Attention Cheese Waxers

You'll want to make sure you check in tomorrow for my special edition article on the controversy of cheese waxing. I take on the naysayers and even share with you plenty of government and educational sources which tell you that storing cheese at room temperature IS acceptable!  So stay tuned!

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I once read that there's no cheese that can't be waxed. Is that true? I waxed 2 pound blocks of cheddar (red wax) which immediately began to weep. Is that normal? Please help.

Nope, that's definitely not accurate. I've written several articles on here about the cheesewaxing process, but even that's not sufficient to provide all of the necessary information. Cheese is an expensive food to "mess up" on so I've written a detailed resource guide along with visual education/demonstration on a DVD. You can purchase that under the "Prep Pro Classes" tab above. I provide all of the information you could possibly need on preserving cheese-including some non-wax methods as well. Good luck!

Nope; that information is only available as a Resource Guide and DVD course.

Kellene, Do you have a video tutorial on cheese waxing that is available for free (like your fantastic hamburger canning one)? If so, can you post the link to it, I cannot seem to find it on your blog. Thanks so much!


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