.

In Buy grisactin our opening show I'll be addressing Medical Independence--even for the toughest and most vulnerable of conditions.

Tune in here: I'm going to go back to watching our brand new puppy that was born this morning--so cool!

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What a great opportunity. Sadly I will be in a class learning more about corn and its many uses. However, I will look forward to listening to the archived version.

Are you taking name suggestions for the little one or does he/she have a name already?

She's been named Binky...cause she came out tongue first like she was looking for one to suck on. :-)

There are a lot of different avenues for medical independence, some work for some people, others work for others. are you going to be focusing on a couple different ones, or just mainstream first-aid? I'd be interested in a forum of some sort where people could share what they've found and what worked for them, maybe in the future. If that's not on your radar, I might consider doing it myself if I can figure it out before the baby's born. Either way, I look forward to learning from you tomorrow.

Sarah, you should know me better than that. I never do anything mainstream. :-)

What I meant Kellene is that (as one who has worked in this field for the last two years) there is far more to health independence than could possibly be covered by any one person in any one session. I was wondering how you were gonna narrow down, whether you'd pick the more common things, or just the things that you're familiar with, or what. Of course I know you do whatever stream you want.

God provides always. Sometimes humans are a bit slow to pick up on it! LOL
Rock on Kellene with your post you are getting through.


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