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Secure Communication Strategies In Plain Sight: Part 1

Even though Communication Preparedness is one of the Ten Principles of Preparedness, it tends to be treated “like a red-headed step-child” sometimes. I’m even guilty of that on this site as I believe I’ve only written about the topic a handful of times out of 800+ articles; it’s so easy for me to get sucked into the other Principles that I get excited about such as a new recipe that turned out perfectly, Apple Bacon au Gratin (SOOO good!).


Bean Fest!

Today we’re going to take another look at beans and all of the GREAT things that you can do with them. I’m so enamored with the bounty of bean possibilities that I’ve set out the past 6 months to ensure that I have several hundred pounds of a variety of beans as well as an assortment of more than 40 different kinds of beans that I can grow which will provide me with endless possibilities of this staple thanks to my ability to acquire organic, non-hybrid, non-gmo beans.


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